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You Are Your Brother’s Keepers


Good morning, we are here, give us a moment.

It is June 28, we believe, Thursday, 2012, and the High Court of the United States has made a decision, and the decision has been to uphold the provisions of the healthcare law known as “Obamacare,” and it was a very polarizing decision both for the court and for the country. But from our perspective we would say, “
It was the right thing to do,” and what we mean by that is…it is important for the executive branch to execute the policy, and when policy has been so crafted as this healthcare law, which is way over complicated, the idea of Medicare for all makes much more sense. And what is Medicare? A tax that you all pay so that some can have healthcare.

And so the idea that the mandate was a tax, we would say, is brilliant on the part of the Head Justice Roberts, to go to the heart of the entire matter and say, “No, this is merely a tax for healthcare,” because now it opens the idea that if you can tax people for healthcare, maybe it’s a good idea to have Medicare for everyone, and take the Insurance companies out of the equation. So we applaud Judge Roberts for seeing clearly the direction that this should take, or can take, which is to see it as a tax, see it as a tax to bring health services to everyone, and that eventually you will see the healthcare insurance companies as having no value, because they do not have a value in the scheme of things, they are simply blood suckers sucking off of the healthcare industry.

So, yes there are those who say, “No tax, no tax, no tax,” but there are also those who are paying the cost of a broken healthcare system, whether it is their inability to get healthcare, or the skyrocketing cost to the hospitals and the doctors and such for giving healthcare to those who cannot afford it and do not afford it. It gets back to responsibility. Now ideally as a culture you will all start to see that your responsibility is to maintain health, not to live a lifestyle that needs heart transplants and liver transplants, and all of these other things because that is a way of bringing the healthcare down. Everyone get healthy and then all of a sudden there will be less tax, less need for all of this over the top healthcare industry. This is really a victory for the idea that you are all in the same boat and you need to be concerning yourself with each other, with the needs of everyone, not just yourselves.

Now there are those who say, “We are all individuals and we do not need others.” Is that really true? No man is an island, no man is an island. That’s a saying, but it’s very true. You can have the illusion of not needing others, but if all of a sudden you found yourself on a world where you were the only one here you would find out very quickly how much you need others. Oh sure some of you would be survivalists and go live in the — whatever, you are even then depending on others, the others being the world around you that is producing the abundances that you would be harvesting, whether it is animal life or vegetable life, or whatever, sea life.

These things are there too as part of the bigger picture. You are not alone, a man against everything, that is silliness.

So we applaud this ruling because it will knock the Right Wing a little bit back, they have too many victories, and this is a victory for the other side, for those who are looking out for their neighbor, who are looking out for the greater good. But it is not the end, there will be challenges, there will be implementations, and some of what is in the current healthcare law will disappear under its own weight as people realize these provisions don’t really work, let’s change them.

And you will begin to look at other countries and say, “What are they are doing. How come they can get healthcare so much cheaper than us? What have they done that we have not?” This idea that other countries don’t have anything to teach you is silliness. You could learn a lot fromm Bali, you could learn a lot from Asian countries; you could learn a lot from some of the European countries, even some of the African countries. Each of the countries, each of these organizations, each of these groupings have little pearls of wisdom, whether it is the Asian idea of staying healthy to start with – pay your doctor to keep you well, when you are sick the doctor doesn’t get paid – a novel concept.

And putting people into medical jobs and assisting them because they will be of service to you, so make it easy for them to become part of this job culture, don’t make medical school so damned expensive. Help them, assist them. Someone wants to be a doctor, help them be a doctor so that they can serve, not drive Mercedes Benz because they have got to pay off these huge loans or whatever, silliness.

But as you begin to see the bigger picture as a culture and you begin to say, “Hey wait a minute, we have so much energy, we have so much resources, why are we not utilizing them properly?” Some do not need to be wasted. Some do not even need to come out of the ground at all and others can be used much more efficiently, much more equitably.

So with that we will depart. Again it was a red letter day for the Obama administration and also for the Roberts court that upheld the idea that you are your brother’s keepers and you are responsible for the footprint that you put on society and society is also responsible to you.

It has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.

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  • Tom June 29, 2012, 1:30 PM

    It’s been so long since I’ve heard your last talk. I’ve wondered where you’ve been. But I’m very happy to see that you’re still around.

  • Cole H June 29, 2012, 3:22 PM

    I just wanted to say as well: this is not to say a man should feel depenent on others. Any man can take care of himself, if he is able. But needing others is deeper than the physical. It’s about humanity as a whole…to function as an able species.

  • Nuvee July 1, 2012, 9:48 PM

    We should not be afraid to carry each other.

  • Char July 2, 2012, 3:04 AM

    I’m from Canada. Is it mostly Americans that listen to this…? Interesting how most of the talks are directed towards them.

    ***Ed note: Yes, most of our listeners are American. We appreciate all of our international listeners, too!

  • Davidbri September 24, 2012, 10:39 AM

    Hello All,
    As I’ve been made aware of this website, I find myself exploring past posts. To Char, I beleive there are two reasons these posts are aimed at the United States. First, the channelers who share at this site are probably American and therefor are advised accordingly. But, more importantly, America is the most powerful entity in the 3D world and inexorably affects the entire planet profoundly. This is why many cultures react with such intensity. The American creed of freedom has become shrouded in darkness and greed by the very leaders of our government, but that is rapidly changing as we can see. The rise of the feminine force as well as the minds of influential men being open to their feminine counterparts provide balance in the process/flow of life and the pleiadians know this. Each message we receive is specific to each moment/event and allows the greater message to come through in segments and so we can understand the true and rightful nature of the universe as it transpires in our 3D world.

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