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Magnetism and the Golden Age

We are here.

There are many manifesting painful events in their lives to help them prepare for this time period and there are others that see it as a great opportunity to really envision the world they wish to inhabit, and that is what you are seeing, you see it everywhere you look.

Magnetics are happening now on a grand scale, on the scale of the galactic and the solar level and the planetary level.  What is also being discovered now by a few is that the ancient technologies on your planet were not electrical phenomena but were magnetic phenomena. Once you think of it in terms of magnetics and magnetic particles it becomes almost a physical quantity that can be understood by your linear brain, where before it is magic. To some these kinds of technologies that could levitate things, change their forms and grow them quickly and whatever, is magic. This is the stuff of Jesus. Understand? Which is exactly what it is because these technologies hearken back to the great qualities of many sages who have walked on your world, many healers who have been able to lay on hands and do wonderful work.

You have stories of blind men seeing and lame men walking, absolutely. What do you think the woman in the chair is doing in the hieroglyphics on the walls of the temples of Egypt? Why did they call it the “Temple Beautiful”, because you went in there and got make up? No, you went in there and got your body made up, got the parts that were broken to be healed better than new or as good as new. An example of this ability is seen in the salamanders. People have been looking for years trying to see what is it the salamanders are doing when they are regenerating. They say, “Oh, we see great strong electrical fields”. No, you see great strong magnetic fields.

You see magnetic currents moving and creating environments that are now conducive to the growth of new life and to reforming of the DNA patterning much like a womb which is another biological place that is created magnetically, even organisms have a magnetic quality. Orgasms are like a magnetic siphoning to a high high place, and then you drop it off. You move this magnetic energy to a high high place and just as it gets to as high as you can possibly go you let it go and it falls with all of the force that it has, which is electric when the magnetics moves.

So magnetism is turning out to be very important, one, two, the thing that is changing the most in your solar system, and three it will bring on the technologies that will allow you to have warm homes, transportation, things of this sort. Yet imagine a lot of your electronics not working because the overlying technology isn’t there whether it is the cell phone that is not working, not because the individual cell phones can’t be fixed but all of the cell phones are not working, satellites, things of this sort. So the technology will move to a magnetic technology because it will be the only technology that will function properly. A kind of a switch will happen when people begin to see magnetic technology function and they begin to understand it from an intellectual level.

Math is already out there to explain much of this but no one believes it, it talks about magical things like floating cars and such. Understand, people think that it can’t be true, but it is. So it is a really wonderful time to be upbeat about the potential. Does this mean the same potential of magnetism and weakening magnetic fields cannot affect those who have negative thoughts? It would be foolish to think that it only helps those who have good thoughts. How does it differentiate? How does the rain differentiate what should get wet and what should not get wet? Understand?

So see it like someone is trying to steer. It is like you are all on logs coming down a big log flume, and we are not talking one log at a time, but imagine it’s like Niagara Falls. You are all a bunch of logs on Niagara Falls, and some of you see the fall and you think, “Oh, it’s like a terrible thing”, and you get destroyed at the bottom. And others of you are seeing the way down, that is very gentle, and actually gives you a great ride, understand?  So you are not just going to go over the edge, you are going to go up to the edge and you are going to kind of come down like a feather on the other side. That is a way of thinking about it.
If someone was to throw a cannon ball off the edge of Niagara Falls, and someone was to throw a box of feathers, which would hit the ground harder? The feathers might not even hit the water they might float completely away from all of the dangers. It comes from how your thinking is because if you are form and function, if your function is that you are a big log, a big ball, then that is what you are, but if your function is that you can fly like a bird, that you are able to maneuver, and you are not stuck somewhere in something, if you have those kinds of thoughts, then that is the world that you will begin to manifest and see.

So it is a wonderful time. But it is important to keep in mind how the information has now increased, and how that increase in communication is increasing the influences of some of these lower elements. So what that does is quicken certain processes in your brain faster than your brain can process, and so you become numb and follow what you see. Understand? You can watch enough fear on television to be fearful enough to not walk out your door. You can do many things like that and where will that get you?
It is important to really begin to throttle back those who would pour information into your brain. Particularly we are speaking to those who carry these BlackBerry things and these computers that are linked almost instantaneously to everything. Leave them home sometime, drop them off at the door when you go out, and come back for it like your answering machine when you return home from shopping or something. These things are very dangerous to your consciousness, they are not helpful, they do not improve your thinking processes, they numb you and they slow you down. You may appear to be fast you may appear to be able to put thousands of text messages out in a moment but without it you couldn’t even hold a conversation. Understand what we are saying?

See if you can think along the lines of this in everything you do. When looking at the news, think: yes it is there, yes it is important to someone, but do I really need to put it in my brain? Do I really need to add that little piece of something to the reality that I am going into? Because you will find that many of these things never get to your world. Think of someone like Nell. You would think, “Oh, terrible look at what happened to her, she was someone who did not have this and that”, but she did not know a lot of the painful things because they were not a part of her world. Think of Anastasia who is aware of much of the things that are going on in the world, but chooses to work on it locally, in her own environment, sending out thoughts, and sending out intentions, and sending out books, and never really showing up. You don’t even know if she is real. These are the kind of models for the kind of world that some of you wish to inhabit, or as we see it, will inhabit. It is a much simpler place and a much richer place, richer in interest, in things to do, in joy, interest in monies, in the idea of wealth, and having what you need.

Yes, it is a Utopian kind of thinking, but if someone told you that you were designing Utopia, wouldn’t it be in your thinking? And so put it there now.

Good evening.

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  • Jamie November 29, 2012, 6:39 PM

    Well said. I have begun to notice that the things I need and what I am thinking begin to show up. I am trying to now learn to trust it and not be in fear of it. Letting go of the fear of what I can’t see, feel or touch but it is in my heart and mind. Thank you for the teaching and understanding of what is happening to us. Jamie

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