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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee


Listen to this podcast below.

The Pleiadians discuss:

  • How President Obama is moving more and more towards a middle.
  • Why the dynamics at this time are like someone is playing around with the contrast and the brightness buttons on your television set.
  • How you are adjusting to the energies pushing towards you, popping your codings.
  • How where you are going does not look a whole lot like where you are now – for many of you – and why there are some who will see absolutely no change at all.
  • How those who are most comfortable might find themselves with the least comfort.
  • How being self sufficient gives you a strong base on which to build a reality.
  • Why some can have such stamina, such apparent longevity and agelessness.
  • How moving slowly with determination and intent are the ingredients of success.
  • How many in the New Age jump on bandwagons without really thinking about it and find themselves in a place they don’t want to be, or wish they hadn’t gone.
  • How it all means to “wake up and smell the coffee,” and how the path will become clear to you as the sun comes up more and more and more.
  • How for some of you, your information level right now on planet earth from a scale, let’s say from one to a hundred, is about .001.
  • Why you will feel at the other side of this that you really knew nothing, as if you are waking up and being told you were in a coma for a while.
  • How some of the things that you are going to learn are shocking, but there will be other things that you will learn that will exhilarate you, give you hope and will lift you.
  • How there is more within the dimensions to excite you and lift you, than to push you down and destroy you.
  • Why you must have compassion for both sides of this struggle.

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