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Dismantling the Machine


Good afternoon, we are here, give us a moment.

We are just past the New Moon in Libra. It is October of 2012 and let us begin.

You are rapidly in United States moving towards your election, and this has been a long arduous process, and yet there is still so much uncertainty. You would think by this time in the process you would know enough to pretty well gage the trajectory or the potential outcome, and yet it seems almost daily that some new twist and turn comes along. And the most recent one has to do with women, the idea that women have a great capability to swing this election, if they were to vote in coherent way, whether pro or con, whatever, whether for Romney or for the President, for Mr. Obama. And there has been many tactics used to gain that support whether it is fear of losing things or fear of not getting things. There is fear of losing and fear of not getting, having things not happen.

And let us tell you this, to a greater degree than you might imagine this particular time is pivotal for particularly the women because you are on, we are speaking to women now, you are on the cusp of a return to authority and power. You have had your time when you have let the patriarchy run things and they really run things into the dirt. And it seems only those who have been…only the men who have been opening their heart chakras and feeling are making any kind of sense, whether it is for the economy, or whether it is for the environment or whatever. And there have been many women who have been attempting to get into places of power so that they can assist the men who have opened their heart chakras.

And you have many currently in the United States that are running for elections of sorts. Maybe they are running in Missouri – the woman in Missouri. Maybe they are running in Massachusetts – the woman in Massachusetts. These women are strong, powerful but also women, true girls, if you will. And what we mean by that is they make decisions from a place of deep emotional connection, and don’t kid yourselves, those in charge want you to think that your emotions are bad and if you make an emotional, only do things logical, only do what logically is called for.

And we would suggest that logic has really left you wanting many times. It brings you to a place with great technological abilities and not the discernment to know whether or not these technologies should even exist, whether they are beneficial.

Look at your young people who are all into the iPads and things of this sort, and the iPhones and the social medias and such. Yes they are getting together in one way, but is it really building the skill set for sustainable world? And we would suggest it is not, understand. Those who have been turning off their technology and returning back to the basics, if you will, are finding themselves first appalled the level of technological pollution that they are seeing, whether it is affecting the food supply, the air or the water, or such. And they are finding themselves appalled by the idea that this machine that has been created needs human beings to be fed to it, and we mean that quite literally.

You are becoming the nourishment of the machine. You are becoming its food source, and there is a danger, there is a big danger in that. You need to consider returning back to some semblance of sanity, whether it is getting rid of these genetically modified foods or whether it is turning off some of these technologies, finding places where you can connect to the earth, bringing back the idea of organic processes, sustainable processes. But there are groupings in the youth, particularly among the women, the young women, that are feeling that – feeling that ancient knowing bubbling up from the earth itself, whispering in their ears, whispering in their dreams, “There is something very wrong here, this is not a place to raise children. This is not an environment to nurture families; this is not an environment to nurture communities. Something’s wrong when all you care about is feeding the machine.”

And there is a wonderful story, very similar, if you have ever watched The Time Machine, the H. G. Wells Time Machine where there was the culture that lived with nature and the underlying evil that would eat them, would call them in and eat them, use them as food source.

And so the women that you are now meeting are finding themselves really literally bridging two worlds. Seeing the one that the men have told them this is the only one you must have, this is the one that will work, and knowing there is another path that does not have all of these things and yet is healthier, is more nurturing, is more conducive to expanding the innate abilities of the human.

You see these technologies really are dumbing you down. These technologies, this push to feed the machine is turning you into cattle. But if you can make decisions as a people, and you will find that your women will begin to lead. That is as we see it, because as the women begin to lead, then these patriarchal men will lose their foothold, will lose their grip on the trajectory that is the planet Earth – that is human kind living on this planet – because there is a lot of planet.

You have all congealed into these cities and small area, but that is not what women would do. Women would pick up and grab some of you and go find some place further away. They would start their own community, their own family in a sustainable place. They would move, they would get rid of this idea of centralizing everything, centralizing economies, centralizing everything, power distributions, all of these things.

And so one of the ideas of what’s coming here in the 2012 and the beyond is a return of the feminine to then work in balance with the masculine, because it is not a time to go overly feminine. We are not implying, “Oh, let’s see how you can do without any of the creature comforts that technology and the mind can create.” No, but understand that letting that run rough shod over everything else is unhealthy and dangerous. You all want shelter, you all want warmth, you all want clean air, clean water, healthy foods. And as you find yourself concerning yourself with just these things, your brain will begin to lose some of the calcifications, your physiology will lose some of the detrimental maladies that are shutting you off from what is coming, from the energies that are moving through the solar system at this time.

And so take a moment to imagine the world more balanced between masculine and feminine. Imagine the world less technological, more agrarian, not overly agrarian. We are not telling you that you have to go back to whatever your idea of the most agrarian time of your culture would be, but there was a knowing back then of how to prepare foods, how to store foods, how to find foods, how to use the diet. There was a knowing and women understood that. And there have been times throughout the history that that knowing was coming back and men crushed it. Those in patriarchal authority crushed it, but that time is not upon you now. Now they are out there hearing you roar. “You are woman, here you roar.”

And so make decisions, but be careful of the masculine influences on your decision making, and ask yourself, “Is this really my decision, or is this what the men tell me I should want? Is this what I really feel is necessary, is this what I really feel is healthy?” Because if you do, if you go into this election cycle, ask yourself when you are about to make your choice, “What is the healthiest choice. What is the choice for the return to balance?”

You see those in charge want you to think that the economy is so important. But are there not other economies? Haven’t other methods of barter and sustaining been developed on your world? Has it all been just jobs and monies? Look at some of the other cultures, that don’t even have money, but they have community. They have common goals, they have common means; they have a concern for each other. They don’t see each other as completion for resources.

Now much of what is going on now has to do with technologies that have been suppressed, and the greatest technology that is being suppressed that we would tell you now has to do with energy production. So all of these people that tell you they want you to become energy dependent by creating drilling into certain lands or putting pipe lines up, they are the old school. But there are those in charge that know that these technologies are not necessary, that there are other technologies available that have been worked out quite well that could get the oil monkey, the gas monkey, the nuclear monkey off your back. The problem is there is no place to meter these technologies, so there can be no central grouping using it as a money source.

So see yourself demanding that that information come forward and whether it means coming forward from your government or coming forward from extra-terrestrials who might come and tell you and share with you. See it happening. Because that is the first step towards dismantling the machine, and that is what we would say is the theme going forward, dismantling the machine. Again, we are not telling you that you are going back to some primitive time where you will all run around in skins and such. You are not returning to the ”Clan of the Cave Bear” days, but you are returning to a time when decisions were made that were healthy, sustainable and helped you to bring in information from other realms, from other places of knowing and really tapping into that life-force energy.

So see yourself doing that. See this world tapping into that life-force energy and then seeing that energy moving through and dissolving that which is not sustainable, healthy. See it all going away as if it is dissolving in the water or something. And don’t worry about it because those things that they have told you, those things that they have brought forward with their technologies are things that you could already do without it.

There is a wonderful scene in the Journey to the Center of the Earth when they have their machines to help them light their way and they reach a level where the salt is destroying the mechanics of it. And one among them says, “Turn it off” and they turn it off and they whole place lights up because they have reached the realm of self-illumination. And the technology wasn’t needed any longer and everyone was panicking, “Oh we are going to be in darkness soon.”

No, no.

With that we will depart. It has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.

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  • Trying to wake up October 18, 2012, 11:19 AM

    I felt that an update was due. Opened the page and nothing, refreshed 10 minutes later and this was posted.

    Thank you so much!


  • francine October 18, 2012, 11:49 AM

    i have always felt connected to ohter beings ,form somewere else but no one ever believed me ,not even today ,well yes some do ,but just a little ,i don’t remember how i found this site ,but as soon as i read these channelings i felt lik i finally found what i was looking ofr i feel a familiarity with these beings pleiadians <3 i await there arrival with patience <3

  • Davidbri October 18, 2012, 12:32 PM

    Dear People,

    We are very thankful for this most recent message. This message describes my beginnings on this planet. I was always keenly aware of my feminine side, feeling more balanced then my brothers. My closest friends included girls and I found my girl friend relationships were much more rewarding. I still was very much a boy and could play the games so to speak.

    As I grew up, I realized the skewed nature of our gavernment and our society. I knew that women were needed to BALANCE the equation.

    As adulthood crept in, I found myself being the sole parent to my first son enacting/embodying the role of mother and father.

    Now, I have a wife and have taken my place in the family unit. We are rsising two sons TOGETHER.

    My life has been spent on learning the importance of both male and female. One can not exist in balance without the other.

    When you trace back to the origin of your name, you will find there is a masculine form and a feminine form. The original form of your name represents the first human form of you, which derives from the source of you, your higher self, the spirit that lives through your physical form.

    We are all masculine and feminine within each of our selves. The ability to open your heart, opens yourself up to your feminine side. Like God. Both masculine and feminine, inseperable.

    Nice Message

  • Davidbri October 18, 2012, 12:48 PM


    Notice the nature of the women in our government. They are increasing in numbers on the playing field. They have openned ther MINDS and come with an open HEART.

    Notice the men transforming in our government. They are increasing in numbers, who have openned there hearts, and come with an open mind.

    Notice the imbalanced individual FALL out of fasion.

    The future is BRIGHT indeed.

  • Davidbri October 19, 2012, 6:07 AM


    Everything We Touch Is A Success

    We Now establish a NEW Awareness of success. We know we can be as successful as we make up our minds to be. We move into the Winning Circle. GOLDEN opportunities are everywhere. Prosperity of every Kind.

    The election was disscussed last night with insightful friends around the fire under the stars. The consencus was apparent. Opposing sides are exposed. The dual is fierce. There are heros on both sides. Be comforted. Each day the quality of the collective consiousness grows.

    Essentially,…The War Of The Roses.

    With a little help from a dear friend, I’ve realized our victory is inevidable based on the evolving consences. Obama will lead. Hillary is next in line. Ponder her strengths and you will see her strengths. Her foriegn affairs experience will meet the most basic needs of the time as we remember how to live and grow with our Etheral brothers and sisters. MOTHER will take her rightful place. The Golden age is here.

  • Davidbri October 19, 2012, 6:24 AM

    Give Thanks

    Take a moment. Give thanx for the serivice of our Beloved Channeler as you rest or meditate each day. Prayer strenghthens and nurtures those we pray for allowing us to serve each other and thereby ourselves. A wonderoes support system.

    ” Dearly Beloved, we are thankful for your love and wisdom. We are thankful for your insight and eloquense. We are thankful for your patience. We are thankful for your GRACE……….. Amen.”

  • Julie October 19, 2012, 11:16 AM

    Hooray! Thanks be given!

  • Davidbri October 19, 2012, 11:28 PM

    Dear trying to wake up,


  • Trigger October 20, 2012, 3:30 AM

    To The Vehicle and The Pleiadians on the Pleiadian Network

    As I listened to this channeling, tears of joy welled up from deep inside me – an emotion of truth, peace and strength that is finding greater and greater space, now, to be unleashed. Thank You for continuing to help us bring forth these energies. The energy, content and delivery of your message is exceptional and so very activating and healing. So many of us have been committed to that which you are discussing, on personal, community and planetary levels, for so very long now, and to hear you express it in such a way is . . . Glorious.

    Yes, the patriarchal energies, many of which seemed to be immutable, are dissolving. To live in the two worlds, to be dedicated to creating a higher state of being within oneself , the state of being that is our Birthright as Human, Spiritual Beings, while living in, dissolving, the lower, darker vibrations, is to connect to the power of truth, returning to wholeness, as you say, to balance, to health. True Health – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health – is a balanced state of being of immense pleasure, a state of being that I could not logically, intellectually comprehend until I began to experience it firsthand. The innate freedom of physical vitality, a clear mind, balanced emotions, spiritual connection, is something I believe every person can experience, if they so choose. So many hardships, so many struggles, disappear as we create Health and sustainable living.

    Thank You for all of your great channelings. I have been enjoying each and every one of them as a special gift, a shining gem.

    I am a Healthy Woman and continue on, embracing the grand arrival of the Great Light, in all its Glory.

    With Great Joy, Love and Gratitude

  • Davidbri October 20, 2012, 6:03 AM

    As The Machine Is Dismantled, Our Consiousness Is Assembled.

    As Our Conciousness Is Assembled, The Machine Is Dimantled.

    The individual fades, our family’s emerge.
    To be with each other. To Live and to learn.
    No need to explain. To be understood.
    Free to fly , and run in the

  • Charlene Jaramillo October 20, 2012, 9:15 AM

    I love following this and am so grateful to be a part of it all. This nourishes me and validates what I think, see, and feel. I look so forward to your broadcasts…Thank you

  • corrine October 20, 2012, 2:45 PM

    I have been awakened and I am downloading all this info at a very fast rate but yet i feel at peace, full of love, and I shine and am beamimg my light everywhere i go. once I found out about the pleiadians I felt this strong connection i have never felt.I cried and felt like HOME:) <3

  • Joyce October 21, 2012, 1:42 PM

    Yay….I love all of these podcasts, and I’m curious if the Pleiadians are aware of these comments? There’s no information about the channeler, and his history, but still, this seems valid, and speaks to me, so I believe it. If pleaidians are aware of our comments, I have some questions about what is coming ?

    Some of the predictions about the land changing worry me a little. I live in Seattle, and my daughter is in San Francisco. These are both thankfully, somewhat liberal cities, but they are on the West Coast and on fault lines, and there are all of these predictions from various places, about the West Coastline being affected in these times and/or when going through the gallactic center. My daughter certainly isn’t moving, and I’m now in a situation that is stable, and don’t know where I’d move (at least, at this time) and am just relieved to be where I am right now, for many reasons. I’m also on the verge of sending all of my familys china and other inherited things to her, and don’t want to see them destroyed in giant earthquakes, and tidal waves, not to mention their lives and livelihoods which are beneficial to humanity.

    We are all in cities, in apartments, with no garden, etc. so living close to the land is a challenge. I do love nature though. When I think of where changes need to be made to go towards a better future, I think, why would the most liberal cities be affected? Why not other areas where the people really need to become more conscious (small towns, or places of a lot of corruption) . At any rate, I don’t know whether to believe the predictions about the West Coast, because I’ve seen many predictions not come to pass, and I’m not going to buy into fear. I’m just going to imagine it remaining stable and will send my familys inheritance to San Francisco anyhow (unless I hear otherwise from a Pleiadian, Andromedan, or other credible source !?) I will picture San Francisco, and Seattle as thriving, and moving forward with the times, and changing in a slow, and sustainable way. If we create our reality, then maybe that can have an effect.
    Also, all of my functioning in the world and planning is dependent on communication by email and cell phone too, and my daughters husband is a computer game programmer. If the sun causes all electronic usage of this type to go away, we’re all in trouble.
    Also, the banks and the money system. Yes, I’d like to see the 1 percent that are hoarding all to be held accountable or better yet, have a change of mind and consciousness, but we’ve all been brought up to function with money, and how can we go abruptly to a barter system? What will happen to any money that we all have in the bank or credit union? What will happen to my Dad and his wife who are in a retirement home and have all of their money in banks?
    I can’t just go out and find an outlying community to live on, and start bartering for everything? Something would have to become obvious and doors would have to open, for me to do that. I would like to see changes as the pleiadians have mentioned, but how are we to transition to something else? It’s kind of a puzzle.
    How are we to prepare, when in situations that are predicted to be like this, except for by meditation, and going forward to share our talents with others?
    My car also is near it’s end, and the idea of investing in another car, when we have other energy technologies that might become available, and we need to get off of the oil monkey, makes me wonder? I don’t want to be stuck with a 6 year payment plan on a car, and then find out that gas and oil have gone away, especially when it’s possible to replicate a car? or better yet, have a second hand spaceship if I could afford it, or barter for it. A new one might be a bit out of my price range. : )

    I’m really hopeful about all of these predictions but these are some of the thoughts that I have to deal with.

    If there are any Pleaidians listening, I’d love to know what they know about this? They mention that we should prepare as if we’re going on a trip, but they don’t mention “to where?” They mention that we need to be ready for the coming changes and that we should know how to be ready, but I’m not sure I know how?

    Thanks, and love,
    Joyce : )

  • Davidbri October 22, 2012, 9:03 AM


    We Claim Our Own Power And Create Our Own Reality

    Joyce, you ask for more understanding so that you may knowingly and lovingly shape your world and your experiences.

    Worry not, yet remain concerned. Conern is positive, worry is not.
    Everything that you NEED is already given.

    Simplify….. I cherish my heirlooms. After a long time I’ve finally almost finished going through the Entire Collection of my first sons work. The value of which to me is immeasurable. I narrowed the pile to what I feel NEEDED to be saved…..Posterity.

    Simplify…..Whats happenning to our planet is simply a shift. The planet and all life are one and the same organism. There is no danger accept that which you create during the shift. People are unifying their concsiousness without even knowing it. Watch how people in your world/workplace are beginning to work so well together in unison. The same applies to your neighbor. It’s time to let go of your fear, and approach your friends/neighbors:`). You know where to go for assistance if needed. You will be received with love. And you have alot to offer and people will appreciate you and all that is you.

    Simplify…..the idea of money. It is not either bartar or money. That is a personal/individual choice. Live off the grid if you will.
    The shift is only that, like our planet. Simlpy a shift in our values and how we put our money to work for all. Like our honorable president Obama say’s, “We all need to pay our fair share.”
    Lastly, don’t squander your money on want. Focus on need only and a little bit on want. It’s nice when need and want go hand in hand, like food. Which brings us to your car.

    Simplify…..I’ve never made a payment in my life and have saved alot of money. Money that I prioritise carefully based on need first. I buy my cars outright from private owners only. Keep it simple. Seek COUNSEL if needed, like you are right now my dear Josse, you r open. I planned to use my last tax return and a little more and chose my latest vehicle,”SHIFT”. A sweet 01 VW Golf GLS. Nice ride for 4200. All said and DONE. No payments. Choose well and maintenanse is easy and affordable, based on the same principles given about money. Do only what you can do. Ask for help from your friends for the rest and learn from them,… they are eager to help.

  • Davidbri October 22, 2012, 9:15 AM

    I love this site!

    I love you guys!


  • Joyce October 22, 2012, 1:56 PM

    I’m a little bit embarrassed that my message is so long. I get carried away at times when I write. Feel free to read it, or not…… : )

  • Trigger October 22, 2012, 6:50 PM

    To Joyce and Friends on The Pleiadian Network

    Thank you for all of your wonderful comments and offerings.
    The Pleiadians provide excellent information on all of the areas of interest/concern mentioned by Joyce in various sources, through various channels, including of course this site. To find the information that you are looking for, of course the internet is a great place to start, as well as any metaphysical/spiritual bookstores in your community. A site that has a variety of information, including archive articles on NESARA and free energy technologies is “The2012Scenario.com”. The 2012 Scenario site also has articles discussing the preparations we can make within ourself, energetically, so we can easily absorb and adapt to the energies we are experiencing at this time, and the even more beautiful powerful energies that will be arriving, heralding in The Golden Age. Simple, yet powerful, preparations can be taken through our thoughts and actions, such committing to positive thinking, eating healthy whole foods and expressing gratitude and respect to our neighbours and friends and Earth Mother. Many have discussed the importance of the opening of our heart chakras as part of our preparations, as this site has been discussing. Others such as Gregg Braden, David Wilcock, Mitch Battros’ Earth Changes Site, all provide valuable information.

    Please let us know how you are doing and if you have any further questions or areas of guidance.

    Congratulations on embracing these positive changes and bringing in more and more Light! You are doing great and wonderful things will come!

    Sending You and Your Loved Ones Highest of Blessings

  • claudia October 23, 2012, 9:26 AM

    I love this site and look forward to comments daily:)

  • Joyce October 24, 2012, 1:33 PM

    Thanks for your comments, Davidbri, and Trigger. They are really helpful : )
    I’d buy a car straight out, if I could. I have enough $ to fix my old one, but not enough to even pay $4500 for the next one. Maybe something will change in the future, but ??
    I love the website you mentioned, Trigger. Thanks a lot for that.
    It’s interesting in how disinterested everyone that I know and talk to is about it being 2012, and all of these podcasts, or UFO info. WOW. Even the most spiritual people think its “just another year”.
    I guess….we’ll see if the intergallactic highly spiritual people land on December 21st or in the next few years……and help us build this incredible new golden age. I KNOW they exist, from what I’ve read/heard/seen, and hope that they do show themselves to the masses as soon as possible, but we’ll see……..
    I’m looking forward to the next podcast.

  • Davidbri October 24, 2012, 5:46 PM

    Hello All,

    Yearning For Contact

    Covert. Undercover. Desensitizing.

    One third will have a choice. Just wanting or waiting? A clear sign. Be patient. Only when you are ready. It’s rather intense.
    You’ll see.

    No harm. Gentle. Ease in.

    Get to know your celestial neighborhood. Read if you want, or just LOOK UP. You will remember. Focus on your source and influence.

    Quiet your mind and raise your awareness. Eat well. Rest. Live within your physical and spiriitual means. Otherwise, live out of balance.

  • Davidbri October 25, 2012, 5:28 AM


    We Are Willing To Let Go

    We release others to experience whatever is meaningful to them, and We are free to create that which is meaningful to US.

    There is order. The cards. The deck has a bottom card and a top card and all the cards inbetween. Each card represents a person. Some are close to the top or bottom and some are somewhere inbetween. As the deck ascends, so do we.

    Be creative.

    We Express Our Creativity.

    Our unique and creative talents and abilities flow through us and are expressed in deeply satisfying ways. Our creativity is always in demand.

  • Rudy October 26, 2012, 1:25 PM

    Hello, just wanted to say everyone is taking their own path to awakening weather they know it or not. You don’t have to put effort into enlightenment, it can be accomplished from experience or being a very analytical being. For those who go thru their life with no such interest or curiosity toward the answers the universe has in store for us, when their self awakening comes along they with be more enlightened than one who has put effort into accomplishing a feeling of connection or oneness with the universe. The reason being for this is, some living in the box will experience more hardship that will take a bigger toll on them than someone who is already at a frequency of oneness. Furthermore with all the more experience the greater the self awakening. We must allow and embrace everything for what it is but do not take this too literal as I do not mean not to have an involvement toward the outcome of our future.

  • Stephanie October 26, 2012, 6:51 PM

    Having a place to say what I feel is so healing. I have so much gratitude for these transmissions and the love I feel from them. I do long for the reunion of all of our highest selves and I have this desire to hug all of you, the Pleiadians, and really the world. I want to tell everyone – don’t worry, don’t be afraid, you don’t need to understand everything all at once, but you are protected, safe and loved so very much, and truthfully, we are finally heading towards the culmination of all of our courageous, enduring efforts to keep the balance between spirit and human existence, and the rewards are indescribably wondrous. Thank you, thank you, all angels, galactic beings, all races, all of our family of light, our precious Mother Earth… the Creator… light of my heart.

  • Davidbri October 29, 2012, 11:48 AM

    Good Afternoon.

    Much has been remembered, Overwhelming at times. Much has been tendered, Our spirit refines. Humility grounds, Then perspective abounds.

    We shall be reunited with our families on this world first, then soon after, with our families on our home worlds. Truely a wonderous Holiday Season is upon us.

    Do not fear of abandoning your families on this world. Remember, you may return of your own volition.

    If you are expecting contact, you are expected.

  • PSLopez October 29, 2012, 5:06 PM

    10/29/2012 ~ I am gradually overcoming my social inhibition about sharing these Channelings via social media online.

    October 18, 2012 #Pleiadians: Dismantling the Machine [Audio-Text] ~ http://bit.ly/S9IYKs ~in an open mind @Peta_de_Aztlan

    The global situation at it is under the existing Evil Empire is simply not sustainable and Mother Earth Herself is in peril. The world’s peoples need help just to survive, to meet their daily survival needs. Many fail to fathom that we are indeed one family of humanity, despite any personal orientation.

    I see 1,171 people like Pleiadian Network so far. @ https://www.facebook.com/pleiadian.network

    Thus, I figure I am not completely alone. I will be humble and learn from any source in the cosmos I can if it will be of benefit to my people and myself.

    Namaste! Peter S. Lopez c/s

  • Arturo Dueno November 2, 2012, 7:51 PM

    I really enjoyed reading through your expertise in the channeling Universe. I am very much in tune and relaxed with the fact you and same-like beautiful ladens are ready and aware of the negative tone on male-chovial agendas and the like. Although I have strong feelings the pure-righteous pleiadians(no men.) are going to make the mothership(planet), and the chaotic shift-grid of Gaia.

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