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Take Back Your Consciousness


Good morning we are here, it is July 12, 2014, Full Moon in Capricorn. Let us begin.

We would speak today about the idea of the physical world and the nonphysical world. Now, you know how vast the physical world seems to be, you know how big your earth is, you know how big your sun is, you know how big your solar system is, you know how vast your galaxy is, you know how many galaxies there are. Your mind cannot grasp the immensity of physical reality, and yet we are here to tell you that it is the tip of the iceberg of existence. There is far more existence in the nonphysical than you can see in the physical. The physical is the most dense, obviously, and it is the most – we want to say difficult, but that’s not really the right word – you need the most effort to be in the physical. You have to actually exert energy to counter the effects of physical masses, and this is a very laborious task for some.

And even just waking up and standing up and getting out of your bed vast amounts of energy are needed, yet you can imagine laying in your bed sleeping and your astral body travels with little or no effort at all. And so it’s important to understand that, that the physical is a rarer example of existence, a rarer form of existence, and those who come here are very rare individuals indeed. There are some who are afraid of physical reality, in the nonphysical they would run from any opportunity to be in the physical. They see the physical as a trap, as a place you can go and never come back because they have seen those who have gone and apparently have never come back. So it is frightening, but then there are others who go there and come back and go there and come back with great ease, and we would call them masters. They are masters.

And at this time there are many masters on the earth and the funny thing about a master is that you most probably would not recognize them, you would probably not know one if you tripped over him or her. And so it is important for you to keep that in mind as you go about your day meeting and engaging and encountering other individuals because you are meeting masters all the time and you are not noticing it. And you may even look in the mirror and see one and not notice it.

And so, we tell you this because it is important to understand that the physical is getting a little closer to nonphysical. In other words you are moving into a time in the scheme of things, in the cycle of things where the density of physical reality is weakening, in a local area, in your local area – in other words there are other local areas where the opposite is occurring, they are experiencing another cycle, a different cycle from you.

And so, we bring this up because you will begin, some of you have already, and many of you will over the next few moons, begin to really see the connection you have to the nonphysical, and how you in the nonphysical experience things that become part of your waking experience. What we mean by that is you are given a glimpse but you are also given the opportunity to choose while you are in the nonphysical what it is that you want or will bring about experiencing in the physical. You are manifestors, all of you and you are constantly manifesting reality, but it is so easy in the physical to feel that you don’t because time is involved and there is this idea of cause and effect.

In the nonphysical there is no such thing as cause-and-effect, there is instantaneous, and so that gap between thought and manifestation is not seen, not noticed, and so you become very aware that your thoughts create. Here there is a gap and that gap between when you think it when it happens can be very large but it is closing, it is closing, closing, closing. That is part of what we are saying about how this reality is loosening up, is softening up.

And so, see if you can become aware of how your thoughts become physical reality, how you are actually projecting the world around you. Now, it is easy to be numb to this, it is easy to be unaware of this. You have moved through that period of time for many, many hundreds of years if not thousands of years now, and got really good at it. And much of your technology is here to keep you asleep, is to keep you numbed out. Those who are attempting to control the world, if you will, there are those that are attempting to control the world, they don’t want you waking up, and so it is their hope that they can numb you out with technology such that you will miss what’s going on around you.

But we will tell you there are events coming that will shake technology, will shake you a bit, and it is part of a waking up, if you can imagine it. Humankind is in need of waking up out of a long slumber and understanding the value of being conscious in physical reality – being conscious in physical reality.

How many of you are aware how unconscious you become when you are delving so deep into technology? Our vehicle has family members who cannot get their heads out of their iPhones and their iPads, they can be in a room and yet not be there. They are lost in this technological haze. Our vehicle noticed people driving, people walking, people going about their business so much in a haze that they do not see they are walking in front of cars, they do not see that they are driving off of roads, they do not see physical reality happening around them. They are numb to it.

And the thing about being numb to it is that your consciousness then becomes controllable by the technology, the technology can seize control of your consciousness, and those who have built this technology and those who are involved in it to a greater or lesser degree know this, and they are inundating you with things you must own. And look at how well they have honed their skills to track what you are looking for, what you are seeking, and then delivering it to you in some way. They are constantly looking at how to control you through the technology.

Now this was started a long time ago when the radio first came along. The radio was the first of the mass technologies to use to control you. Look at how H.G. Well’s story was told by Orson Welles and how he was able to convince people that the world was being invaded by Martians. That was a test, that was a test being done to see how well radio was at controlling the masses, and then along came television which was also an amping up of that technology, and now you have the internet, and now you have the iPhones. You cannot get away from it. And when you are not holding one, you are in the energies of these technologies which are also able to affect you.

You have the ability to pick up these technology energies and translate them in your physical body and so it is interesting how much numbed out people in cities and in high technology areas are even if they don’t carry these technologies with them.

And so it will be important to become aware of this and it will be important for you to seize control if you will, of your consciousness, to grab it back, to take it back. And so that would be the theme we would say here, “Take back your consciousness, don’t give it away, don’t let others steal it”.

And see what that brings. See how that can help you to create the world that you are desiring.
With that we will depart it has been our pleasure.

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  • Amy Ek Mau July 14, 2014, 12:22 PM

    Perfect timing for me to have been sent this transmission – I am very at peace with receiving this in my inbox as it is certainly speaking to me in great ways….

    In Lak’ech

  • Amanda July 14, 2014, 7:43 PM

    Thanks for all the support!!

  • DavidBri July 15, 2014, 8:53 AM

    Good Morning All,

    What is Consciousness? What does it mean to be conscious? Part of the challenge is not understanding the whole meaning of being conscious in the physical world. Our connection is apparent, but our awareness of that connection is hindered,YES, by certain technologies and also sheer numbers of humans in DENSE area like New York City. Remember Crocodile Dundee, he said LOOK AT ALL THESE PEOPLE, IT MUST BE THE FRIENDLIEST PLACE ON EARTH!

    Although most are still unaware, there behavior is a clear sign of the collective consciousness we all share, physical and metaphysical. They ignore each other and have gruff behaviors. Behaviors that are SELF PRESERVING.

    Since I was young, I was always very uncomfortable in large closed in arenas. I learned in my adult years that it was to much energy in one place. Out door shows were easier.

    Consciousness is what we are AWARE of as our beloved Pleiadian has pointed out. If you can’t let go of your thoughts, your doing, your technology, ……and moderate the good and not so good behaviors, you will not reach YOUR HOMEOSTASIS. That means a little tech is OK. It also means that a little inner-silence will give your aware a big boost.

    Just go outside, get comfy, and LISTEN.

    More on listening later.


  • DavidBri July 15, 2014, 9:04 AM

    Dear Channeler,

    You are quite correct, there are so many who are sleeping. It will take time. A little kick in the butt now and then does help yet….perhaps as you become aware of the many in your life that are OPENNING their eye, you will have more faith in our kinds awakening process. At least 200 earth years of a process is before you.

    We are please.


  • Gary mckenzie July 15, 2014, 12:52 PM

    I love all these transmissions, but this one particularly speaks to me – thank you my Pleiadian friends for gently but firmly nudging me awake!

  • DavidBri July 29, 2014, 2:58 PM

    Good Afternoon,

    It has been a glorious summer as it is today. It is a time of MAGIC as is the time of now. As some of us take back our consciousness we become aware of the totality of our lives. The pinnicle point of our lives is the focus and we begin to realize ourselves at our true best.

    There are some who are being drawn to wicca. Be not afraid for it is in line with your beliefs if you live in Tao or such. For all Gods and Goddesses are important and should be revered.

    Magic is what most of you have been doing all along. Maybe its time for a returning to the old and wise ways.

    Magic is the natural use of all lifes energy. Practice for good, the ultimate in lightworking,…no?

    Beloved and ‘Take back your consciousness.’

  • Justin Furuta August 5, 2014, 7:58 PM

    Thank you for the awesome things you’re doing that are benefiting us all, I love the amazing information you share, it’s helped inspire me to live a more loving and empowered life.  I’d like to share with you a website I’ve put up I think you’d find interesting, it contains a perspective on the purpose of life including self-knowledge, “know thyself”, a theory of everything, and my understandings of light and sound, peace and love, and spiritual healing, an earnest proposal to create a United Earth that prioritizes members’ unity, freedom and self-responsibility, equality, and dedication, a diet I believe may be the perfect diet and why, and other information: https://sites.google.com/site/jmaf6556/  I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.

    With gratitude and love,

  • DavidBri August 6, 2014, 7:50 AM

    Thank you Justin,…

    You are very special and your actions and awareness are a great testament to this Golden Age that is upon our precious Gaia. You live as our greatest forefathers and mothers lived. We are indeed returning.


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