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A Quickening Going On: Get On the Train that is Coming


Good evening, we are here. Give us a moment. It is September the 30th, 2012, it is a full moon in Aries. Let us begin.

There is much going on in the world, but we will take a moment to see if we cannot put a little spin on what you are going to have occurring in the next few weeks. You have your elections going on here in America but there are other things going on in the world as well, some are economic, some are geopolitical, foreign relations, these kinds of things. Now it would be really helpful for everyone to keep in mind that there is a quickening going on globally, actually within the entire solar system of Sol, and this quickening is affecting everyone at the cellular level.

What we mean by that is you…many of you are unaware of where the energy comes from that keeps you alive. Some of your scientifics will tell you it is in the food you eat, some of your scientifics will tell you it is in the oxygen you breathe or something like this. We will tell you from our perspective there is a beam of energies that comes in through the top of your head, and it is that beam of energy that enlivens you, enlivens your physical body. All physical things on the planet have this beam of energy. The Egyptians showed it as hands coming from the sun, and it comes from your sun. Your sun is the neighborhood distributor of this energy, and it is all part of a conduit system if you will, that comes from – we are not even sure where it comes from. In other words, where is the final point that you would say all this energy comes from? We would say Prime Creator and for us, even for us, even that is not well defined, but it is an energy that moves through reality. And one of the places that it comes to is the center of the galaxies that you live in, we live in as well. And the Milky Way Galaxy has such a conduit of energy inflowing into it.

Now your scientifics think that it is outflowing out of it. They see this stream of highly charged particles coming out of the Milky Way Galaxy but there is also, if you can imagine, every vortex has a reverse vortex. And so if you are seeing this stream coming out, what’s streaming in? And we are here to tell you there is this streaming in and that same streaming in is now coming into the sun, and from the sun to all the planets – all the planets, whether it is Mars, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, whatever. And it is that energy that animates physical reality whether you see it as particles, matter or living beings. And from our perspective again it is this energy that projects reality into existence, and that is why we say it is not a solid place because it is not. If you could remove this energy what you think is solid would vanish, would literally vanish, like a mirage, like an image on a screen in a movie theatre or something.

And so if you can imagine this energy is now really starting to amp up and come at you at a faster pace with more and more and more of the life-force energy that comes from Prime Creator in it. In other words it is more amped up. And what you will be discovering, each and every one of you, is that there are blockages in your atmosphere, there are blockages in your physical body that have been put there to slow down this energy. Some of it has been done in your food, some of it has been done in your diet to create calcifications in certain parts of your physical structure, particularly the pineal gland. And these calcifications are sort of like barriers, but what we are here to tell you is that the energy increase is softening and removing these barriers.

And so what you are going to be discovering is an increase in your psychic abilities, and we have talked about this many times, but you are now going to see it. You are going to be waking up a little more in the know than yesterday. And that is why we say don’t look back so much because the back that you will look back to, what is behind you, will really be a you that was not as energized as the you that is here now. And that is true of everyone. And so if you are going to look back on how people were a year ago, five years ago you’ll be looking back at how they were before they were energized. And so really it does not serve you.

You have all known someone, you have all ideally known someone who has had a change of heart, who has come around on something, who has gone from a nemesis or even an enemy and converted them into a friend. You have all seen this. Classic example in more recent years would be Hillary Clinton joining the Obama administration. What happened, how did that occur? How did this person who one moment was so upset and angry and fighting turn around on that? Could it be that she is also changing? Absolutely. All of you are, and so when you walk around in your normal environment and see the people that you interact with, whether they are your coworkers, the people on the train or the bus or cars or the people at the PTA meeting or whatever, see them all as having their own awakening occurring. And some are really having some struggles with it. Some are struggling with how they used to think, what they used to feel, what they used to say. And so you would do them a great service to not dwell on what they said or did in the past.

Why did Obama come in and not go after the improprieties of the Bush-Cheney administration? Because he knew you did not have time for that. Now it is unfortunate that those who would be obstructionists to him did not work with him to move forward. We see that changing in the next cycle, the next election cycle because people are going to realize ideally that to move forward you must move forward together. You see there are many that want you to move forward but want to leave others behind. They want to move forward by stepping on others, but they are learning. They are coming out from behind their closed doors and their curtains and they are now being seen for who they are, and when that light is brought to them they change. In other words, yes they are caught, but they are changed by being caught. They are shamed to a certain degree.

And you might think, “Well, wait a minute some of these people have no shame.” You will be surprised who will be feeling shame for their actions and will be looking to atone for previous actions. You will be surprised.

And so as you see the election unfolding, definitely be aware that there are some who would like to steal the election, some that who would like to cause mayhem and chaos, but also know that the average everyday person is waking up and will see it for what it is. And there will be a rallying behind the idea that these improprieties cannot stand. They cannot stand. And in places where you would least expect to find allies, you will begin to find them, whether it is Republican Governors who will all of a sudden put the kibosh on their attempts to block the votes and such, or whether it is, whatever.

You will be surprised, you will say, “Wow that judge just made that judgment? How could that be? He’s bought and sold by the Koch brothers.” Watch.

We tell you this because everyone is important. Everyone has a stake in what you are doing. Everyone is here for a purpose and that purpose is not to go backwards, that purpose is not to skip this cycle, that purpose is to get on that train that is coming. There is a wonderful ending to the Harry Potter movie series where all of the players are now older and they are putting their children on the train going to the school. That is kind of where you are at, where you are going to see players on the platform that earlier you would have said would never be there. How would Malfoy ever be there? But he is. He is because he made a decision to do the right thing and you will see that.

We want you all to imagine that those who are the darkest are really getting the most of this energy to waken them up. It is a very interesting time because you all wonder about the dark, and yet we will tell you it is part of a plan that you are all involved in. You are all allowing in it. We have said many times in the past, you are not victims. You are not victims, you are players in a cosmic drama. And there is going to be, we’ve said it recently, the wrap party where everyone comes together and the good guys and the bad guys all get to compare notes and comment on each other’s performances.

And you have a performance coming in a few days now with the two candidates for President. It will be interesting how that will unfold, because it is very difficult to tell a falsehood at this time. And those who tell it will know they are telling it, will know they are telling it, will know they are being caught telling it, will know that no one in the room believes them. And those who hear it will know it like a flatulence in an elevator. It’s supposed to be a joke.

Now, as you speed up more and more it will be even important not to go back a day, a week. There will be times when it will not even be important to go back an hour – always looking forward. We use the analogy of skiing down a hill. As you are skiing down this hill and you just pass a tree, is that tree at any time interesting to you anymore? No, why because it is gone, it is gone past you, you must focus in front on the next tree that is coming. If you turn around and look at that one you may hit the one in front of you. And it is going to get that fast, that quick as you approach 2012, December of 2012. So you are very close, two months, three moons away, not far, not far at all. And ideally many of you are feeling it, this quickening. Your bullsh*t meters are working very, very well – you can really tell when someone is pulling your leg very quickly. And to those of you who are not, you will.

And with that we will depart. It has been our pleasure.

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  • Stephanie October 2, 2012, 12:34 AM

    Thank you so, so much for this transmission! I just want to hug you all and have a fabulous celebration of love, truth and light for you all…. for all life everywhere. I can imagine our beautiful, but bruised planet Earth melting away eons of abuse and emerging as the jewel she was intended to be. This is a time of hope and boundless possibilities; a time of unity, collaboration, healing, remembrance and reunion! Every morning and evening I do a meditation you might try to help things along. Just take a few slow deliberate soft breaths, watching your breath… as an observer… just easily moving in and out of your body effortlessly; remembering that the light of consciousness – love – is floating on your breath; and as you allow this warmth to flow through your body, your eyes naturally close as relaxation floods every cell and place in your awareness; in your imagination see our Earth filled with a beautiful glow that radiates from the center outward, awakening all it touches to the realization of our heart connection to each other, all creation, all beings everywhere; see all people coming together in peace and harmony to create a new world where suffering, pain and separation no longer exist; see this light expand into space touching all galaxies and universes into eternity. Hold this vision in your heart and carry it with you through the day. It helps me very much to stay centered during this time of tremendous change, and you might find it helpful too. There is no right way to do it, just bring your sincere intention and love to the moment and enjoy. Much love and peace to all.

  • Charlene Jaramillo October 2, 2012, 5:18 PM

    Thank you, I have been following this for the last couple of months and am very grateful to be a part of it all…

    Love and Light
    In deepest Gratitude
    Charlene Jaramillo

  • JEAN October 2, 2012, 5:47 PM

    This was a very up lifting pod cast. Thanks to the Pleidians for
    the light and love they send us. It brings us hope in very turbulent
    Stephanie: I will join in your morning and evening meditations.
    I meditate everyday, but now I will try it your way.

    May Light and Love bring you all peace.

  • Peaceful Warrior October 3, 2012, 2:50 PM

    Beautiful meditation Stephanie! Thank you for your Light and Love and Tons of Blessings!!!!!

  • You Know if its true October 4, 2012, 12:50 AM

    The message here is always positive and I support every bit of it.

    You can always take a lesson away from these pod casts. Truly eye opening.

    Would like to meet one of you if you’re really out there.

  • Davidbri October 5, 2012, 9:50 AM

    Hello all,

    My internet connection was interupted for a couple of days and am so pleased to see new people being drawn to this site. Yes, we are really here (out there). Not only are more people being drawn to this site but you will meet other lightworkers that are sensing what we are, waking up if you will. There aren’t many of us so it’s hard when you can’t share the excitement and knowing we have. Still, it’s the example of spreading and sharing the light that is of the most importance. I am so blessed to have met Kim today. Her awareness is refreshing and the vibrations I felt from her were very strong, as is her knowing. As I write, I realize each of us compliments each others awareness/knowing, representing the multifacets of the known metaphysical world, not just the exsistence of angels , gods and goddesses, as well as spirits, but practicing wizards and witches, who I have had the honor of meeting this past year, purely by chance I might add, yet they never divulged there origin and identity, I knew and it was confirmed.

  • kari moscarillo October 6, 2012, 5:07 PM

    I love you guys!!!

  • Davidbri October 7, 2012, 6:17 PM

    Dear people,

    What is being said in this message has been apparent in my practice. It ‘s evident with some of my patients, I’m a nurse. More and more people are asking questions related to my spirituality and they’re not really aware why. I take advantage of their openness and share the meaning of Tao philosophy and teach them mini meditatations being very therapuetic. I suggest they start small, one to five minutes of closing their eyes and focusing on either a place or person that they love or someone that loves them. Then focus that feeling of peace that ensues to the area of their body that needs to heal. Before this time of activation, I would usually be faced with doubt but people are actually trying it and sharing their experience with family.

    Also, I have friends that are purely physical and they are actually talking and pondering about the nature of our universe, gravity, electromagnetism as well as dark matter, which is quite ironic because the term dark matter is based on the physical/3D attempt to understand the unseen and really misunderstand the nature of outer space. Yet they ARE wondering about things they never really have before and the dialogue is openning, along with their minds.

    Yet I find that if I propose answers, there is still much skeptism so instead I raise questions to tantilize their imagination. At that point, the answers are on the horizon for those that are openning up.

    Remember we can’t do it for them. We can only point them gently in the right direction, they’ll get it. If they don’t, they will become selfconsuming and may destroy themselves out of fear and doubt. Perhaps it’s because of overwhelming evil influence, which in of itself is selfconsuming. We can’t deny the presense of evil, we can only be aware of it’s existense and never give in to it. Be strong.

  • Shalymar October 9, 2012, 4:58 AM

    Love to all my star family, a lovely teaching, bless you all

  • Stephanie October 9, 2012, 9:46 PM

    For the past couple of years I’ve been experiencing a level of anxiousness or apprehension that I never before experienced on a regular basis – unrelated to any specific personal reason that I can define. Of course I’ve experienced these feeling on a short term basis in my life but they were directly related to a particular situation, etc. Thankfully, it seems to be diminishing to a very great degree, but I wonder if it is due to planetary energy changes – I often think so, but still I have some concern – especially because I don’t want it to lower my vibrational frequency in a way that will keep me from being a part of the ascension I’ve been look towards for so many years. Just wondering if this is being experienced by others. Thanks to all for any input.

  • Davidbri October 10, 2012, 5:39 PM

    Dear Stephanie,

    Remember, with our increasing sensitivity to the collective conciousness, the vibrations/signals, that express themselves through our hearts and minds, are not just benevolent forces/spirits at work. At the very same time negative/evil forces struggle to remain in control and can cause us to doubt and question ourselves. They are very clever and will stop at nothing to oppose our awakenning so that we remain in darkness. I’ve experienced the same sort of influence and it is quite disturbing and confusing. I am very fortunate to have a very grounded wife, that even though she does not consciously subscribe to the metaphysical knowing that we do, her sign is Taurus meaning she dosn’t have to. Her knowing is so inate that she is simply being without being affected by any evil influence. Purity without the need to acknowledge any of the miriad details of our awakenning, and that’s OK. I guess what I’m trying to say is be true to what you know to be true, and seek help from those that are more grounded like my wife. Whatever it is that is upsetting you or throwing you off balance, those that are graounded and have clear vision in this 3D reality we live in can actually help. Also, pay close attention to your thoughts and feelings. 98% of the time evil forces try to take control of me I’m well aware and dismiss them. Some days it can be quite difficult because we are becoming so in tune with the multidimensional realms. So no, your not becoming less in tune, it’s quite the opposite. Bed strong and true to your nature. Your connection has been quite strong for some time. Fight the evil forces with love, thay can’t stand it. Remember, all the thoughts and feelings you have are not your own, they are a culmination of the thoughts and feelings that flow through you from other humanbeings spirits as well as angels, and demons, not to mention the strongenst signals from Gaia and Alcyone, which align thorugh you and all life on this planet.

    We are here and we love you deeply. Be strong. You have what it takes and you will be in the forfront during the ascention. It’s hapenning now so don’t let anything shake your faith and if it is shaken it’s quite normal.

    With love….

  • Davidbri October 11, 2012, 9:22 AM

    OK people, Let’s get on the train,

    This may be my most important contribution to this point in time. I continue to view past channelings from or starfamily that is relayed to us through Alcyone. This website has been up for three years plus now and as I read past channels I’m concerned that many of you have not, as evidensed by NO comments. I agree that we can not live in the past and know that much of the knowledge/perspectives have become known to us through simple meditation, as I have received an abundance.

    This is why I encourage all of you to peruse past messages and whatever insightful comments that you are drawn to as you progress through the lists of 2010,2011 and 2012 messages and come up to speed. Ther are many useful and constructive insights that will aid in hightenning your awareness as it has for me. Explore the messages and research certain points that have meaning for you and at the very least give your comments for all to learn from, for there is much to learn, and from each other. Use this sight to the fullest, for it’s value is infinite in nature.

    I’m motivated by the benevolent forces that affect me everyday so consider this request as coming from very concerned angels that want us to succeed and move forward. It’s all important and WE look forward to your comments.

    With much love to you all,… NOW…, you have your ticket to ride,… get on the train and enjoy the flow of knowledge. Your destination eagerly awaits.

  • Joyce October 11, 2012, 2:12 PM

    Dear Pleaidians and Vehicle,

    I’m really enjoying these podcasts which I discovered a couple of months ago. I read at least half of 2010 and will read the rest. I just listened to 2011, most of which I’d listened to already, and I’m going back through 2012 again. I find I hear new things the second time around or looking back on things. It also makes me feel like I have friends somewhere that really “Get” what’s going on. It has been such a relief to realize in the last year or so that there are beings that are ahead of us spiritually and technologically. I was pretty depressed about how stupid the world seemed to be, and how off course and couldn’t figure out why my own life had been so hard. Things are getting better, thank goodness!
    At any rate, these podcasts are extremely enjoyable, and they make so much sense, and the vehicle is perfect for it. They make me laugh. I love the way they say through him, “Really?” and “Do you think that…………….etc,
    etc?….No!…”…..Maybe that’s out of context but if you listen you’ll see what I meat. Are you the vehicle, Davidbri?
    I’ve tried to share these with people, (including my right wing cousin who used to work for Exxon….I didn’t tell him about the source at first, but we agree that if at some point it becomes apparent to the world at large that we’re part of a larger gallactic family, I can say, “I told you so”. It’s really hard because people don’t believe it (except those that I’ve found online, and at Eceti Ranch, which I visited. My daughter who is extremely smart and liberal isn’t interested, and thinks I’m gullible and looking for things to make me feel better.
    Even those who are spiritually oriented aren’t interested or will say that even if it’s true, I should be concentrating on what I need to do here. That’s true, but I love getting news that is more on a gallactic scale and can see the bigger picture. However Im not sharing this a lot because people think I’m a nut. They have to actually express belief in intergallactic beings before I’ll say anything now.

    Love, and Om…

  • Lennart Mogren October 11, 2012, 2:44 PM

    I like the idea of the wrap party where all players enjoy the party and compare notes. So, if we’re all invited we might as well practise seeing the people in our world, including those on the political stage, for what they are – players in the game. I think we’ll be able to perform better in our own role if we can have that parallell awareness that our and their relative goodness and relative badness is part of the role we are enacting together.

  • Joyce October 12, 2012, 11:47 AM

    Thanks for that thought, Lennart,
    The wrap party idea makes sense. Why do you call it, “wrap?”
    I think I knew that, but wasn’t as aware of it always. I know we’re all one, but to KNOW it when you’re watching political debates, etc. is the trick.

  • Davidbri October 12, 2012, 12:36 PM

    I’m being flooded by information,

    Although my channelings have been more suited for the ‘information’ post, I feel the rush of increasing vibrations reflects the nature of this message and ‘Qickening’ is absolutely appropiate. Yet the information we receive may be more accessable to those that are drawn to it out of a need to know.

    I’ve realized that religion is the anchor for those that will remain to forge the new/golden age ON our beloved planet. RELIGION being identified as the primary form of the imposition and support of duality, being the proverbial dual between spiritualbeing and humanbeing, ( created by those posessed to control the masses, giving them/the elite the power), is in fact a connection to the spritual world. Despite the intent to suppress the knowing of the divinity that we all embody/enact, it will continue to give them a glimpse into the nature of our existence through their concept of God, and nurture each of their individual awakenings. Just think, we get to assist them as it unfolds. Sounds like FUN to me;~)

    By the way, what a great vp debate. The republican candidate actually helped to unveil the essense of the dork side that contols them. Try not to blame or accuse or condemn. That would only render your intended positive effects useless. Be truly positive and resolute and understanding of those on the proverbial other side of the isle. They need to know first we are aware and second, we are not against them we are with them.

  • Davidbri October 12, 2012, 9:50 PM

    Hello All…., ‘Settling in already’

    Dear joyce,…or should I call you sweet Josse. Your love spread through cheer is freshing as it is wholey needed. Your daughter seems delightful and your love for her has more the strengthened/prepared her for her incredible journey ahead.

    We are not going to disovle into photons. We are merely joining with the light source. The well. We will maintain our vehicles. And by no means ever diminish the idea of being embodied for it is a prescious gift that we must cherish. Time slows down in this physical world. Yet as we age in this dimension if you will, time certainly seems to speed up as your vessel/body, I like body instead,..eventially expires. Then the circle of life begins anew and can be any form of life. Whatever you want to BE.

    People…, I’m not the channeler for this site. Although my connection is increasing, and it’s safe to say almost exponentially. I guess I’m ready for Alcyone to tune in and OH BOY,..here we go, her signal is strong and I think you will find she is an atypical librarian. Still, it’s nice to finely have a built in spell check<:~}. Not that Alcyone is a great speller either. And beleive me, there has been alot of mingling going on at this point. I was easssed in this past year and now the flood is a little overwhelming. Still, it's quite refreshing and natural for us, we're just out of practice.

    I am David,…otherwise known as Beloved. It is my role. My greatest influence is from the Sagitarian cluster of stars. I tirelessly give unconditional love to all. It's simply my NATURE. As is your nature Joyce to be lighthearted and loving to the end. Your vulnerability is your greatest strength for it opens you up when others can not, and despite how it may affect you. Quite selfless and couragious, yet you don't give yourself credit because it's YOUR nature. Sweet Dreams.

  • Davidbri October 13, 2012, 6:22 AM


    It’s quiet and the heat is on. The sound of the air, as its pushed up through the steel, is sweet music to my ears, the moist warmth that fills the room, is to my bodies delight. I’m indeed blessed. We are blessed. All of us are blessed. For each morning we are born again :-)….

    Each day a new PRESENT to open.

  • Davidbri October 13, 2012, 8:28 AM


    My mother is with me. Helping me navigate the etheric needs required to help her along, as well as everyone in this elemental world we have the honor to exist in. Finaally…, I feel my mothers love. She is still the same person. Yet, without all the painful emotional baggage that goes with the humanbeing experience. Tears lubricates my eyes and cleanse my soul.

    We are all basking in the light. I love the sun. Nothing like catching a few rays. :`)

  • Stephanie October 13, 2012, 9:49 PM

    David – Your thoughtful reassuring posts bring me to my center and remind me of the simple, pure truth, beauty and perfection of each of us. There are times when it feels like there’s a graduation party being planned and I’m not sure have the right clothes or maybe I somehow blew my chance to go, my grades weren’t high enough to graduate, etc. And I’d just like to be one of the first there putting up decorations so I can see the joy on everyone’s face when they arrive. I have no doubt about the truth of our star brothers and sisters and what is now unfolding for us; but your post reminded me that darker forces can cause all sorts of doubts and apprehensions. I am sensitive to energies whether from people or personal and global events – and some of that is influenced by astrological elements – just as your lovely wife and grounded guide has the influence of Taurus, I have the blessing and challenges of Gemini sun and Scorpio moon; and though astrology is endlessly insightful and fun to explore I know that it doesn’t define a person, as we are always growing and moving closer to the highest, unbounded expressions of ourselves. I’m so excited about what is unfolding, I could just jump up and down with happiness… maybe I will. I want to know the fullness of the truth and be part of helping to accelerate this celebration of the liberation of Earth and humanity. Zillions of blessings and thanks for all you do.

  • Stephanie October 13, 2012, 9:59 PM

    Thanks from my heart to everyone who posts here. Joyce, I resonate with everything you say, especially about wanting to share with those who think you’re really “out there” – I’m there all the time, but I just keep saying what I believe is true anyway, and they give me the “look” . But, you know, I tell them about this website and some other wonderful light workers’ websites so they might see for themselves how they feel about this final step of our ascension. At least they might check it out and maybe something will resonate. I don’t feel a need to change anyone’s views, but it is hard not to want others to come to the party of all parties. But, the truth is everyone will do this in their own way and my job is just to hold more and more love in my heart and radiate it out to the world – just like James Taylor’s song says… shower the people you love with love – and all beings, the Earth, all the planets and on and on, after all it’s free and the more you share it the bigger it gets. And remember – you are a thought of God, a unique beam of never ending light of consciousness creating unique new expressions, form and realities forever… you are Love. Words are so beautiful but really they don’t even truly capture the magnitude of what and who we are. Hugs to you all.

  • Davidbri October 14, 2012, 7:06 AM


    I know that there are those of us who are very busy and am not sure this site is even needed at this point. Even our cell phones become obsolete. No need to tune in artificially so to speak. The site has been quiet while we return to the well.

    There is a rhythm and flow to ALL life on this world. The world that has been given to us freely and out of love. We are one with it. We support and nurture each other. The earth brings to us only good and positive experiences. We trust the process of life, to bring us the highest good.

    Where there was sympathy, there is now only empathy. As we merge, the veil is lifted. The veal is not evil. The veil simply seperates us. A kind of spiritual element. The weave of which is unraveling.

    The pine. The light. The gull. The moose. The Butterfly. And of coarse the cat. The skunk,…and the porcupine and the spider. A small taste of the pudding. A Cornucopia of life. Simplistic. Innocent. Loving. Tentative. Go low. Go slow. Their pain is being released as well. As they process THEIR infusion. There simplicity of being gives them the advantage. The rules are very simple and we must respect that. Be gentle. Reassuring. Allow them to get comfortable, as we become more comfortable.

    So this is what FUN is.

    As we connect with what we have to this point/shift, what was once considered ‘lower forms of life’, we realize/remember the unbridled beauty and flow of life.

    Be not afraid when you begin to connect with our precious earthbeings. There are so many characters and each with its own unique spirit. Take it one step at a time. We have no agenda with the earth other than to live in balance with her and nurture the whole.

  • Davidbri October 14, 2012, 12:31 PM

    Dear Stehanie, You are experiencing the quickenning through your sense of HUMANbeing is maturing. A precious gift. Take your sweet time and smell the intoxicationg fragrance of the roses and clover.

    The composition/dynamics of your celestial family tree is more complex than that,… yet the nature of it is expressed in your life/world in this moment and with each. Our celstial family spans within the gambit that you are already aware of as evidensed the anthropolical quality of our planet. The spiritual/energy world manifests the physical. Your body and life are the result and continuense of the whole shibang. The humanexperience is a special gift that helps all of us to understand the complexties that are our universe.

    Everyone is exposed. It is good.

  • Davidbri October 14, 2012, 12:45 PM

    Dear People,

    My very special and connected autistic kiddo of 3 can’t get his fill of “Grouchland”. Very unusual for him. He is John.

    We’re going out into nature now. Enjoy your growing connection.

  • Davidbri October 14, 2012, 12:48 PM

    Later: What you’ll need for survival, as if you didn’t already know or suspect. Easy Steveee ;`)!

  • Joyce October 14, 2012, 9:21 PM

    Thanks, David, for your reassuring words. I believe you, but how do you know these things about my daughter and my nature? Just curious!
    Stephanie…thank you too for your comments. It’s nice to know there are others experiencing similar things.
    I love reading all of the comments….
    Love, and OM…….

  • Davidbri October 15, 2012, 5:08 AM


    Joyce,…you will soon remember the wonder that is you. I am mearly and simply tuning up a bit faster. Focus on the origin of you. Start with your first name. See what is revealed to you. There in lies the true nature of our selves. The tree will be revealed.

    The true meaning of your first name is the beginning. You are in good company,…enjoy unwrapping your gift as the day unfolds….Rejoice ;~).

  • Joyce October 16, 2012, 12:24 PM

    Thanks for your incites. It’s nice to be in good company : )

  • Davidbri October 17, 2012, 8:54 AM

    Dear Lightworkers,…The Train rolls Through

    The northeastern Quake. Our living planet shifts with us, being one and the same.

    Be not afraid. The planet is cleansing as we are. Releasing its pain as our planetery consciousness awakens and shifts.

    We must not underestimate the effects it may have on humanbeings and all life. Be reassured as we are waking, we do not fear death. It is simply the end of a cycle meaning it is simply a new beginning. Some will move on to the next big step and some will remain, taking smaller steps as well and as is meant to be. This in no way diminishes the wonder that is unfolding, it merely helps to define.

    Be Comforted.

  • Davidbri October 17, 2012, 9:08 AM

    Dear Stephanie,

    I will see you at the party. I can’t wait to see your decorations. I may even help you put them up. Not unlike the way we decorate lives of of all life with love. Your among the first to arrive. I’m soooo happy for you.

    All my love is yours, forever.

  • Davidbri October 17, 2012, 6:24 PM

    The Quake Cont.

    Let there be no confusion relating to my previous messages. The earth is shifting and cleansing yet the earth will remain. Simply use common sense. If you live near a volcano than perhaps you should have a contingency plan of relocate temperarilly. As the earth shifts, pressure needs to be released. If you live near a prominant fault line, the same applies. The earth has established herself as all life has to this point.

    There have been natuaral catastrophies on our planet for many millennia. Yet we have survived. Survival relates to the inevitable loss of traditional sources of power. A loss for some happenning at a very cold time of year. Combine the earths reaction with the reaction of those not prepared equals a bit of Mayhem for a while. Be confident. The power will return and begin to make sense as well as the people. Within approximately one year.

    It’s simply amazing what we can accomplish when we truely come together. The ingenuity of people is infinite as our imaginations.

    When we begin to settle into our New Age, some will choose to live in the simplest form. In the woods, creating their own resources and living in perfect balance with our mother. Eden returns and then some. Pretty Neat if you ask me.

    Please save my messages so you can refer to them as you go your way. Hardcopies…common sense everyone:`).

  • Davidbri October 18, 2012, 7:02 PM

    Please Save The Pleiadian Messages

    This source of information is very valuable. Perspective is valuable. The nudge into cnosciousness is valuable. Gentle nudges giving time for each individual to process is valuable. In balance with events as they unfold.

    Here’s to having good values:`)

  • robin January 12, 2013, 11:31 AM

    love and light to all.please continue the collective mindset of uur beautiful earth revitalizing and healing .tell as many people as you can possibly engage. in acollective we can prevail!!!!! love only love

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