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High Fidelity Manifesting


Good afternoon we are here, it is February 3, 2015 Full Moon in Leo, Sun in Aquarius, let us begin.

As you move deeper into 2015 there’s going to be a lot of “ahas” this year, some of it is coming to you from technology, just at the end of this month you will see Ceres close-up, and later in the year you will see Pluto close-up, and your little rovers are running around on Mars finding all sorts of things, and your probes are watching the sun and watching the outer planets and such. And so there are all kinds of interesting things that are going to pop up this year from space studies, and they are similar to what is going to be popping up in your own inner space studies.

What we mean by that is you are going to begin to, ideally start to really know things about how your inner landscape is really set up. One of the things that is going to become very clear to you is the idea that you are not in a solid world, there’s really going to be a lot of opportunities for you to experience the flexibility of reality and how the world is not a solid place, how you are, you are like on a radio dial tuning in and tuning out of radio stations all the time.

Our vehicle recently found a video of a woman talking about time and the idea that the macro-world is beginning to experience the weirdness of the micro-quantum world, the subatomic quantum world where realities are affected by the observer, and what you’re going to discover as you move along this year is that things don’t seem to be linear. Your linear thinking is going to really be shaken up and that’s a good thing because for a time you were kept in a linear bottle because it allowed you to make sense of the world.

When you are a little child they put you in a crib so you don’t run around and get hurt and you don’t go sticking things in electric sockets or falling off a things or whatever, and they bring you things, they bring you little toys and such so that you can stay entertained in the box, but you are not allowed out of the box until you mature. And as a culture, as a society Earth is coming out of the box now. It’s like the parents are coming in saying, “Okay, you can now run around in the living room and you can experience the real bigger world outside of your crib, and so that kind of experiencing is going to become more and more and more the norm, not just for you, individual, but for your friends, for your neighbors, for the culture.

And so as you begin to see the non-linear-ness of reality, what we mean by that is you might put something down and then you go look for it a little while later and it’s not there, and you’re like, “Well, I could’ve sworn I put it there”, and then maybe you will begin to search for it. and you won’t even find it. And then maybe if you’re intentions are bringing it back to you, you will find it to gain, nowhere near where you left it before or maybe you will find something you lost a long time ago that you thought was long gone and all of a sudden, boom it pops up. Maybe a version of it pops up, maybe it’s not the one you lost when you were younger or whatever, but it is the same thing coming back to you.

It is that kind of switching through the realities, switching through the timelines, the opportunities that are out there that you are going to become very adept at and that is moving you into 4th and 5th density. We are moving away from the idea that you’re in a solid, rigid world and so those of you who embrace that and are okay with it, you will be like the child who comes out of the crib running, you will be like the child who can immediately start climbing and moving about with great agility and great skill. Some of you will come out like the little child who can’t even stand and you fall a little bit, maybe cry or whatever, but that’s fine too.

You are where you are and there’s no judgment, but as you mature more in this year and then in the coming year or two after, you will really begin to start to be challenged to make sense of the non-linear world, of the non-linear existence or the idea that your thoughts and your intentions are moving you like radio stations, a hand turning a radio dial.

You are moving from one to the other to the other to the other and if you can get that and you will, believe us you will, as you get that, then you will begin to really start to fine tune your reality, and you will begin to kick out certain things. Another thing they do with radios is very similar as this idea of bands, of frequencies within the range that you are listening to, they use to call it, they had a name for it when our vehicle was young, a graphic equalizer. You have this idea of where you can listen, bring up the base, bring down the treble, bring up the middles, bring up the highs, in a way you will be doing some of that as well. You will not just tune radio, you will do the frequency modulation, frequency changing and band work within the station you are on to fine tune it to your liking, to what is comfortable, what is beneficial, brings joy to you.

Now some of you might say, “Well, I’m not interested in joy.”

Fine, you want to turn the stations up and make dis-harmonies, you will have that ability as well, but the majority of you are not really looking for dis-harmonies, you are looking for harmonies, you are looking for sounds that bring joy.

And so, see yourself moving into this year and adjusting reality and we know some of you are saying, “Well, how can that be with all the political and environmental and things like that?”

You can tune them out, you can diminish them. You can bring them down in your world, and bring up the things that are more to your liking, more to your enjoyment. You can do it by just turning off the television or you can do it in other ways. And so see yourself becoming very savvy.

Our vehicle when he was younger was originally not a very savvy radio listener, he was brought up in the age of AM radio, and AM radio was not very high fidelity and along came things like FM and stereo and then all of a sudden there were tapes, wonderful tape machines that were allowing for really great Fidelities, and our vehicle always felt that he was a little behind some of his contemporaries in an understanding of high fidelities. See yourself becoming the expert in high fidelity living, high fidelity manifesting. That would be the theme –– high fidelity manifesting.

And with that we will depart, it has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.


2015: Wonderful Things Occur This Year


Good morning, we are here. It is Tuesday, January 6, 2015, the day after the Full Moon in Cancer, Sun in Capricorn. Let us begin.

As you enter 2015 just think for a moment, 2015 – just roll it around a little bit out there in your collective unconscious, it symbolizes a step into a future, the idea that you are moving into some grand expression of 3-D existence. And in the past there have been… the idea of being in this particular time was so far in the future in the movies like Back to the Future and things of this sort and others, 2015 would have been considered way in the future. 2016, 2017, these are dates that were so far in the future that science-fiction writers could easily write about them, and now you are here, and it is very clear to some that those science-fiction writers were correct. You have much of the technology, the understanding, the expansiveness that that future held and yet there are some things that seem to be intractable, you cannot get rid of them – wars, poverty, this sort of thing.

We will tell you that 2015 is a very pivotal time. Why do we say that? Because you are in a time frame now where the veils, the solidness of reality has really started to drop off, really started to drop off, in such a way that everyone is beginning to feel their connection to the nonphysical. Now our vehicle works with the nonphysical a lot, with us and also with other guidances and one of his guides is a giant named Cashus, and Cashus was communicating with our vehicle the other day and brought up the idea of a pen, because our vehicle was auto writing at the time, and Cashus was talking about how the tip of the pen is where the writing and the paper meet, where the ink and the writing and the ball, all at the tip of the pen come together, and the writing is done there.

But would you say that the ball at the tip of the pen is the intelligence, is the smarts, is where the writing is coming from? No, it is the person holding the pen, the person writing with the pen, and in a way your physical existence is like the tip of that pen in physical reality and there is a hand, we would say your Higher Self, that is holding the pen and writing with it. And by connecting more with that – how many of you have written with a broken pencil and it’s very difficult to write well with the tip of the pencil cracked and sort of falling off or something. Understand? It makes it difficult.

See yourself as someone sharpening that pen/ pencil, see yourself using this particular year, 2015 to sharpen that pencil so that the Higher Self can write with you with the best clarity. Make that connection. See yourself making that connection with your Higher Self because it is a) easier and b) will give you the passion that can propel you forward.

There are many who have felt that there is nothing beyond 3-D, and it is hard for them to project themselves very far into a reality because they are very shallow, for want of a better term. We see you now digging deeper into who you are. Use this year to really plumb the depths of who you really are and not just the you that looks back in the mirror. There’s another you that is far deeper, what is it they say about the eyes – the windows to the soul. Look into your eyes in the mirror and imagine the connection going back like as if you’re looking at the ball of a pen and imagine that connection going up through all of the layers of existence to the consciousness that holds the pen. Because that connection is going to bring into this reality a wisdom, a knowing that is critical to existence and will help bring the Golden Age that we are talking about, landing solidly into this existence, into this reality.

So see that, see yourself anchoring in your Higher Self, giving your Higher Self that firm hand on the pen that is you. Now we’re not saying that you are giving yourself over to something that will control you. It isn’t that kind of a thing. You’re not being possessed by something or whatever, this is the You that is always been there, this is the bigger You. This is the you that is more authentic, this is the you that is more expanded, and so see yourself anchoring the expanded You. We will have more to say about that in our next reading.

You are going to see wonderful things occur this year, but they will not happen because of something in 3-D, they are going to happen because of something beyond 3-D, the nonphysical is going to start to really expand into the physical and so see that as a potential going forward.

It has been our pleasure, good day to all of you.


Winding Down 2014


Good morning, we are here, give us a moment.

It is December 22, 2014, New Moon in Capricorn, just after the Solstice, the winter Solstice. Let us begin.

You are winding down 2014, you are looking in the rearview mirror as it were, at a year that we would say was pivotal, and what we mean by pivotal, we mean that things turned this year. Things made a very sharp turn, things changed course, things made a radical change, and this year has been that kind of year, whether it has been with things like the marijuana laws, the recent changes with Cuba and things of this sort. There have been a lot of direction altering events this year. Some of it has to do with Monsanto; some of it has to do with space things, things in space. You are learning pivotal things about Mars, Mars now has liquid water, it has methane, now soon it will have living creatures, and the paradigm of earth being the only place with living creatures will be broken. You understand?

And so that is what is going on here, looking in the rearview mirror. You can say, “Okay, I was going down a road and now I’ve turned,” and if you look in the rearview mirror you will recognize nothing behind you because you’ve turned. You are on a different road now, and looking ahead is all new. Now, as you look ahead we would suggest some changes, if you have not already done this and many of you have already done this, changes in the way you approach reality because that is what 2015 is going to be –– change in approach to how you deal with reality.

Many of you are waiting for the perfect storm. You’re waiting for all things to line up so that you can easily do something. It isn’t that kind of a situation that you are in. You are in a situation where you are sort of working your way through a puzzle. You are working your way through a process. When they sent this probe, recent probe to the comet, it had to go through this process of picking up speed and going a little further and picking up more speed as it went by planets. That’s why it took so long, but eventually it got up enough speed, got up enough momentum to catch up to the comet, and now it is doing the cometary science that you see in your televisions and in your Internets.

Same thing, you are going to go through this process of picking up speed, picking up momentum, and so each of you have something that you want to accomplish, that you hope to accomplish, that you think is important towards the future of the planet. Some of you might think is not that big a deal, some of you think it’s a big deal but no matter what it is it something and it is your something. It is a uniquely you something, and we are here to suggest that you pick it up at least every other day, if not every day and do something with it.

Stop waiting or cease waiting and start acting. Now, again you will not get perfect whatever it is, you will not get it perfect first, maybe some of you might hit on it a little more than others, but whatever it is, just do it, and get some experience with it. Get some milestones under your belt with it, and then come back around as if you are this planetary probe picking up more momentum, and try it again and try it again.

Maybe you’re going to write a book, and maybe first thing you will do is just collect your ideas for the book, and then maybe you will write a first draft and a second draft and a fifteenth or twentieth draft. Who knows how many you will have to do before it reaches that place of functionality, and we’re not going to say perfection, you never reach perfection, but you reach a place where it’s good enough, where it does what it needs to do.

Our vehicle does this all the time around the house, he lives in a house that is very –– chaotic would be a good term for this house –– it was built with a lot of chaos, and so a lot of times he wants to fix something and or repair or change something, and it is not easy because the house is so chaotic, and so he’ll make a first stab at it, and then a second stab at it, and then maybe by the third or fourth he gets it right, he gets the mixture right and the thing works, and he can move on to the next thing.

That is the kind of energy you are moving into in 2015 where you need to go through iterations. You need to go through cycles. It is part of a spinning, part of a spiraling into something. You are going to spiral into this New Age, into this Golden Age we have been speaking of, you’re not going to just land there. You are going to sort of maybe have a little bit of something and then come around and do it again.

For example the first pass for changing the marijuana laws was to make it legal to have medical marijuana, that was the first pass, and a few states did it and then a few other states did it and a few other states did it, you understand? And then now you are moving into another stage of recreational use and decriminalizing it and that stage will now start to cycle through the states and through the country.
And there are other things like this. You are seeing some of the cycling through what’s going on with the police and the people feeling that the police are at war with them. It is not true, but they feel it. Some people feel it more than others, so you are going to cycle through a process of learning about each other, learning about what it is your roles and your agreements are, because you have agreements. And so as you work through these agreements, as you work through these processes, you will start to screen out some of the bad apples on both sides, and get to a place where you are functioning, because there is a place where you function.

And that is where you are going with 2015, you are going to start spiraling into this functional Golden Age. It is going to come with things like the finances. The finances are going to go through this trying to figure something out to have a better financial situation. It’s going to happen with healthcare, you are going to start to spiral from natural to pharmaceutical to natural to pharmaceutical before you finally work your way out of that, and all of these things. They are going to work like that, so see this year as like, “How does a plant reach into the sun?”

You ever watch a slow motion of a plant, of a seed? It starts out, it pops out and goes up and down and one part spirals into the ground and the other part spirals up into the sky. That is what we’re talking about –– does not just pop out and shoot up straight and shoot straight down. It does this spiraling, this wiggling, this movement, this engaging and then releasing and engaging and releasing, and that is what we see happening. That is what we see happening on a planetary scale with all of you, with institutions, with governments, with individual people.

So we are suggesting at an individual level, see if you can feel your passion, what is it that you have a passion for and then start to do something with it. Let’s say you have a passion for art, get yourself a book and just start writing something, just start painting. Maybe you have a passion for electronics, buy yourself one of those little 101 electronic toys at RadioShack or something and start to engage that, learn a little more. Maybe you have any interest or passion for mathematics, get yourself a simple mathematics book and then start to learn more and become more into it, more adept at it, and understand you will not do it all. No one does it all. So whatever your part of it is, whatever your passion is, it is your part of it, and each and every one of these parts is needed, is important.

It’s not going to be just the architects who build buildings, it’s going to be the artists who design the artwork in the building, it’s going to be the people who bring businesses or bring living conditions into these buildings, it’s going to be the technicians who allow for certain things to occur in the building that make it function, water or whatever. All of these things, even down to the doorman and the elevator operator, they are all important. You will not have this thing where you think your job is more important than mine. Now that is easy to do right now but when you see where you’re going then you ideally will begin to realize the value that these other traits, these other capabilities or whatever, bring to it, and you will never again look on someone as being less because they follow their passion.

See that’s what’s missing, you have this economy right now of, you must work and you must create monies and so you can have a roof over your head and have a car and maybe get your iPhones and iPads and iMaxs, and this is what you equate your wealth with, but that’s going to change. That’s going to change as people start to see what they can do with the simpler things, what they can do with just two sticks. You’d be surprised what people are capable of –– cardboard sign.

You would be surprised, and then you will begin to learn the values of each individual, of what they bring to the table. And again, they will get better at what they do, you will benefit from it, you will get better at what you do, they will benefit from it –– shared benefits. That is what’s missing as well. Right now you have an economy that when it creates something, a wealth of some sorts, somebody owns it, somebody grabs it and says, “It’s mine and you can’t have it!” Well that’s going to change. It’s going to be a whole lot more of, “I’ve done this for everyone.”

How many times have you been to a party and someone comes and brings something to the party, do they say, “This is just my desert no one else can have it!” Some do but that’s not really what happens when people come to a party, they bring what they have to the table of deserts and put it down for everyone to enjoy. And that is the theme moving into the Golden Age, bringing your gift to the table for everyone and not begrudging someone who brings something that you don’t perceive as important as what you bring, even if it’s just the party favors, even if it’s just the sparklers, even it is just the garbage bags to pick up the crap afterwards.

All of these will be seen as very important and very pivotal parts of what’s going on, because it’s a machine you are building, it is an energetic machine, a culture, a culture that will return to this earth because this culture has been here before, many times before, and it is like a growth, it grows for a while and decays and we are here to tell you it will decay at some point, but that is far into the future. You are going to move into that flowering part now.

So see it, see that spiraling your passion into this orchestra, this symphony that is the Golden Age.

With that we will depart. It has been our pleasure.


The Most Important Thing is Life


Good morning, we are here. It is Sunday, the 23d of November, New Moon in Sagittarius. Let us begin.

We have not been discussing much for the last few moons, much has been going on with our vehicle, travels and other things that have made it very difficult to sit down and get this done, and also the elections really left our vehicle quite shell-shocked, and that is fine. So let us see, let’s take a little bit of a walk through where we are, you’ve had your elections, you have had your thirty-whatever percent of the populace who have gone to the polls, and so you now have a very right-leaning Congress coming in the new year, and many of the progressives among you might feel that this is really terrible.

Let us say this, “Nothing Is broken, nothing is broken.”

You are seeing unfolding great change. You are in a time of great change and that great change is like a birth, and when there’s a birth there’s a push and a pull, push and a pull, understand? You are birthing into the New Age, and so this is part of the contractions, this is part of the birth pains, and the baby is fine, the baby is healthy, and just keep that in mind, this is not a time to be all concerned. Those who have had hard births might remember the times when it seemed like all was lost, the baby would die or something, you’re all concerned and – – then boom – – the baby comes out fine, the cord is cut and the parents can rejoice in the birth of the new. And that is what is going on here. That is what is going on here.

And look at what the election has done to your President, he’s been energized to do some things, he has two more years now to get some big things done. As we sit here now he has already signed the immigration changes, they are not laws they are Executive Orders. That is fine, they are laws now and there will be families that will be able to breathe a sigh of relief that their doors aren’t going to be kicked in and their family members dragged out into the streets.

And it is interesting to us that those on the right who would advocate such things are really not interested in doing that, they just don’t want to see this President flex his executive muscles. That is fine, again this is part of the birth pains, it is part of the birth pains.

Now, one of the things that are going on right now is a re-alignment at the financial levels. We will talk about that just for a little bit. There is a lot going on in this country with the food supplies, a lot going on with the desire in this country among those in control to maintain their lock on your food supply and those who know how important food is, healthy food is, to break that deadlock. And so, we want you to see this playing out over the next few weeks and moons, how the hubris of these large companies in their attempts to force poisons on you is going to be foiled. They are going to meet their match in the people who will not be fed crap, pun intended.

And so, already other countries, Europe and India, and even China are beginning to move on these things, it’s this country that is so corporately controlled, corporately aligned that is having the biggest trouble with it. And this gets back to this Citizens United. Are corporations people? They don’t act like people. If they were people you would consider them criminals because they act like criminals more often than not. They are definitely antisocial. And so you will see they are not people and you will strip them of their rights as if they are people. That is what’s going on here.

Corporations are going to be stripped of the façade that they are in some way protected, as if they are citizens of the country. They are not citizens of the country. They shield people from responsibility and that is what has to change and that is what is going to change. People are going to be responsible.

And think about it, if people who are being shielded by these corporations had to stand up and admit what they are doing, in front of the corporation, without the corporation’s protection, how many of them would really do it? Not so many, not so many. And so see that, see these corporations overstepping and see the populace responding, see the courts responding, see people responding, see the Internet responding, because that is what’s needed. You have to throw this corporate yoke off and be able to see what’s going on underneath so that you can repair it, so that you can fix it, so you can realign it.

Corporations — the idea that profit is the most important thing is silliness, silliness. The most important thing is life. Life is the most important thing, not profit. And so as that knowledge permeates more, as it starts doing the hundredth monkey thing, to everyone, as they start to realize the foods they are eating are poisonous, as they start to realize the drinking water needs to be cleaned up and the air and the environment, as you begin to connect more to the trees.

The trees are trying to speak to you know, they have been silent for a long time, but now they are screaming at you, “Get on board, get on board people because the earth is going to shake you off if you are not on board!”

As you move into the moons now of the winter and you come across the seasons, the holiday seasons, see if you can bring a little sanity to your choices. See people being more sane in their choices, and you will know what that means as you look around your neighborhood. You will see who is insane and who is sane, and as you see the insane things and you will know what we are talking about, we don’t want to name them, send out a little mental note saying, “Hey, wake up, wake up.”

Because that is what is going on, everyone’s waking up and some are waking up and saying, “We did what? Let’s put an end to that. Let’s stop that!”

And some are waking up and saying, “Oh, I’ve been doing okay all along. That’s good too!”, understand?

Sagittarius, the connection to the Galactic Center, bringing with it the strong energies from the middle of the Milky Way Galaxy, see that strong energy moving through like a wind blowing through all of the buildings, blowing all of the cobwebs and the gunk out, clearing the way, bringing the disinfectant of sunlight to many of the stagnant things. See information from the past coming forward and allowing for things to be corrected, understood and moved on from.

With that we will depart. It has been our pleasure, good day to all of you.


Slow to Anger Quick to Forgive


Good morning, we are here. Give us a moment.

It is October the 8th 2014, Full Moon in Aries, and we are sitting under the Pleiades in the open air with Orion and Sirius on the horizon above our head and the moon just now in full eclipse –– red moon in Aries. Let us begin.

You are at a very pivotal time. You are seeing things that were hidden for a long time, coming out into the open. We know we have told you many times, “Oh, it is a pivotal time; oh it is a pivotal time.” And in a dance there are many pivots, in a dance there are many movements, and in the dance of reality this is one of those movements, but have you never watched an ice skater or a pair of ice skaters doing their program, there are times when it’s sort of, “Oh, that’s nice… Oh, that’s nice… Oh that’s nice.”

And then there’s that movement or that one step that everyone gets up on their feet and goes, “Wow.” Well this is a wow point. This is one of those points where you’ll all look back on it some day and go, “Wow, something changed that day, something pivoted on that point.”

There is the red moon in Aries, Aries is Mars the red planet and the idea that it’s very masculine, very forceful, the god of war, and yet it is happening during this balance point –– balancing war. What balances war? Peace, peace, and the idea that you are coming up on an election soon and that this is a chance to do some more balancing within the United States. And it isn’t a balancing between the ideological Democrats and Republicans that is not what we’re talking about. It is the balance of the population being taken into account. You are not just a country of one race, one creed, one color, you are a country of mixed and the balance has been far too long for one grouping and now you are going to begin to see those other groupings exerting their influence.

Years ago our vehicle was in a bar and the waitress had come up with a tray of drinks and thinking he was being helpful he picked two drinks up off of the tray, now those waitresses among you are probably freaking out right now because the tray started to go into unbalanced mode and it started to fall, and our vehicle was quick on his feet and he put the drinks right back and everything went back to balance because the waitress knew how to shift the drinks when she was taking one off. She would shift the drinks and take one off, and shift the drinks, and take one off.

And that’s what’s going on right now. Your government, particularly Obama is trying to figure out how to get the drinks off of the tray without tipping the tray, and that is why he is not just willy-nilly doing all kinds of crazy things that many people would like, “Oh, Obama should be doing this, should be doing that if he’s true to his ideological convictions.” But he’s also a smart man, he knows it would not help to destabilize the entire country as many who would act in pure ideological would do.

And, so imagine that, imagine someone knowing, smart enough to know what balance is, smart enough to know how to shift and change to get the drinks off the tray without spilling everything. And now imagine a competition between waitresses to see who could put things on the tray and take them off fastest. Imagine a competition of the best waitresses out there, waiters too, we don’t mean to be sexist. Now imagine you do this competition and you find the person, who is really the best, we would suggest that is your President. So think about that.

We are not going to go into the lax(s) of the Secret Service, we’re not going into the idea that he’s following the pattern of Abraham Lincoln too much, but it always bothered our vehicle that the guard at the booth in the theater, Ford’s Theater was not at his post. And how did these people get so close, how did this man get into the residence?

Makes you wonder, but also know that that’s part of the balancing. Remember what we said, “You are going to begin to know things, things are going to come out, information, and so have your wits about you, have your wits about you. Because it is all a question now of how to get the drinks off the tray without tipping it, be easy to just rip them all off and watch the drinks just go all over the floor, but do you really want to clean up that mess? No, no, would not be easy to clean up that mess.

Look at an oil spill, look at the Gulf oil spill. It would have been so much easier if they could’ve just stopped that thing from ever blowing out in the first place and they could have, a stitch in time would have fixed that, but Halliburton people were already brought out, but what did they do. They used inferior techniques and inferior materials because they really didn’t care, but now you’re going to see people caring, that’s part of what this moon is about, people stepping up and beginning to care, getting out of that lethargy that they’ve been into for the last few years.

And so see that happening, see that happening in your own point of view where you’re beginning to wake up and stop being lethargic, if you are. We’re not saying all of you are but many of you are, and then see it happening in your neighborhood, see it happening among your friends, see it happening among your neighbors. See people really beginning to not only wake up but speak up to voice their concerns, to voice their opinions. It’s time for those of you who can see that the Emperor has no clothes, those who have been telling you untruths, you will now be able more than ever to see them and Aries is calling you to act.

This conjunction with the Aries that is going on with the moon and the earth right now is very powerful, very powerful red energies. What is a red energy? What does that mean? What does the red spectrum due to water? Go look it up, you’ll be surprised to know what infrareds can do to water, and here you are a big ball of water.

Pivotal time… and always when you find yourself learning new things, give yourself time to think about it. One of the ideas that should come up now is, “Slow to anger, quick to forgive.” Let that be the mantra of the next six months or maybe even six years, “Slow to anger, quick to forgive.”

As our vehicle’s friend told him many years ago, “It is easy to escalate. It’s not so easy to de-escalate.”

Many of you are watching what’s going on in the Mideast and we would suggest that the United States has done more moderate military maneuvers there, military intervention there, they didn’t come in with armies and boots on the ground like some people wanted because that is an escalation that would be hard to de-escalate. And this grouping out there is not so big, no need to go over the top.

So see yourself waking up, see your neighborhood waking up, but also waking up and getting your wits about you before you act. How many of you have woken up so quickly and then stepped around and maybe fallen on something on the floor or didn’t realize you had something connected to you and you tripped because you didn’t take the time?

Happened to our vehicle once many years ago when he was in England, he was sleeping on a rock and he was awoken very quickly and he took a step and fell into a thicket of bushes, thorny bushes and sliced his wrist that day. All he had to do was take a few extra moments to just not move and wake up and he would’ve seen that he was about to step into that bush.

So take the time to wake up before you move, but also be ready to move, be ready to take action, be ready to use those Aries energies to follow your passions, to follow your intellect and your belly. It’s not one or the other.

Now our vehicle wants to watch the moon so we must let him go. It has been our pleasure, good day to all of you.


Seek the Balance


[Transcript forthcoming.]


The Power of Intent


Good morning, we are here. It is September 9, 2014, Full Moon in Pisces. Let us begin.

You are moving now from the summer into the fall and it is coming up on the Equinox and the equal day and night cycle, and all of these things have to do with balance, all of these things have to do with the cycles of time and balance. And a very good metaphoric idea of that is of course the figure 8 of the infinity sign, and anyone who knows the cycles of the planets can see that infinity sign, how the Earth moves around the sun during the year, and the Equinoxes are of course those points where you meet the middle. And so here you are coming up on another one of these balance points and it’s a good time to think in terms of balance.

What we mean by that is –– where are you in balance and where are you out of balance in your life. You can see the world, seems to be out of balance in some places and you’ve got what’s going on in the Ukraine, you’ve got what’s going on in the Mideast, you got all of these crazy sort of battling war like things going on. Where is the opposite of that? Where is the positive things going on, and we’ve would suggest they are they are but for many of you, you are not aware of them because they do not find their way into the news. They are not as newsworthy as these darker, more negative aspects are.

We want you to imagine that there is a lot of good going on, that you are unaware of. We want you to think about that for a moment, whether it is people who are waking up discovering their inherent power, their inherent strength, whether it is groupings that are waking up, see that kind of activity where people are waking up, they’re not focusing so much on the one side of the balance, they’re going to wake up and see that there’s another side. And that other side will begin to pull the swing if you will, the balance back to a more neutral place.

And so if you can imagine some of the bad things you’ve been hearing whether it is the activities of this grouping in the Mideast or whether it is whatever, if you can imagine that all of that, as bad as that sounds, there’s something equally as good going on to balance it. Imagine what that is, whether it is, as we said people waking up, people waking up to the dangers of the manipulation of your food supply, whether it is people waking up to the dangers of the imbalance in your financial systems, whether it is people who are waking up to the value of their neighbors and their neighborhoods and the value of their friendships and the value of the people in their lives. It is real easy to lose sight of these things, how much value of a positive nature things are going on.

And we spoke recently of the idea of forgiveness and how important it is to forgive. Now let us just say for a moment, forgiveness isn’t so much about what you do for that person you are forgiving, it is what you do for you. You see when you can bring forgiveness for something that has happened, we’re not saying that you need to be a doormat, don’t confuse the two, but you are you are letting go of a resentment, an energy that is in a very real way causing you an imbalance, and imbalance within you.

And so it is very important, that is why, if you can look at some of the spiritual leaders in your world they have been wronged, many of them, but they do not dwell on how they were wronged. Nelson Mandela spent all those years in prison, but he didn’t come out with vengeance for the people who imprisoned him. He came out and said, “Okay, I can’t live with all of that crap in the past. Let’s let that go and move forward.”

It is important that you keep that in mind because there is a lot of intention to keep you focused on the negative because those who have been manipulating you know that if they can keep you focused on the negative you will follow them wherever they are going. And we’re not just picking on the Republicans although they really do seem to want to focus on the negative, but this happens all over. This happens in many areas whether it is governments, whether it is organizations for health, “Oh, worry about Ebola, worry about the negatives.”

How about the idea that you are all getting healthier, that you are beginning to learn how to eat healthier, and you’re all beginning to learn what’s in your environment that is making you sick and how to get it out of your environment. How much of that is going on? How much pushback on destroying the land, destroying the water, destroying the air, how much pushback is that getting?

When was the last time you heard anyone talk about this pipeline? Because these things are getting better, and so imagine there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work going on. Imagine that there is a lot of off-of-your-radar things going on that are going to begin to become known to you. Your consciousness is going to say, “I want to know more about the positives, show me the positives.”

And see how the positives start to find their way to your consciousness, because that is how you are going to balance all of this negativity, by seeing that there is positive stuff to balance it out there, and what will occur is there will be less, if you can imagine if the negativity starts to drop off, you can then come more towards a middle, a middle point. It will be easier to get there. There won’t have to be so much on one side to pull this other thing over.

And so we mention this now because it is important to think in terms of balance. There isn’t just one side or the other. You are you are in this world to learn how to dance the dance of life and that means balance, that means being able to spin on your toes like a ballerina. A ballerina does not put a lot of weight in one hand and no weight in another to try to balance on their toes, they don’t do this. They become very conscious of what’s connected and what’s on them and how they are moving with all of this momentum and things of that sort.

And so see that, see yourself –– it is like being a top, understand, and see yourself rearranging to counter the imbalances. Our vehicle is thinking right now of the car tires. We’re not sure if any of you are aware of your car tires. Your car tires must be balanced or they will wear the tire out badly. And so what do mechanics do? They put the tire on a machine, they get it to spend, they find how it wobbles, and they add weight to counterbalance the wobble until they find that place where equal weights on each side prevent the wobble.

And so see yourself correcting the wobble of the world by finding and moving those weights around in your mind because that is where the wobble is. We’re not talking about the wobble of the planet, we are talking about the wobble of your thoughts, your manifestations. It seems to be wobbling. Well find the things that bring balance back.

Our vehicle was thinking about this just the other day and it came to him this idea that –– how many really good things are out there? He was so busy looking at all of the negatives he decided, “Well, what’s the good things. What is it that’s good that’s going on?”

And he started to find them without even looking very hard. It could be something as simple as cleaning a room or getting rid of something that has been long overdue to get rid of, and all of a sudden it’s like, “You know, things are getting better.” He recently had to fix the plumbing in the house, there was a blockage and he was all concerned about how he was going to have to call the Roto-Rooter man, have him come and spend hundreds of dollars and then it turned out to be something very simple that he was able to do very quickly on his own with the things that were around the house.

He just took something that was on part of the property, fixed it and got the plumbing repaired, took minutes. That kind of thinking is what we want you to all sort of imagine, that there are things in your environment that can correct these problems that are worrying the hell out of you, worrying the hell out of you, whether it is again what is going on with the political, what’s going on with the military, what’s going on with the world in general, the Ebola virus, all of these things. There are solutions for all of these negative concepts within your grasp easily, easily brought to bear on these things.

So become aware of it. Look around and see it. See it finding you. Intend that it finds you –– the power of intent.

With that we will depart. It has been our pleasure.


Wake Up :: Think Magically


Good morning, we are here, give us a moment. It is August the 25th, Monday, 2014, New Moon in Virgo. Let us begin.

The events of last two weeks with what’s going on in the Mideast, and these grouping that are fundamentalists who have seized the headlines, but also seized property, would make you wonder what we were talking about two weeks ago when we said that you will have to have forgiveness as a main ingredient. And as if to accent what we were saying, here an event occurred, senseless event occurred that brought up the vengeance of an entire country, an entire culture. The entire Western world and other parts of the world are now focused on the destruction of this group that has come forward.

And so, how can that happen? How can we say in one breath that you will see new solutions and then have the old solutions come along, the old problems come along, and then the old solutions just seem to come forward — more vengeance, more weapons, more destruction.

But recall that we said last week or last time that these changes would come over a period of time, and it’s kind of like what happens when you want to paint a wall. You have a wall that has been damaged or whatever, and people have been writing on it, graffiti-ing on it for a long time. You must first come along and lay down a primer, you must first come along –– you cannot just paint on it or the things behind it will come through. You must first come along with the primer that sort of goes over everything and gives you a fresh start, and that is energetically what’s going on at this time. There are these places that are being seen to have marks that cannot be painted over, and it will be needed energetically to sort of whitewash over this, to primer over this area.

And so the way you will see it sort of unfolding in the next few weeks with this grouping in the Mideast is you will see people who will take sides. You will see people who will distance themselves from this grouping. You will see people who will say, “No, I’m not part of this grouping, yes I have similar beliefs but not the extremes that this grouping has.”

Because, when you are in a place where the energies are flowing and life force is flowing, you have a strong desire to allow, understand, to allow the seasons to come, to allow the birds to chirp. You have the sense of allowing, and much of this focus is on groupings that don’t want to allow. Think about it, they don’t want to allow, they don’t want to allow — something. And so you will begin to see these groupings come forward that don’t allow and there will be a strong energetic to either open them up to allowing or having them exit the stage.

Now you might say, “Well wait a minute, aren’t they manifesting, aren’t they doing what they want to do?”

Absolutely, but you are not in a solid world, you are not in a one-world-fits-all kind of situation. There are as many worlds as there are humans, and so what you will begin to see is a grouping of the human’s moving into this Age of Enlightenment, Golden Age we have called it, who want to move forward with a deeper understanding of the energy, with a deeper understanding of life force, and that deeper understanding will come from within themselves, not from outside.

They will begin to realize their place and their purpose and what they can do, and when you have that, then these external forces that want to shape your thinking, whether they are religious or political or whatever, will be seen as something trying to force its self on you.

This grouping is very much a grouping of having things put on them, and there’s a part of you that understands this, in other words they are not a grouping moving into a wonderful, euphoric place in the future, they are a group trying to reach back into an oppressive past, a very oppressive past. And so the pull will pull them out of this reality, they are doing it to themselves, again, you cannot make someone do something, you cannot walk up to them and say, “Do this,” if they are hell-bent, or whatever term you want to use, to not do it.

So all you can do is let them go, and this grouping wants to be let go – – on their own. They want to return back to someplace and for them, they will, and yet the majority of the planet which is appalled by what they have done, and repelled by what they have done and see the insanity of their actions, that grouping is moving forward.

And so, you will see certain events occurring that might go against what we said last time, but these are the remnants of that kind of solution. Again as we said, you have to put a primer down. This is the priming part of it, understand? And then you will have more and more and more freedom to express in the direction of the Golden Age that you are being guided towards, that your intentions are bringing you towards.

And so, as hard as it may be, see these groupings as the wounded individuals they are. In other words they are not free, they don’t have freedom. They have no freedom at all. It is totally, totally, totally a prison that they are in. These groupings are like prisoners – – they are prisoners of their ideology, they are prisoners of their religious beliefs. These are not free thinking people, and so they cannot join the free thinking, free expressing world that we are describing. They cannot be a part of it, because a prerequisite is free will, and those who would follow such dogma into such heinous crimes are not following free will. They are not feeling the energies that we are describing. They are doing their damnedest to deny where you are going.

And so see that as a wounded person. You would not be upset at something that was wounded, you might not want it to do the crazy things it would do wounded, but you would also know it is wounded. And so that is what we mean when we say bring forgiveness, because they are, they are prisoners and they have not been set free.

And see yourself where you are and notice that you have, ideally — freedom. You have freedom of expression, you have freedom to move about, and there’s more and more and more of that coming, in your world, the world around you, the world right in front of you. And that is what we’re trying to tell you, what we want to express to you in as many ways as we know how, “Your world is different from their world, and although they seem to be the same, they are not!”

Now when someone like this reporter, this journalist stumbles into their world, again you have moved to a place where you are not in the freedom flow you were in before, and although you would like to go in there and say, “Hey look there’s a whole world out beyond your walls that is free!” You have also stepped into their prison, and so watch out!

Now, enough about that, what we are trying to tell you is that you are moving forward, and so we want you to start feeling that energy more, and we discussed last time the idea of energetic body movements. So let’s talk about that for a moment. There are energetic body movements you can use to help focus and move this energy through you, yoga is one, tai chi is another.

There’s a very simple one that we have used with our grouping for a long time which is call spinning, and we want you all to think about it for a moment, you’ve all been on things that you can spin –– chairs that spin in coffee shops, things that spin on the playground, and things of this sort, but you can spin in place.

You can plant one foot down and sort of spin on that one foot, and what we are describing is a method of – – you put your hands out, you look at one of your hands, you do not take your eye off for that one hand. And then you spin on the one foot, you turn, ideally we would say clockwise, but you can turn the other way as well. Spin for multiples of say eleven or thirteen times, or eleven times or thirteen times, or twenty-two times or twenty-six times. Understand?

And when you spin, if you do not wobble you will not get dizzy and when you stop, plant your feet for a moment and stand as still as you can, try not to move because that will make you dizzy, and what you are doing is that you are like stirring coffee in a coffee cup. And if you’ve ever notice when you stir things in a coffee cup all of the particles in the coffee come to the center. Understand? And so by spinning you move energy through you and you bring it together, you bring it into a center. Understand?

It’s a very good thing to do, you can do it outside, you can do it inside, but doing it outside is better, and it’s very good to do on moons, particularly Full Moons and New Moons. And so we want you to think about that because this energy that we are describing is real, it’s not something that’s mumbo-jumbo, you can feel it. And as you begin to feel it moving past your third eye, your pineal gland, it will begin to soften the crust, the crude around it because in your society there’s been a lot of work done to calcify and crust up your pineal gland. And this is a method to move that energy into that area and sort of soften it up.

We also want you to think about what you’re eating, what you are ingesting and particularly we would speak to those who are in places where they don’t seem to have options. You really need to start looking into options. Much of the food supply that is currently out there on the shelves of your grocery stores is poison. There are poisons in these foods whether they are pesticides, whether they are ingredients for preservatives and things of this sort.
And these materials need to be removed from your environment and you all can start with your immediate environment. In other words start removing these things if you have not already done this. Many of you have already been ahead of the game and we say bravo, but for those who have been slow to pick it up, see yourself becoming conscious of the ingredients in your food. And if you cannot read it, if it reads like some kind of chemistry book then see if you can find substitutes.

And for some you will say, “Oh no, there are no substitutes!”

Intend that substitutes find you, that is part of we’re saying. Imagine that the world is catching up to the idea that these things don’t belong in the environment, and see that happening because the more you project yourself into that future where these things aren’t there, the more that future can reach back into the now and start building that future, whether it means certain laws getting passed, whether it means certain movements getting started, things of this sort, people just saying no to mechanized farming, no two mechanized food supplies, no to GMO foods. As more and more people begin to do this the forces that are bringing these things into your world will lose their strength.

Because the only way they have strength is by you being unconscious and you being asleep. So wake up! See yourself waking up to the damaging ingredients in your food supply and there’s plenty of information. It is not a coincidence that the Internet is here at this time. The Internet is here at this time to bring you information in the physical that has been trying to find you in the nonphysical and you’ve not been listening.

So, now the physical Internet is overlaying the psychic Internet and allowing that information to find you in a physical way. And so see if you can use your intuition, synchronicity, to search out some of this information, there’s plenty of it out there.

And our vehicle was recently speaking with his brother’s girlfriend and she said, “Well, how do I know what to eat and what stores to go to, and these sort of things?”

And he said, “Get on the Internet, go look, go do a search on healthy eating, go do a search on gluten-free world, go do a search on cutting sugar out of your diet and see what comes up.” In other words, don’t sit there and wait for it to find you, go seek it out. Because the more you can do that the more momentum these activities will have in the world around you.

Our vehicle’s wife is very good at this, she has been for a very long time projecting a world where it is healthy for her to live in because the world around her for the longest time was not healthy. And every time she would go somewhere she would find that there was nothing for her to eat, nothing for her to drink, the room itself was toxic, the environment, the cars were toxic, the air was toxic, the people were toxic, it was just a toxic, toxic place. But she kept imagining it cleaning up and now she finds more and more and more that the world around her is catching up.

It is like cleaning the crap off of a window, you begin to see more and more and more. First you have to start cleaning the window off, and so we would suggest that those of you who are listening to us begin to be more conscious, begin to intend to be more conscious, and again if you’re already there, wonderful. See if you can help some of your family members and friends. But if you have not even given this any thought, start. Start now. Because this is the kind of thing that will bring more and more and more of it into the world that you inhabit and as that momentum builds you will find it easier and easier and easier to be in a healthy environment because it will be what is around you.

Now, you can still have these things going on in other parts of the world, you will still have whatever is going on in Africa, whatever is going on in the Mideast, these things are happening, but you, for the most part, you are not there. And what will occur from our perspective is that, again these places will begin to fade and be overlaid with a version of themselves that is healthier and more freedom oriented, more oriented towards freedom of expression of the humans that you are, not of the dogma that has been overlaid on you.

And, keep in mind that there are multiple realities out there and that just as you pick a place to go when you are steering a boat or when you are driving a car, you put a certain place in your GPS and you go there. You don’t end up someplace where you didn’t put it in the GPS. You don’t end up somewhere that you didn’t focus your steering at, so see that future, see yourself steering towards that future. See the people around you steering towards that future because that is how you will find it, by intending it, by seeing it already there as a destination.

And, we will give you another hint, as you see that destination in front of you, you will discover that it has effects in the past, that certain things that seem to have been in the past will become less and less and less important, and it’s even possible to alter the past because the future you are heading towards could not have that pass to get you there. And so, imagine yourself getting somewhere and maybe you look for a scar on your head that you got when you were child and the scars gone, and then even the memory of how you got that scar starts to fade because it didn’t seem to happen. It can be just like that because reality is a frequency, reality is a vibration, and that vibration goes forward and backward from your point of consciousness.

And so as you see yourself moving into that future, maybe you had an illness when you’re a child, but you’re cured in the future and all of a sudden you will realize maybe you didn’t have that illness when your child. Now this is crazy making to some, but this is the kind of environment that the earth is moving into –– where you can now straighten out a timeline and move it, completely move it to a new destination.

Imagine it like you took this long trip across the country, you went down to Florida, you went up to Montana, you went back down to Arizona, and then you finally reached someplace in California. But imagine now that you are in California, what a more direct route would have look like, and then imagine that there is a you that starts from where you’re at, takes that direct route and knows all the things that happened on the direct route. That memory and that –– the events that would’ve occurred on that trip can appear in the future and be the past that you had.

Again you do not live in a solid world –– that is an illusion. You wouldn’t give any thought to this at all if it happened in a dream and we are here to tell you that the physical world has more in common with the dream state than with this solid brick world that you think you have around you. That is why there’s so much missing history on the planet. That’s why you don’t find a lot of artifacts because in some versions those things never happened and so they disappear, they are no longer in this reality.

Our vehicle wanted to take a shirt with him the other day, he was traveling and he wanted this shirt, and he went and put it down, and he went around to collect more of his clothing, and he came back to get that shirt and he couldn’t find it, he has never found it. Where did it go, disappeared.

That kind of thing is going to happen more and more and more as you move forward in this timeline, in this energy that we are talking about. Things will find you and things will disappear that are not needed or are not part of where you are going.

See it, and see if you can become conscious of it when it happens to you and don’t be so quick to want to explain it in 3D. See if you can imagine yourself becoming more magical in your thinking, “It disappeared, the fairy realm took it or something!” Or whatever term you wish to use. It’s not needed and so it vanished.

Years ago this happened to our vehicle, he was very much into the Tarot Cards, he’d gotten his first Tarot deck and he was using his Tarot deck on a daily basis sometimes two, three times a day to ask questions, and he was getting very good information. And then one day he went looking for it and he could not find it. He knew where he put it but he could not find it and he searched and searched and searched and could not find his Tarot deck.

And at that time he was discussing with us through auto writing with his right hand and he asked us, “Ps, what happened to my Tarot deck?”

And we told him he was becoming too dependent on it and so it was decided by his Higher Self to remove it from his reality for a while. And he laughed at us. He said, “You’re kidding, it doesn’t really happen.” And he continued look for it and could not find it, and then about six months later he looked where he’d always been looking and there it was.

That kind of experience will become more and more and more common as you go forward.

With that we will depart, it has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.


Aquarian Moon: A Glimpse Into the Future


Good afternoon, we are here, give us a moment. It is August 11, 2014 Full Moon in Aquarius, let us begin.

There’s much going on in the world at this time that seems to be very chaotic, very dark. You have conflicts in parts of the world that seem to be getting out of hand or enlarging. You have old conflicts coming back, whether it is what’s going on in Iraq, what’s going on in the Ukraine, what’s going on in the Gaza Strip, or in other places, and those who are anticipating the movement into the Golden Age, here you are already into the Aquarian Age and wondering how does any of this square up with the idea, the ideal of the Aquarian Age.

What you are seeing is the last gasps of this kind of activity because those who are unwilling to go forward, unwilling to go forward into the Aquarian Age, into this Golden Age that we have spoken of and there are some that are quite invested in the past. They are doing their last gasp efforts to derail the future.

Now, we say derail the future, if you can imagine time and the planet as if it was on a train track, and you have been on this train track for a long time, you’ve been traveling through parts of the countryside, and now the train is finally going to reach someplace that has been on the schedule for quite some time and there are some that don’t want the train to arrive. And so they are plotting and planning ways of stopping the train from arriving at the station and they have been aware of this for a long time and have plotted and prepared.

But we would suggest is that the train has been getting upgraded while it’s been on its travels, as it’s been moving along it’s been getting upgraded and it has been getting new technologies and that when the train arrives at some of these derailment points it will be discovered that it does not need the rails any longer anyway. It will be discovered that the train can levitate or travel above the ground without rails and it will be discovered that the technology has upgraded not just the train itself but all the passengers. They are smarter, they have been they… have been awakened up, maybe many were in the sleeping booths and now they have been woken up.

And so as these remnants of the past attempt to derail the train, know that they have missed the upgrade, they have missed that the upgrade has happened, and so they are trying to use some of the old techniques, and they appear to be working but then again maybe they’re not. And what we mean by that is you will see going forward that many of these conflicts will begin to get solved… In very, very unusual or not in the normal fashion, won’t be just cease-fires and borders, it will be bigger than that. It will be bigger than that.

And we’re not talking about over the next few weeks or moons, we’re talking about over the next few years that the solutions moving into the Aquarian age will be seen to be big changes in the boundaries of human consciousness. And so imagine yourself already there, those who are watching the unfolding of some of these events project yourself for a moment or imagine yourself for a moment in this place one year, two year, five years down the road, we’re not going to go much beyond five, and see the outcome and upgraded humankind solving these problems.

There’s a movie that our vehicle watched recently called Limitless where the potential of the human mind was expanded through a drug and this man went from being ordinary to being extraordinary. And our vehicle wondered at the end of the movie, this one man had done so much, but what would’ve happened if everyone had this drug, what would’ve happened if this drug got into the water supply or something like that and everyone was moved to that level?

And we would say he was getting a glimpse of where you’re going –– a place where, we’ve always said each and every one of you is a unique spark and is very valuable, great potential, very valuable! And that coupled with this kind of an expansion is what we’re talking about. And so all of a sudden you can imagine people solving problems, people solving them not just pushing them off till tomorrow, but actually solving them and fixing things that have been long, long overdue for revamping or retooling or whatever term you wish to use.

And this will happen individually, it will happen with each and every one of you seeing your own consciousness expanding, your own consciousness waking up, and then you will see it in others, you will see it in your neighbors, you will see it in the newspapers, happening in places. And so imagine that for a moment, imagine that that is really the solution, because when you look at these wars now, when you look at these battles you think the old solutions are going to have to be the same ones –– more force, more weapons, more tactics, more defeats of enemies. And so you think, “Well of course we’ve… this is the way we’ve dealt with it before we had to crush Germany we had to crush whatever, we had to stop the intentions of some.” But imagine that the enemies become more enlightened, imagine that the combatants become more enlightened, then you can see solutions happening very quickly.

Now one of the things that is going to be needed is the idea of forgiveness. Now many of you have been wronged or know what it means to be wrong, and there are cultures that have been wronged, there are races that have been wronged, there have been planets that have been wronged, and if vengeance for being wronged is the solution that you’ve come up with then we would suggest there will never be an end.

And so if you can imagine the solution being a new modality, we would suggest that part of that modality will be the idea of forgiveness, going forward without looking backward, and that will become more and more and more obvious to you as you begin to learn more and more and more of what has happened to you as a culture, as a planet, as individuals.

And many of these companies that are now the faces of the past, of the destruction, they will begin to be identified in more and more and more fashions. There’s this wonderful movie that our vehicle just watched about the, an old man in India, and old Australian man in India bringing back farming techniques connecting the farming techniques to the energetics of the planet, and how this is beginning to push back on the mechanized farming that has been destroying your farmlands and destroying your water and your air and your land.

And so there are solutions, we’ve said many times in the past, maybe not to this grouping, that a lot of the solutions can come about very quickly. Yes you’ve done some destructive things on the planet, but the solutions, the new technologies will solve some of these problems very quickly and one of them of course is what our vehicle saw in this movie, One Man, One Cow, One Planet, something like that. And if you have not seen this movie we would suggest finding it and sharing it with anyone that would be of interest because that kind of change, that kind of a return to conscious living is at the heart of what we’re talking about.

This Golden Age that we speak of isn’t going to be stained glass and high-rise buildings, it’s going to be a return to nature, is going to be a return of nature to your existence, and a conscious understanding of your place in the flow of life force energies because that is really what you are, you are like rocks in the flow of the river of energy –– really. And you think that the flow that comes to you and goes past you has no value and yet it is what sustains you. Your science has done great harm in isolating you from that flow but that flow now is upping its flow rate and so you are becoming aware of it again.

And so see if you can feel that, you will begin to notice it really, seeing it flowing through not just you but your neighborhoods, your neighbors, your family members. You will be surprised at how that flow increases and brings conscious levels up like in this movie where it was done with this drug. Of course we are not describing a drug we are describing something that is more fundamental, an energy flow.

Because that energy flow has been stalled, limited, but it is really on the rise, and we would suggest that if you are interested look into some things of this sort, look into yoga and things of that sort, things that move energy –– tai chi. Because these are the ancient remnants of an understanding of this flow and they can help you to understand it better.

So see this Aquarian Moon as a glimpse into the future that we are describing where solutions, new solutions, solutions that cannot even be imagined from the past come forward, solve problems and propel you into that future we are describing.

With that we will depart it has been our pleasure.


Take Back Your Consciousness


Good morning we are here, it is July 12, 2014, Full Moon in Capricorn. Let us begin.

We would speak today about the idea of the physical world and the nonphysical world. Now, you know how vast the physical world seems to be, you know how big your earth is, you know how big your sun is, you know how big your solar system is, you know how vast your galaxy is, you know how many galaxies there are. Your mind cannot grasp the immensity of physical reality, and yet we are here to tell you that it is the tip of the iceberg of existence. There is far more existence in the nonphysical than you can see in the physical. The physical is the most dense, obviously, and it is the most – we want to say difficult, but that’s not really the right word – you need the most effort to be in the physical. You have to actually exert energy to counter the effects of physical masses, and this is a very laborious task for some.

And even just waking up and standing up and getting out of your bed vast amounts of energy are needed, yet you can imagine laying in your bed sleeping and your astral body travels with little or no effort at all. And so it’s important to understand that, that the physical is a rarer example of existence, a rarer form of existence, and those who come here are very rare individuals indeed. There are some who are afraid of physical reality, in the nonphysical they would run from any opportunity to be in the physical. They see the physical as a trap, as a place you can go and never come back because they have seen those who have gone and apparently have never come back. So it is frightening, but then there are others who go there and come back and go there and come back with great ease, and we would call them masters. They are masters.

And at this time there are many masters on the earth and the funny thing about a master is that you most probably would not recognize them, you would probably not know one if you tripped over him or her. And so it is important for you to keep that in mind as you go about your day meeting and engaging and encountering other individuals because you are meeting masters all the time and you are not noticing it. And you may even look in the mirror and see one and not notice it.

And so, we tell you this because it is important to understand that the physical is getting a little closer to nonphysical. In other words you are moving into a time in the scheme of things, in the cycle of things where the density of physical reality is weakening, in a local area, in your local area – in other words there are other local areas where the opposite is occurring, they are experiencing another cycle, a different cycle from you.

And so, we bring this up because you will begin, some of you have already, and many of you will over the next few moons, begin to really see the connection you have to the nonphysical, and how you in the nonphysical experience things that become part of your waking experience. What we mean by that is you are given a glimpse but you are also given the opportunity to choose while you are in the nonphysical what it is that you want or will bring about experiencing in the physical. You are manifestors, all of you and you are constantly manifesting reality, but it is so easy in the physical to feel that you don’t because time is involved and there is this idea of cause and effect.

In the nonphysical there is no such thing as cause-and-effect, there is instantaneous, and so that gap between thought and manifestation is not seen, not noticed, and so you become very aware that your thoughts create. Here there is a gap and that gap between when you think it when it happens can be very large but it is closing, it is closing, closing, closing. That is part of what we are saying about how this reality is loosening up, is softening up.

And so, see if you can become aware of how your thoughts become physical reality, how you are actually projecting the world around you. Now, it is easy to be numb to this, it is easy to be unaware of this. You have moved through that period of time for many, many hundreds of years if not thousands of years now, and got really good at it. And much of your technology is here to keep you asleep, is to keep you numbed out. Those who are attempting to control the world, if you will, there are those that are attempting to control the world, they don’t want you waking up, and so it is their hope that they can numb you out with technology such that you will miss what’s going on around you.

But we will tell you there are events coming that will shake technology, will shake you a bit, and it is part of a waking up, if you can imagine it. Humankind is in need of waking up out of a long slumber and understanding the value of being conscious in physical reality – being conscious in physical reality.

How many of you are aware how unconscious you become when you are delving so deep into technology? Our vehicle has family members who cannot get their heads out of their iPhones and their iPads, they can be in a room and yet not be there. They are lost in this technological haze. Our vehicle noticed people driving, people walking, people going about their business so much in a haze that they do not see they are walking in front of cars, they do not see that they are driving off of roads, they do not see physical reality happening around them. They are numb to it.

And the thing about being numb to it is that your consciousness then becomes controllable by the technology, the technology can seize control of your consciousness, and those who have built this technology and those who are involved in it to a greater or lesser degree know this, and they are inundating you with things you must own. And look at how well they have honed their skills to track what you are looking for, what you are seeking, and then delivering it to you in some way. They are constantly looking at how to control you through the technology.

Now this was started a long time ago when the radio first came along. The radio was the first of the mass technologies to use to control you. Look at how H.G. Well’s story was told by Orson Welles and how he was able to convince people that the world was being invaded by Martians. That was a test, that was a test being done to see how well radio was at controlling the masses, and then along came television which was also an amping up of that technology, and now you have the internet, and now you have the iPhones. You cannot get away from it. And when you are not holding one, you are in the energies of these technologies which are also able to affect you.

You have the ability to pick up these technology energies and translate them in your physical body and so it is interesting how much numbed out people in cities and in high technology areas are even if they don’t carry these technologies with them.

And so it will be important to become aware of this and it will be important for you to seize control if you will, of your consciousness, to grab it back, to take it back. And so that would be the theme we would say here, “Take back your consciousness, don’t give it away, don’t let others steal it”.

And see what that brings. See how that can help you to create the world that you are desiring.
With that we will depart it has been our pleasure.