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A Lesson from a Zen Master: It Just Is

We are here.

First of all there are many who think that the masses are in need of teachers, and that there is going to be this great influx of teachers at this time, and to a certain degree there is some truth to that. However the teachers are not going to be physical, many are going to find that their teacher will be among their guides, and so how will that manifest? Well, it will manifest in the way that your guides guide you to things that you should learn, and it does not mean that they are guiding you to the next guru you must become enamored with and follow as if you are a groupie.

Critics have said that the New Age seems to be just for the wealthy, affluent people — that it was not a New Age for poor Mexicans or a New Age for the starving Africans. So, in a way, who were these people who were moving towards spirituality while maintaining their ‘mocha latte’ life styles? What was the disconnect between what they were pretending to want, or seemed to want, and the actual on the ground examples of what they were doing?

That was the nineties, and much of what occurred in the nineties was a download of information that was really just old information being brought back, a re-packaging of known information. Kind of like what happens when a young child discovers a band that they have never heard of before, but the band has a great background, and a whole history the child is unaware of. Some young person who first hears a Beatles’ album or Beatles’ song and says, “Wow I like that”, would be a little surprised to see what has already occurred in the history of the Beatles. Whether it is Ed Sullivan, which could never happen again, there will never be another Ed Sullivan moment for anyone.

There is all of this the information out there today and the technologies available to speed up the process of dissemination does not make it less valuable. So as long as people can understand that technologies can be here to help you speed up the process, then you will not be judgmental of using the technologies. They are here because time is so shrinking they are here to give you the tools that you need.

The internet, why is the internet here? Why is it waiting in the wings like wooden soldiers in “Babes in Toyland” to allow mass communication to reach individuals? How could you be a mass communicator fifty years ago? You could not. You couldn’t even put a full page add in every newspaper unless you were a millionaire many times over. And yet today you can go on YouTube and you can create a video that can become, they call it ‘viral’, and it can take off, and the next thing you know you are on the “Rachel Maddow Show” playing your video in a day. Understand? That is the kind of leverage that technologies have and to the extent that anyone is learning to use that technology, to leverage them, then they are teaching and learning a very good tool at this late state of the nanosecond. If you are still a pencil and paper person, if you are still a notepad person, then you are really at a disadvantage because you cannot keep notes that quickly. The technologies allow for a level of sophistication to be very effortless and that is fine. That is using the technologies to your advantage.

Now someone out there can trigger your bullsh*t meter. We would suggest that you tone your bullsh*t meter down a little bit.  What we mean by that is not so much don’t become aware of bullshit, but don’t care about bullsh*t, because remember what we said once about reading between the lines. Remember how if you have the true coding, the encryption key, that you can see in what is being said and done, what others cannot. So yes, a dippy bullsh*t thing might come along and seem to sway certain peoples, some who should be more discerning and are not, and some who are totally unable to discern, and others. There is a spectrum of consciousness. Look at a Zen person, we would say a really highly evolved Zen person can really sit in a world and not have the stink of that world touch them. Understand?

There was a story about Jesus, when he was a seventeen year old teenager, where he ran into a fire to rescue an infant and he came out with the infant in his arms, and the story says that there was no smell of smoke on him or the infant. Now it’s a story, but it is a very powerful metaphor for what you and others are capable of: being in this world and not having the smell of this world affect you, be on you. Understand? Now it does not mean that the person sitting right next to you will, in any way, shape, or form, have the same experience. None of you will have the same experiences. You are all individuals and you are all growing at your own pace. And yes there are some who have already broken the surface, and are really stretching out their leaves, and their arms, and moving towards the sun with great force, and there are others who are still below. That is fine.

Do you get mad at all the sprouts that don’t sprout after the first one comes out of the ground? Do you say, “Oh you are a late coming up, I’m pulling you out and throwing you away”? No, and then look at how sometimes the late comer comes out and shoots past all of the others. Some know how to use the technologies to push their work faster ahead much quicker. It is fine to help others, and make a few bucks in the process, and that is not a bad thing for those who are in need of it, receiving the work, or for the one receiving the compensation for it.

It is not a judgment to be in need of it any more than it is a judgment to not be in need of it. It simply is, and that is what a Zen master can really add to this, that it just is. Sometimes just sitting on the couch, looking outside and watching the wind blowing on the trees is enough, is what you need to do in that moment. You are not missing something by not running outside and doing something or getting into some posture and collecting the sun rays, or whatever. Understand? You are not missing anything in that capacity because we told you, if you were listening, that no one is going to miss anything.

Look how quickly you can catch up on things. You don’t know anything about what is going on in the Gulf and after five minutes of television watching you can learn all about the current situation with the oil spill in the Gulf for instance. You did not have to watch every moment and jump around in every newspaper, get on line or fly there to see. You simply let it happen, you let it have its time, and when it needs to find its way to your consciousness, it does.

You can peruse the teachers and information out there, and you may look at someone’s work and say, “That is not original.” So what?  What we are suggesting is don’t care, simply look at what is there and ask, “Does this have value?”, and if it does then take the value that it has and don’t care about how it came about, because Spirit works in some very strange ways you know.

You are moving into a time where there is a polish that technology is allowing you to have, and those who can use it and yet still maintain their connections, those are the ones who are maneuvering in this time like expert white water rafters. Those who get stuck on little nuances, well, remember what we told you about the hooks and how many hooks there are out there and not to get hooked. Understand?

See if you can let these kinds of things go with everyone. See if you can find the place where they are meeting the energies in their own way because that is what everyone is doing. What have we told you about stories? They are all true. So what have we told you about validity? It’s all valid. It finds you where you need it. So, you see the world is not a solid place. What does that mean? It means that it is a waking dream; it means that it has the same capabilities as a dream.  Sometimes you are in a dream and nothing seems to make any sense or sometimes this world doesn’t make any sense.

Begin to see the value in others more. Begin to imagine that each person is like a blade of grass and that you are looking out at a beautiful lawn. Don’t pick on any one particular piece of grass. See it as a piece of an overall tapestry because that is what is going on in the world. You are beginning to somehow or another understand that you have a value to the tapestry that is going on. There are some that want to think that they are it, and that everyone else is going to dry up and shrivel away and that they are it. That is not what is going to occur. There are some who really think they are it, and they have grown really tall. They are going to find that they flop over and that they don’t have strength in their grounding.

So keep going back to grounding, keep going back to bringing it down to 3D, and being real. Run it past your bullsh*t meter, but keep your bullsh*t meter to yourself.  What we mean by that is let others have their bullsh*t meters. If their bullsh*t meters aren’t working, how are they going to know, unless they follow it to a place that they do know? Just as you might attempt to get someone else to know something and they do not learn because you are always there to decipher things for them. Do what you need to do and let others do what they need to do. See if you can step back and let people fend for themselves, not because you are being mean, but because it is really important to see if they are going to stand in the storm. You will not be there to hold them all up just as there are not people to hold you up.

You must stand. You must look at what is going on for you and not be concerned with what is going on for others. Not in a mean way. It does not mean being selfish, it means being centered. What is it that they say on an airplane when an oxygen mask falls? Put your mask on first before you try to help others. There is a metaphor there for what is occurring now. If you are going to be so quick to want to help others then you are going to find your foundation washing out from underneath you.

And remember what we said about the Zen master: it just is.

Good Evening.

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  • wadelee February 24, 2011, 9:18 AM

    I spoke with them I did ireally did!

  • Arnold Byakuleka March 3, 2011, 5:21 PM

    Wow that really spoke to me and was really deep.
    Thank you for the very useful and important info. 🙂

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