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The Timeline of Significant Living


Listen to the channeling below.

  • How reality is multi-dimensional and you are guiding your ship to that place in your actions, thought processes, fear, and what you want.
  • The need to start acting like “there” is already here.
  • On Bashar and your safety net in making changes.
  • What do dream state thoughts lead to?
  • How reality would be if you had the level of manifestation you have in the dream state.
  • What those in control put out there to manipulate you like a ring in a bull’s nose.
  • Why the World Management Team is afraid of stampeding the herd.
  • Which false concerns are concealing very real concerns in your media.
  • On becoming aware that you are not told the truth.
  • How to manifest a place of significant living where the time line is more conducive to the empowering of your creative forces.
  • Why you should be careful of whose version of what is coming you are listening to.
  • There are events on the horizon….

Click the play button to listen to part 1:

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