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2012: Balance of the Economy


Listen to this podcast below.

The Pleiadians discuss:

  • How monies are going through a process of balancing and how money is energy, like battery power or gasoline in the car.
  • How the discrepancy between the rich at the top and the large grouping at the bottom struggling to meet basic needs is like a thunderstorm with pent-up energy looking for a place to ground.
  • How in the late 90s the masses were leveling the playing field financially.
  • How the NESARA story, the dismantling of the financial systems through deregulation, the collapse of the world trade center and the removal of  basic rights, then the wars was done to derail the rebalancing that was occurring.
  • How those in charge, those in the intelligence communities, understand that changes must come or destruction will come.
  • Why you cannot have a world where the large majority of people do not get their needs met and how everyone has been charged with the duty to meet the needs of the masses and the needs for themselves and their neighbor.
  • Why China is attempting to manipulate the economies to bring about the rebalancing.
  • How the energies from the Galactic Center need to hit a more balanced Earth, and how 2012 is bringing about a balancing, as we approach the ecliptic of the galaxy.

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  • DavidBry August 17, 2013, 9:48 AM

    Good Morning,

    I would encourage ALL of you to return to this message with regards to money and the energy it processes. It will help you understand the shift in values that is ALREADY FORDING:~).

    Find the time each day, the morning is best, to BE QUITE and LISTEN. You will achieve ALPHA BRAIN WAVES and be able to connect to the collective consciousness. Their will be many divine sources for you to enjoy growing with:~). You will hear clear as a bell;~).


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