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A New Breeze

We are here.

Many of you have been too long quiet among the Pleiadian world.

So a new breeze seems to pick up the old song, a new energy has gone under the sails of a boat that has too long been without a wind. Winds can be the ocean. Winds can also be words. A wind can also be breath. So now you are seeing a long pause in a breath that has now decided to stop pausing and breathe again. It has been a pause, like someone losing a radio station because a big obstruction was brought in. Someone put a huge mountain of garbage between you and the receiving station and you couldn’t receive easily and also, you couldn’t send back at all.

Now you set up your receiving station, you have done some receiving to prove that you have reception and now you are ready to broadcast. Now you are ready to send out the communications in all directions that says, “Hey, all of you behind the garbage dump, here is another place to get the same information but it is clearer, it is HDTV.”

Some of you bought a home on a particular road because of the view. The garbage heap was not there in the beginning, it grew over time. So as the garbage pile grew, it began to block your view. Now, do you stay in a place that you moved for the view that you no longer have, or do you move to another location to get a clearer view once again? Bravo to all of you that are looking at how to get by the obstructions.  What everyone is doing is intending to the remove obstructions that are blocking clear communication to the higher realms.  This is not a time for channels to come in and say, “Oh we are between you and god”, this is a time for channels to step aside.

Our messages are coded, however all languages are codes and if you do not know the language you cannot get the message. If you know the code, then you can translate for someone who does not know the code. So there are codes in the communications that we send to you, and the level that you translate our message depends on your level of initiation. You will each hear what is relevant to you, and communication that goes on at certain levels has to be more personal.  To the extent that you own your own words and information is the extent that you can say I am my own channel. This is what we want to see more of.

Those who are currently channeling, to the extent that they want to take up like the garbage heap, will find themselves losing their constituents in the same way, as they step aside of the garbage heap. Some don’t even know that they can have a better view. They thought the garbage heap builder was helping them whether it was a group, a religion, a friend or a channel, whatever the block. In the world all have been buried under crap and to those that are still thinking that the modern world is someway liberating, it is a trap as well.

The radio station let us explain it this way.  Imagine that you upgraded your TV service; you have a lot of TV channels now that you did not have before, more channels than there ever were. Just go looking through the listings, revisiting places that were dead, may show you that they are no longer dead. So too this is going on with channeling. Those that thought, “oh I could never channel”, revisit it. You might just find that you can. Those that thought that they could not understand computers revisit them, and you might find that you can. You do not have to know how a car works to drive it. You just turn it on and put it in gear.

That kind of understanding of the world is what people are really starting to get. A lot of people are starting to do intentions. Remember The Secret and the big splash that it made two years ago? That reverberation, what happens to a wave when it hits the shore? It bounces back so it is reverberating.

The information is finding you, all of you at the place where you are. It is like water rising, there are some who feel they have been high and dry. Well, the water is rising. You are not going to be high and dry much longer and if you have built your boat on the top of the side of a mountain, you may find that that boat begins to float. Why, because the water has reached you.

You are going to now show everyone how to do it.  Of course the ones in control want to stop you from doing this and ruining their game or their profits. However, this kind of thing scares people, even the ones that need the water.  Some people don’t know what is good for them and they fear it, like the Healthcare system overhaul.

To those who say this is the death knell of the insurance companies, we say: “Hurrah, and bravo, this is a good thing”. These companies do nothing but take your monies and give you no product. They are leaches on your system they are not something valuable that needs to be kept. They need to be swept away. Anyone with a brain would understand that.  When you are in the business of making money from health care, the best you can do is create a better health care for the elite. So it isn’t that they are looking for the highest good for all people, they are looking for the best way to take monies from those who are wealthy and sick.  They also see profit in making you sick so that they can sell you products to make you well. When you start looking at why people are ill, because of fast food and GMO food, the focus will then go towards being healthy which is not the direction that the current healthcare system leads.

Also, we are not pleased, look at the militias; they are seen now to be more religious than political. This gang that was recently cornered and captured was thinking they were going to go fight the anti-Christ. They are heading in the direction of the prisons, and now you are seeing a splitting of the patriot crowd with the religious crowd because they are realizing these guys are nuts. They are not constitutional, they are biblical. Many of the patriot crowd is religious and political – more of them than you might imagine, than even they imagine. The patriots may want to distance themselves from the religious, but they really don’t. They only want to distance themselves so they aren’t targeted. Yet, this group that was infiltrated by the FBI, that is how they were captured. FBI agents went in, infiltrated and got the evidence that is going to convict them.

It is really interesting to us that the balancing point is really beginning to show. Remember what we said about how the scales are moving? It is not that the weight on the scales is moving, but the distance from the center, which is moving. What grouping has really overextended their political value and weight? The older crowds, the aged people who have an over abundance of political clout. In Florida they are the ones who can really make a difference, because Florida is the home for the retirement crowds who are very much part of a Piscean mindset. Their political clout is waning, dropping off from death and from the population explosion of younger peoples.

What you are seeing is that the value of all are being leveled so that everyone can have a voice in what is going on and everyone can have the same information because when it is an unlevel situation, then there are some that get it and some that don’t, just as there are some that are being fed and some that are not, some that live in squalor and some that don’t. All of that needs to be adjusted. All those who say we can’t do that are people that don’t want it to happen, because you can do pretty much whatever you want.

To those of you that say, “Oh, we can’t afford it.” No, what you need to do is change the game, and if you want to call it Communism, fine. Call it what you want, but it is a concern for all people that says you are all valuable. There are no slaves in this society. So, for those that would say, “my people”, we say you own no one. So for all the people you think you own, watch them run for the door as they realize that you consider them property.

It is important that everyone start to feel the energy welling up inside of them. Everyone is starting to feel it. Everyone is starting to get it, starting to wake up. Those that accept that this is happening and seek more of it will be like the plants that are bursting out of the ground. Those who don’t want it will be like the seed that never pops out of the ground, which is their choice. Sometimes it is circumstantial, maybe they are in a spot where the dirt is not easy, but nothing is like that. You were put where you were intended, and so if you happen to be in a rocky place you have to push harder. That is what you wanted. You did not want it to come easy, because it could have come very easy, and it would have been boring.

Good evening.

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  • Davidbri September 30, 2012, 1:47 PM

    Good afternoon,

    As I continue to browse past Pleiadian posts I’m not surprised this one has still not been commented on. This post, being very hard for most people to digest, is of the utmost importance for our species to understand. Our ability to channel the various energies/spirits/messages hinges on whether you DOUBT your ability or not. Most doubt it and therefore don’t give it a second thought. Well now it’s time to think about it.

    First a personal story about the revelation of doubt, please bare with me. I used to wait tables while I was in school and came upon a server that took orders in her head, never writing anything down. I didn’t beleive I could do it. I doubted myself so I didn’t even try. Then, one day at work I couldn’t find a pad to write on and had customers waiting so I gave it try. I was advised to start small, with a party of two and then build up to more. I found that I could do it. In the coming years I could take up to a party of 21 orders without a problem. Yet, every now and then one person would doubt my abilities and I would inevitably be unable to retrieve the memory of their order. I realized that when another doubted my abilities, I doubted myself and blocked the memory. Early on I learned that when I took a deep breath, my memory would kick in.

    It’s the same thing with channeling. We all have the ability. We ae all connected and have always been. But now, with the ensueing galactic alignment, it’s becoming easier and more broad.

    During the time of the galactic night, I sense channeling was easier with our kindred brothers and sisters/mothers and fathers and even friends. I realized my ability to channel quite by accident. The doubt piece became apparent to me just recently.

    All you need to start small is the name of the loved one who has seemingly died in this world, and a close relative/friend present at the time of channeling. I believe it makes the signal stronger and of coarse the strength of the signal depends on the spirits multidimensional attitude/position. All that means is some peoples energy is more liberated than others, and some people/spirits want to be left alone. Another topic for another time.

    Then, you need to trust the information coming in and be humble because it’s not always clear. Remember, we have nothing to prove to those who doubt and shouldn’t even try, especially early on. “The proof is in the pudding and the taste there in.” We are here to assist only, not convince, it won’t work and will cause you to doubt yourself. People who don’t understand may chew you up and spit you out. As space/time seems to progress, more will beleive as they arrive at their own answers, you can’t do it for them, you can only counsel those that are in a position to grow. As are most of you who are drawn to this site. Use your powers with discretion and always ask permission before you channel or read someone.

    Let go of yourself and breath. This cuts out the static/thoughts in your mind and clears it so you can receive. Take your time.

    Don’t be afraid to fail. That will hinder your ablities as well, causing more doubt. When you are called to serve, you will know. Just do your best, it takes practice.

    Lastly, if you’re thinking about someone and there name pops into your head/thoughts, they are there with you and you are channeling and didn’t even know it. All you need to do is listen.

    Good luck

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