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Galactic Center Agenda: Freedom from the Middle East to Wisconsin


Listen to this podcast below.

The Pleiadians discuss:

  • Whether it is Bahrain or Madison Wisconsin, why individuals are not going to just take it from dictators and are not going to just sit on their ass and just take it.
  • Why when people are made to feel small and powerless, then they are easily controlled, but when something comes into their head that says, “there are more of you than there are of them,” your life matters, your efforts matter and then a sleeping giant awakens.
  • How the person who started all of this in Tunisia by setting himself on fire, took everything he was worth and put it in a moment, not worrying not concerning himself beyond that moment, but dealing in that moment, that has so much power and can affect so many.
  • Why the energies coming from the Galactic Center are responsible for awakening the power of the individual.
  • Why these tyrannical leaders will either change or leave the scene.
  • They will definitely not be able to make policies that will last very long.
  • Why the Pleiadian’s advice is to not get too caught up on what occurs at this time because three or six months from now it may all change.
  • Does Corporate America really have the ability to control your elections or are they causing an upwelling of the populace against them.

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