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How Memory Works

We are here.

We want to talk a bit about memory, about what it is that memory appears to be, and a key is the idea of what is called the magnetic monopole, and how magnetism is really the glue that holds everything together. Those who know a little bit about technology understand that magnetism is one of the main ways that you store information, and if you understand that magnetism is what holds matter together, not all these forces that they want to come up with, but very simply magnetic forces, then you can see how magnetism really holds all of the memory together. There is no memory on this planet that is not held together by magnetic forces whether it is the markings on stone walls or whether it is magnetic discs holding data. They are all some form of magnetism holding the pattern.

The term spinors has to do with the work of one man that involved very, very accurately mapping the fields of magnetism, and what this man found is that magnetism doesn’t just go around in a big circle around a magnet but follows these pathways that are almost like roller coasters – they go up and down and loop around.  Similar magnetic patterns also hold energetic memories that block the free flow of energies around the planetary grid whether from wars, bombs, nuclear explosions, the storage of nuclear waste in the ground, man-made disasters, H.A.A.R.P. , whatever. Understand?

Recently there was a movie on television about the infamous doctor that spent time in jail for assisting suicide. When you exit from suicide it has a very large cost on the other side of the portal for you, and you can get locked and lost there. Things like that occurred in a lot of these battles, wars and such, and the astral has been loaded with souls that have not gone on.

However, the magnetism on the planet is weakening because of the alignment of the earth with the Galactic Center, that is where the weakening is coming from, and while it is weakening, it can be re-patterned. If you travel past this period, even though it will last a long while, and nothing is done you will continue to have the same pattern. However, when it is softened it is easy to manipulate and break up these old patterns. Since consciousness is much more of a key to this reality than your scientist would have you believe, then that consciousness going out into these patterns as the magnetics weaken can really make a big difference, like smudging around the world energetically. We want you to all start thinking in these terms if you have not already. Your thoughts are very very powerful manipulators of the magnetic streams of energies that move around on this planet.  These streams follow your thoughts in very real ways and they can get drawn together by your thoughts and they can be pushed apart by your thoughts.

We spoke recently about the idea of single use plastics, things like straws, cellophane, cups, shopping bags, etc., and how they are clogging up the waterways of the planet and finding their way into huge garbage heaps in the oceans that can be seen from space. (See Single Use Plastics). Plastic was a great discovery, it just came in too cheap, too low in price. Plastic can replace almost every natural material in use, prior to plastic coming out, so think about it: if you want a piano, how many millions of elephants were going to bite the dust for all the pianos that were going to come out, or whales, or skins of animals? How much leather would you need to do all the vinyl seats in the world? Plastic is a great device for leveling or getting everyone something that they might want in a way that doesn’t deplete the planet, but now you have all these other uses that came in because it is so cheap.

What we are saying here is there will come a time when materials will be able to be easily manipulated back or forth into other materials and so all of these plastics that are currently in use will not have to be buried into land fields and they won’t have to be crushed into bricks to make something else with. They can be turned into something else. You will have “Star Trek” kind of capabilities, and these are not airy fairy things. There are cultures that use these technologies all of the time but you have to have a certain level of responsibility when you take on that kind of technology. And the last time on this planet that that kind of technology was available there was a misuse of that knowledge, among other things.

So imagine that you are breaking up these patterns, you are breaking up these magnetic patterns that have held memories, that have held pain, painful memories. For the planet that is the kind of healing that is needed whether it is personal, local, on a planetary scale, or beyond the planet and some of it has to do with forgiveness, but other things have to do with just being able to clear it away, and allow the sun to come in and just heal it. Certain things you cannot heal without the sun. These things are like that. They needed this energy to come along because there are many who were locked up and still are locked up in these patterns and so caught up in them that they can never get out. It is like a trap, like a jail cell to you. It’s bad enough that you had to go through wars and things of this sort and then to get locked in an energetic way in these places.

Now you see many people struggling with the financial group, what is going on with the finances of the world? What is really happening is that it is being rebalanced. It is way out of balance and a classic example of that balance, or the lack of balance, is Germany and Greece. Greece is in turmoil, disintegrating as a culture, in many ways due to the financial shenanigans and the financial situations that were created, but also through some very misuse of that energy. Greece misused their financial situation for a long time. Did you know they paid people for thirteen months when they only work twelve? Did you know that they gave all of their political workers and government workers huge raises?

And in the meantime you have Germany which has been very fiscally responsible, they are savers and they build only what they can afford and now they are bailing out Greece. They are not happy with that. Understand? What you are seeing is the kind of struggle that comes from being unconscious. There is a great unconsciousness that has been on this planet for a long time: that unconsciousness of just who everyone else is. Everyone seems to know who they are, or they think that they know who they are, but they don’t know who everyone else is, and so everyone goes through their lives thinking, “Well it’s a magical world for me. I don’t know about everyone else.” But we will tell you it is a magical world for all.

What is really needed on this planet is a recognition of the value of the weakest, smallest, most disposable people on your planet, and what better metaphor for that than the way the Europeans came to this country and found a culture that was living. They were not perfect. They had their wars and they had their battles, but they never threatened the planet with them. They also had abilities to live with the land, to let the land breathe while they had their existence. That is not the way the Europeans came so they pushed them out, us out, they herded these people up, put them on the road, and sent them to camps to live. They did not value who they were, what they had accomplished, what their culture had to offer, and now you are seeing the same thing occur in many other cultures.

You are seeing it occur in China, you are seeing it occur in India. These places that are trying to join America, the Western world, in its unsustainable existence, while giving up or losing some of the great culture that they had, because there is not a lot of respect for it. That will be changing as people on this planet begin to get just how much everyone on this planet has value, and they are discovering that. Now we are not saying that the world management team is discovering that they’ve known it all along and they don’t care. What we are saying is that individual people are noticing it. Individual people are beginning to say, “Wait a minute! There are lifestyles of people, there are cultures, that need to be protected or nurtured”, and you will see more of that. You will see more of this desire to learn from these cultures rather than just being superior to them. Why because to a certain degree many of them are going to be seen as more knowledgeable than technos who have come along and built up their edifices of culture.

You have a young grouping of children now who all think that they are masters of the universe with their video games and their iPods. What is going to happen if these machines stop working? Where are they going to be then? They will be like people awakened from a dream.

According to some scientific beliefs all of the electrical qualities of this earth come from the ionosphere, and according to this the earth is going to move its magnetic poles and the ionosphere is no longer going to be able to hold the electrical world together, so many of the electrical devices will no longer function. If this were to happen where would that put all of these people that feel so superior? All of a sudden that little person living in no-man’s land who pumps water out of the ground with a little hand pump and tills his field, makes a lot more sense than this ‘yuppie’, or whatever term you use today, living in a high rise in Manhattan, this person who thinks that they are commanding the world.

So remember that as you go forward that you are meeting people all the time and you are making judgments whether you do it consciously or unconsciously, see if you cannot notice a little bit of difference in how you start to perceive some of these people that you have not given much thought to. In this country look at the Mexicans and the rise in their populations, the illegal immigrants and how they are demanding, what? What are they demanding? The right to live the right to be the right to not be told they are second class and they must be deported.

It isn’t that the United States is going to become some haven and everyone is going to come here. What is going to be seen is that these other places that they are from need to be nurtured, and so one of the solutions to the immigration problem if you will is not to build higher walls, but to figure out why the people that live on the other side of the wall don’t live in peace and freedom there. This is one of Jackson Browne’s biggest themes throughout his career how people have the right to live free and breathe and enjoy the liberties of being on this planet, not to be subjugated, not to have their resources coveted and stolen from them.

It is really a marvelous time that you are moving through, but it is a chaotic period and one of the things that we will mention here is the idea that you are not in a solid world. You are not in one world that everyone gets to be in. It looks like that and it is very convincing that it looks like that, but it is not that. It is really the world that you are creating, and so if you find yourself being drawn into these Tea Party movements, or whatever, question that. Is that really where you want to focus your energies? Begin to imagine the world that you want, and stop listening to the world that other people tell you is here, and you will see how quickly it can flip into that world. So see yourself seeding like Johnny Appleseed seeding reality. Wake up every morning if you can and just see yourself grabbing a bag of seeds and going out and doing Johnny Appleseed work. Understand? Whether it is in your job or in your neighborhood or with your friends or even with strangers, seed the world you want.

How do you think you changed the world of the young person at the grocery store the other day when you told him what you knew about single use plastics? Do you think that he will ever be comfortable ripping off plastics everyday for a living? Who knows, maybe one day he will grow up to be the person that creates biodegradable plastics?

Are you wondering how practical some of this is? It is going to get easier as you go forward. You are going through a period where people think, “Oh my God, we can’t do anything, we have no capabilities there is no monies.” Monies, it is a created thing. All the debts that are currently crushing your world are no more than markings on a piece of paper or in a computer somewhere, and what did we tell you about the time that you are in with the magnetism and the memories? What is a debt but the memory of a bill not paid? Understand?

Do you think that a child who gets born, first thing that he does is look up at the National Debt Clock and say, “Oh sh*t, I really picked the wrong place to be this time.” Understand? He looks up at that and says, “look at the pretty lights momma. What do they mean? Really? Is that what it means? I don’t think so. I think it means it is a pretty light.” There are many who have built up profit from nothing, literally nothing, and now they are holding that nothing over you and saying, “You owe us!”  No you don’t. You owe no one anything.

You know the Jewish religion? They have this thing, every ten years you are supposed to forgive all debts. The concept that debt needs to be dropped away, just as you don’t want to bring baggage from things forward in your life that are not serving you. And yes, it will cause people to rethink this idea of loaning, because why do people loan? They don’t loan with the idea that you are a friend and a fellow earth dweller, and they’d like to help you. They loan with the idea that they are going to get more monies back. They have this big hunk of money and they don’t know what to do with it. “Let’s loan it and have someone give us back the interest.” Really? So now the money does nothing but give you monies?

You put a burden on others, you did not give that money or use that money.  It is like having a karmic connection, a very negative karmic connection. So all of these banksters, and all of people that are out there, the Wall Streeters and others who think that business is going back to the boon days, we have news for you: these are the death throes of your edifices. Goldman Sachs, and Wall Street, and the Federal Bank, the Federal Banks of many countries, all of these people, we call you all out for what you are: parasites on the planet, and you are not going to get away with it, because what you thought you controlled, it is bigger than you could ever control, and you think that you can go in and scare a bunch of congressmen, and a bunch of Senators, and make them give you billions of dollars? Fine now, go to the billions of people out there and tell them that their governments have put them into debt and are going to turn them into a debt colony, and see how that works. Do you think people are going to just turn around and go to the debtor prisons happily, “Oh sure, didn’t know I owed you a billion dollars a person”, or whatever. “Yes you can take me from birth and put me in a debtor prison;” not going to happen. Greece is showing you.

Another thing that is occurring on the planet is these disasters are straining the finances, they are straining the ability of governments to come in and do disaster reliefs. They are straining the financial situations. How many disasters can a rock and roller do a benefit for? How many times can you have We Are the World benefits? How many Katrinas, how many Haitis, how many Chiles, can happen? You are really starting to see the strain of this. The Iceland volcano, all the oil that is spilling out everywhere, that is an incredible disaster, all of this is focusing the world on just how precarious the current situation really is. You will begin to see people start thinking more locally. Really that is ideally what will occur, that the local groupings of people will really have a bigger say in what goes on, because you think those people that live around the Gulf of Mexico are OK with this? You think they are going to say, “Yes put up another couple of oil rigs, this was fine, it was no big deal A boon town financially, we all got jobs scrubbing birds!” That is not how they are going to see it. Understand? They are going to see it as a threat to their way of life a threat to their culture a threat to their sovereignty, and it going to get very difficult to do these kinds of things.

So ideally we haven’t frightened you. We have given you a bit of a scooping into where you are headed as a culture where the significance of each person is honored, where the power of place begins to overshadow the power of money. Because money is going to be seen as nothing but a construct meant to enslave you. They think that they have done a wonderful job, they really do, but now they are discovering that you as a people are not turning over your rights, your sovereignty to them. You are not going peacefully let us say it that way. It does not mean that it has to be war. It means that it has to be balance, it has to be honor.

Very good.

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  • ShayDawn June 12, 2011, 1:10 PM

    These are great words, and beautiful thoughts, and they are the same thoughts that we have been discussing for the last 3 years now. Right down to the hand pumped well for water, and growing our own food and starting a small local community co-op of people to share and trade with, so that we may become independent from the big corperations, and eat healthy food. We are still looking for property to move to so we can grow.

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