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Wake Up and Listen to Nature: Imagine a Place of Sustainable Living


Good morning. We are here, give us a moment. It is October 30, 2012. Let us begin.

We will of course start with the storm, the storm of the century that seems to have come out of nowhere to leave its mark on the United States’ east coast. As we are speaking it is still moving in its rather odd path, and it has left a wake of chaos and destruction. And we would say that the world in many ways is a communication device, earth that you live on communicates, and it communicates through activities that your scientifics call natural occurrence, but it is really speaking. It is very much like your vocal chords making sounds as you speak.

And so what is this saying? What is this saying to you? And it has much to do with our last discussion with the dismantling of the machine. You see one of the big dangers of the world today is not that there’s too many people or that there’s not enough jobs or these sort of thing, it is that you are too concentrated in certain areas, and so you do not have the flexibility to take a storm like this and have it not be so catastrophic, have it not be so threatening. And this one went right through into a very populated part of your country, put millions of people out of power, has really raked up quite a lot of destruction, and much of the value of this destruction is going to be amplified is because it is such a concentration of populace.

And so one of the things the earth is going to be doing to you and speaking to you is going to be this idea that you need to disperse a little bit, there are other places on the planet. You need to move away a little bit. And just as a nuclear power plant that might cause a problem, causes people to move away, so too can storms like this. Now if everyone thinks this is a onezy- twozy, never happen again, you will all rush back to rebuild, but we would suggest you take a look at places like those near the Missouri and the Mississippi Rivers. Is it really such a good plan to rush back and rebuild? And this will be very hard because there are many people who are comfortable and their livelihoods and economy, and whatever, are built around being in these concentrations.

But we are here to tell you that that kind of living is not seen anywhere else in nature. Nowhere do you see such concentrations, of anything. Everything disperses out, everything moves around the globe, whether it is the insects or the birds or whatever. And so as you approach the heightened weather conditions, and you begin to learn where on your earth you are vulnerable and where are the places you would be okay to be, the higher ground and this sort of thing, you might want to consider how you could possibly live there. Because what if the water that hit New York did not recede? This time it did, this time it is coming back but what if next time it stays? What if next time the subways and tunnels remain flooded?

We are not here to doom and gloom you but we want you to think about it. How much of your life do you live on an edge? And how important is living on that edge to you, whether it is on the edge of financial collapse, or whether it is on the edge of environmental collapse or whether it is on the edge of many things. Is that really where you see the culture blossoming? And if you do, we would ask you to go look on a mountainside and see how many plants you see clinging to the side of a hill or of a cliff face. It’s not really very comfortable. Plants move to more comfortable places and there they flourish.

These are metaphors but again it is the planet speaking to you. It is the planet speaking to you. It is the universe speaking to you. Because when you are concentrated in the way that you have allowed yourself to be, then you become a commodity, you become something that someone else wants to control and have dominion over. Why was it possible for the United States to break away from England, because they moved away and they dispersed into a large country? If the few thousand colonists had lived on a small point of England somewhere do you think England would have trouble suppressing the revolution? If you think so go ask Scotland, go ask Ireland, they are still fighting in some of these places.

So, as you watch the earth continue to speak to you and you move through this period of time where there is great flexibility in your ability to move. You really are not in a position where you cannot move. You are not comatose. You are not paraplegic; you are a nomadic people that have traditionally followed the communication of the earth. When it showed you that it was going to be cold and the glaciers were going to come, you moved, you didn’t sit there and stand in front of the glacier and say, “No, I will not yield.” You listened, you listened to nature.

And so that is really what the earth is attempting to do is to get a culture that has not listened to nature to wake up and listen. It is not all that difficult. We know it is a very hard concept because you want to think you have control over everything. You have been conditioned to believe that you can do anything and live anywhere and nature be-damned. You’ve damned rivers in places like this and look at the troubles you’ve created with some of that.

So you think that this is what you are here to do. You think because you can, it’is what you should do. There was a time years and years ago in the antiquital past, back in Greece when there was a place call Delphi. And in Delphi there were women called pythia who would put themselves into a state and become oracles , and these oracles would prophesize over ideas and thoughts and plans. And it was an insight that those who understood where this information came from or at least understood that it came from a place beyond earth, beyond the physical, that they could ask a question and get the bigger answer. Because sometimes when you ask a question and you don’t look for the bigger answer, the answer you get is inconclusive or even misleading.

For example, if someone were to have asked the oracle about plastics, someone would say, “We’ve got this great idea for this new product, we call it plastic, and we will be able to make all kinds of things without using natural ingredients.”

And the oracle would have thought about it and would have come back and said, “Not a good idea because you will use oil, you will create a lot of pollution, you will create by- products that will affect your hormonal situation. Go rethink it. Come back when you have some of these solutions”. Because the oracle would have been able to see the mountains of plastic, the islands of litter that would be created if this path were followed. And you would have followed it and now you have it in front of you.

And so when these things begin to occur, and they have already started, Sandy this latest tropical storm/hurricane is just one. You had the tsunami; you had many other things that have come along, earthquakes and such. As you see these occurring, we would suggest you take a moment to ask, “What is the meaning or the communication that the earth is attempting to give us?” In other words see if you can read the signs, read the message and decipher it.

You are now moving into your elections, you have less than a week and you will all go to the polls, if you have not already, and you will pick your next President. And this is an opportunity to make a path change and go backwards to a previous place and many feel that that previous place was comfortable. And we would suggest that would be like re-building the beach house, re-building the boardwalk. It may seem like the right thing to do but if another storm is coming, is it the right thing to do?

If you cannot begin to communicate with the nonphysical realm and seek out the information that is there waiting to speak to you, then all you will be able to see is what’s on your television, what your newspapers tell you, and you will find yourself further and further and further along a path that is difficult to walk backward, to return to. So open your mind to this. This is our suggestion and there are many who are listening to us who would say, “Awe, we are already there”
Fine, but understand that your neighbors too need this because all of you as a people are moving somewhere and the nonphysical realm is here to bring information, as we are doing now, in the hope that you will act on some of this information and make changes that will bring you to a place of more sustainable living. And so think about that – sustainable living. Is it sustainable to build a beach house right at the beach level on a place that has already shown a tendency to bring storms of devastation, hmmm? Or might it be better to find some place a little further inland – little more southerly, maybe or whatever. See if you cannot imagine yourself in that place of safety and nourishment and sustainable living.

It is coming at you very quickly; it is coming at you all very quickly, just as this storm appeared to come out of nowhere very quickly. So listen, listen to the messages because there is a nonphysical realm/ dimension that is attempting to speak to all of you. It is a place you have not been able to listen to or communicate clearly to for a long time, but now the barrier is dropping. Now the veils are going away. And here you are on the cusp of Halloween which is traditionally a time, Halloween, All Souls Day where the veils are very thin with the nonphysical. But we are here to tell you that kind of permeability with the nonphysical is going to begin to be more and more and more of the norm very quickly.

And you will learn a few things, such that there is no death, no one who died is gone, they have been here going back and forth through time with you all along. It is a wonderful movie that just came out, little bit “shoot-em-up” but still a wonderful story, Cloud Sky, (Cloud Atlas) we believe it is called. We would recommend it except for those who are squeamish because it does have some very violent confrontations, but the concept is very interesting and very much what you are going to learn, those of you who do not already know it, is closer to reality than what you have been told.

With that we will depart, it has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.

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  • Dianne October 31, 2012, 10:13 AM


  • Davidbri October 31, 2012, 10:23 AM

    Freedom Is Our Divine Right

    We are free to think amazing thoughts. We move beyond past limitations. Freedom. We are now becoming all that we are created to be.

    There are many who have been drawn to a simpler way of life for a long time now. Drawn to each facet. Each need. Returning to nature. Returning to community. Returning to self.

    The ‘channeler’ knows we are here but is reaching out to those who may not as yet realize. Those who are unable to TUNE in. That is our mission, to guide through example and spread the grounded word, listen to Gaia.

    We all have a place we would rather live. Yearn to live. It is doable. There is enough time. I am comfortable with almost two more years on the northeastern coast. Then I’m inland bound. Kind of like ‘The Bverly Hillbillies’,..except the other way around. The mountains have been calling to me for as long as I can remember;`).

    I’ve been listening. Are you? We can’t listen if we are to busy thinking or talking or doing.

    Go outside each day.

    Be still. Just for a few minutes.

    Let go. Just for a while.

    Just Listen.

    You will hear,…

  • Catherine Hughes October 31, 2012, 10:24 AM

    Sounds like millions of us may have to move to survive and ties in with other channelings from Pleiadians saying they will b on hand should this relocation be necessary without warning Ie earthquakes and natural disasters.

  • PSLopez October 31, 2012, 2:54 PM

    October 31, 2012 @12:36 PM
    Wake Up and Listen to Nature | Imagine a Place of Sustainable Living ~ http://bit.ly/SwEVup ~ Podcast

    I was thrilled to see this posted up this morning. I was wondering when the next Channeling would be. It is very timely. A lot of folks exist in fear and uncertainty about where life for them is going. I myself am more into simply being here now without obsession about the past or the future.

    I have tried to get people involved in a political matrix to help us, but many are detached, disconnected and comfortable in their division. These days I am mainly into my own Inner Liberation and Spiritual Evolution as a cosmic humane being. I Follow a path wit heart and will help others as I can without being a co-dependent for those who are not willing to come together and help themselves.

    Yes, we all need to wake up in so many ways, help others as we can and heed the signs of these troubled times of global turmoil.

    Namaste! Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan c/s

  • Davidbri November 1, 2012, 4:39 AM


    We Now Create A Wonderous New Job

    We are receptive and open to a special new position. We use our creative skills and abilities working with people and for people. We do this in a special location. We earn our keep.

    The essense of this message is pivetol. The concentration of peoples is evident as well as their relative dispostions. Assistance will be availed by varied caregivers. Those who have been motivated toward sustainable living will transition more easily. The move is positive for all.

    The advantage to living in the city becomes a disadvantage. Increasing frequency of Earth changes/shifts will span approximately 10 years. The increase in frequency is evident. We have the technology to provide advanced notice. Consider the Earths Advanced Notice. Start planning.

    A smooth transition relies on your readiness and in many cases of your family. Plan change when it’s time to change. Explore where your going. Give yourself a couple of years. Think Basics and adopt habits based on readiness and sustainability.

    There is no gloom and doom except that which you create.

    The Golden Age is upon us. Let’s not forget.


  • Joyce November 6, 2012, 2:59 AM

    I love your messages, Davidbri. I really wonder if you’re from the Pleaides?

    On another note….let’s hope that peoples “Bullshit Meters” are working, now that the election is upon us (tomorrow). It’s amazing to me that Obama and Romney can be so close!??


  • A wandering mind. November 7, 2012, 1:51 PM

    I am dying for another channeling damn.

  • Davidbri November 8, 2012, 1:25 PM


    Our Lives Work Beautifully

    Everything in our lives works. Now. Forevermore.

    Hey Joyce,…If you are wondering, the question is apparent. If you ask a question, you already have the answer.

    I am always open to the possibilities. As my past becomes clear as my memory does, I am not surprised if my galactic family roots extend through the Pleiadian system. A long story I will share someday ;`).

    For now, I’m here for you and all lightworkers that are slowly remembering who they are. If you are drawn to this site, you are probably humans from the Pleiadies star cluster. As you use the internet on your quest for knowledge, you will instinctively know what’s credible and what’s not, because the information is already within each of you. When your psychic link begins to develop, then you will recieve information and guidance without the use of tools. At that point the tools will clarify your knowledge as you instinctively go to the right sources of knowledge to compliment what you are recieving. Eventually, all the signs and symbols in your life will take on meaning and the continuem will be revealed.

    Enjoy this time and try to balance your life each moment and day. Don’t ponder about the future and the past. Live in the moment. This way you won’t waste valuable energy. It’s all about balance.

    Go and give love unconditionally. Love is the universal force that sustains and nurishes all that is. It empowers you to be who you were meant to be. Then your true identity will be revealed to you.

  • Ambyr November 26, 2012, 2:11 AM

    I am “new” to all of this and highly intrigued/confirmed/grateful and eager to proceed. Thank you all for your bravery and strength.

  • Davidbri November 28, 2012, 7:45 AM


    We Are Safe In The Universe. All Life Loves And Supports Us.

    We BREATHE IN the richness of life. We OBSERVE with joy as life gives us more goodness then we can imagine.

    Hello Ambyr,…Your spirit preceeds you. Your light is strong. Your deep love is guided by your keen sense of understanding. Your joy as well as your intellect help to focus your loving energy. You are at the forefront of our acsention. You help our fellow humanbeings breakdown communication barriers between cultures as we realize the nature of our global community and nurtures an emerging and constructive dialogue with our brothers and sisters. We are sooo fortunate to be in your company.


    Strengthen your connection with Gaia. the living spirit that is our precious mother, the planet earth. It’s easy. Just go outside each day and listen. Your DOING thoughts (BETA WAVE STATE OF MIND/CONSCIOUSNESS) will fade as you begin to be aware of your surroundings(ALPHA WAVE STATE). Like tuning in a radio, you will begin to receive vibrations/frequencies that are not possible during BETA Consciousness because you are not aware. When in an ALPHA state of consciousness, you quite your mind so you can hear and open yourself up to incoming information. It simply means that you will begin to tune in to your psychic connection. A unique and special dialogue will ensue. Because as you ground yourself, your connection with the outside/galactic family will grow as well. Like an antenna, it needs to be connected to receive or the radio receiver will not work.

    Realizing your psychic abilities is not just about reception though. If you learn to meditate, then you will experience the effects of THETA WAVE CONSCIOUSNESS. This state allows you to project yourself and your thoughts in a multidimensional manner. That simply means that you can break the bonds of the 3D world where we already share thoughts and feelings without being aware. This is where TELEPATHY is truly realized. It goes both ways. Alpha waves are easy to induce and a great place to start. All the rest pales for in this state of consciousness, you will be well informed and your quest for answers/information in the 3D will become more focused and you will know the truth when you encounter it, helping to avoid any conflicting messages that could steer you off coarse.

    Finally, remember our chakaras are being primed by the light/photon energy. This makes establishing awareness easier. We have incredible abilities that have been made apparent even in the Dark times. Have faith in your abilities. DOUBT will induce closure, like the radio being turned off. You will never know unless your open. Enjoy as you wake up and turn yourself ON.


  • DavidBry August 24, 2013, 5:12 AM

    Hello All;`).

    Getting back to the basics. As we become self sustaining, Gaia heals, and balance will be restored. Please read these past messages. Scan the titles of past messages that you are drawn to, and you will fill in the gaps related to your individual needs. We can see our possible futures and the planetary changes in progress require us to teach our children how to live in balance with her, and we can set up our future generations and point them in the right physical and metaphysical direction, to areas in our collective and consciousness as well as areas on our planet that will survive in the coming centuries, being around the mountains, where the ecosystem will be self sustaining, meaning by the only above land water sources that will sustain all life surrounding. The water sources from the poles will be depleted and the oceans solute levels will rise there will be a monumental shift of life on the entire planet, a shift of form and location.

    Lets start pushing our world in the right direction, shall we…….?


  • Irene September 16, 2013, 7:41 AM

    Thank you DAVIDBRI your words are inspiring.

  • DavidBry September 26, 2013, 9:55 AM

    Hello All,

    Thank U Irene. Of all light workers, your value for peace has the most special meaning for you in life and is your greatest strength. Finding that common ground at all cost, a worthy investment of your light. You have all my love and support for you are a leader and we will follow;`). Remember, the wisest leaders allow their subjects to lead;`).


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