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The Knowledge Hiding on Phobos

We are here.

So today is “Tax Day.” Today is the day that all good Americans pay their dues for the country they have, and wonder where the monies go. But they wonder a lot less today than they have wondered in the past, because many of the things their monies are being spent on are being made known to them. That is a part of what Mr. Obama is intending: transparency.

But, of course, there are things that remain hidden.

Everyone wears a bikini, understand? There are things you do not see. A burqa and a bikini are both clothing. Would you consider them the same? No. So you see there are those who say, “There are still secrets.” Secrets are like an iceberg that has fallen into warmer water. The iceberg gets smaller and smaller and smaller as the liquid returns to the water. That is what is occurring with information: it has been locked away from you for many years, many millennia, and now it is dissipating into the mainstream of consciousness. What you are discovering is that things that have been concealed for a long time are now becoming known to everyone, where only a few knew once knew about them.

For example, there was the space plane, the SR71 program; many years it worked, without anyone knowing about it until it came out. People learned about it, they learned that it had been there a long time. There was not outrage. There was, “Oh good, it’s nice to know now.” To a certain degree, much of the knowledge and information that is going to be coming forward will have that kind of energy: “Oh good, it’s nice to know there really are aliens. Wonderful. We have good relations with some? Very good.” There is not going to be this, “Oh, you should have told us. We feel so betrayed by you.” Because it won’t matter. The information will bring with it new capabilities, new knowledge of the universe and your place in it, and that will be more valuable, more important, to the now than the concern that you didn’t have it in the past.

That is the theme we would really like to see, to have you embrace this revelation. This is not to say that the things that happened in the past were okay, but that they are done. You cannot change this. Well, yes. You can, in a way. However, what we are saying is that it is in the past and you are in the now. Your focus is here and what you can do for your next step forward. So everyone concentrate on that next step forward, and stop with the looking backward.How many of you can drive the car looking through the rear view mirror? You cannot. You must look where the car is now, and where you are headed. Whether it is over monetary things, as you will see a push to adjust debt in the world, not just in this country. There will be a push to say, “Hey look; these debts aren’t going to get paid. Who has trillions and trillions of dollars that they are not spending on something else?” These debts are not going to be paid. So get your pennies on the dollar and go forward. Understand?  Build on a better foundation that does not create the false bottom whether it is with the Social Security, whether it is with the other things of national debt, and other nation’s debt, not just America’s.

Now you are hearing about the space program and how Phobos is going to be the focus of the new space program that Obama is going to taut today. It is because of the knowledge that is hiding on Phobos that can then come out. Understand? Phobos is like the little boy that is going to say, “Hey the Emperor has no clothes.” Yes, we’ve known it all along. Wonderful.  People will go to Phobos and they will see the remnants of the culture and civilization that built this thing. They will discover things, and in the meantime there are people that are uncovering the simplicity of these technologies and how your own current technology can easily be switched. So, you will see a greater understanding of your own place in the universe, and a greater understanding of how energy moves through the solar system, through the universe in general, and how you, as a being in need of energy, can draw it to you; whether it is energy in the form of monies or energy in the form of material goods, or energy in the form of electricity to drive your world.

So it is the best of times, but it is the best of times coming at the end of the worst of times. Understand? So it is as if you are seeing a very tight turn being made, and those who have the ability to change directions, those who have the flexibility, which is what we have been intending to teach you for all the years. The flexibility to not be rigid because rigidness, whatever the topic, as rigid thinking is going to leave you like someone whose car cannot turn and goes flying off the edge of the road. You cannot have a car whose tires can only turn 2 degrees. You must have at least 20, 30, or more degrees to turn your car. To the extent that you can hit the brakes and turn, is to the extent that the changes that are coming will be very effortless for you. To the extent you cannot get your foot off the accelerator and to the extent you cannot turn the wheel? Well, there you have it. Like driving on the California highways that way; you cannot do it.

Obama is going to be focusing on the space station and focusing on getting heavy rockets to get things into space, focusing on a new space ship, and none of this going to the moon. The moon has wonderful things to see, but it is difficult to get to the moon, and it is so much easier, and there is so much more to find in a small area on Phobos. Once Phobos is gotten to by a real group of humans doing exploration, you will find many things on Phobos, and then that will make you think “What is on Mars, we’re right here, let’s look down with some really good telescopes,” and such. It can be a base to work and address what is going on, on Mars.

We will tell you that by that time, those on Mars will let themselves be known. When they see you coming that way with your large ship that is able to move around the solar system it will be time to come out from behind the rock, if you will. Understand? Time to come to the surface and let themselves be known because some of the land is their land and they are not going to be like the American Indians.

Questioner: Phobos appears to be a space ship because it is shown to be hollow.  When was it parked there?

Phobos was a spaceship fighting in the intergalactic war, so it was parked there after it was mortally wounded as a ship, and because people wanted to return to Mars, and Mars was already battered many millions of years ago. Not thousands, millions. The battles and fighting happened long ago. The figure 65,000,000 is very accurate.

There are a lot of people upset with Obama. So there are game changers that are very very close to occurring. And of course, Obama is not going to come out and say, “We have to go to Phobos because it is a space station.” He wants that kind of thing to be a discovery of this new space program and this is what we were talking about with the bikini.

There are still some secrets and that is why you are seeing a lot of pressure from the astronauts.  They believed that what they have been hiding for so long is critically hidden. But Aldrin, the second moon walker, went into a very big depression and became an alcoholic for a time because he was not in with this crowd. He did not believe that the things he had discovered on the moon could not be brought forward, so that depressed him, where others bought into it, the logic of it, if you will. Understand?

Of course you will see all of them wishing to keep the veil of secrecy, because that is what they have lived all this time. They like the idea of earth missions that just stay home and continue in that area. They do not want to see the quantum leaping that an Enterprise-like craft will afford, so they are in a little way disingenuous in their belief that manned space programs will cease. They will not, but there is much to be found in robotics as well where these robots can be sent everywhere and bring back information. Of course, then there are people just concerned with jobs, and manned space programs continue the current jobs, and new ideas bring new jobs.

Obama is looking for the next generation of jobs. Not just the ones where people have jobs already, because there are many people on the planet who are idle, not because they wish to be, but because they do not have things that will support them, and so the economy is in need of changing. It is interesting to us how Obama is really pushing regulations on the derivatives market. His is very much behind that. You see, as we have said, Obama is working behind the scenes. Many people say, “Oh, his is not doing anything about this or that”. He is not showing you what he is doing. He is like a poker player that is collecting his cards for his winning hand. He doesn’t  tell you, “Oh, I’ve got 3 aces. Anyone know where the fourth ace might be?” He makes it look like he’s losing, got the poker face, then boom, boom, boom, boom, boom… game over; game changed.

So many who are caught up in old dogmatic thinking are really struggling at this time, many who think that they know something are in for big changes, big surprises, shocking surprises. They want to think that they know because they feel comfortable in the know. You really need to be more comfortable in the unknown, that is where you are headed, and to places that have been unknown, because they will, over time, become known to you, in a kind of a rush of information. If you are constantly going backwards and saying, “Well, I want my constitution. Well, I want my this and I want that, and we, we we…” then you will feel that the new information, which really changes a lot of things, you are straitjacketed from using.

It is like someone who has been watching old television, black and white television and is very happy with his black and white television and is now all upset that his television doesn’t pick up the new signals. “Why did you change my television signals? I have had that television for fifty years. I get my four channels and I am very happy. Why have you changed this?”

Welcome to the new world! It is time to upgrade your vehicle, your devices. Yes, you can still have the old one if you wish for nostalgia, but the world is not going to stop for you, to the extent that you can ride these changes with comfort, low anxiety, no anxiety, or even bubble joy, like the excitement of looking at Phobos and saying, “Wow, this is really real. We are going to get there, you can’t hide this anymore.”

Other countries are getting involved, not just America any longer, not just the NASA people who can hide everything, or the Russian people who can hide everything. You now have the Europeans, you know have the Japanese, the Chinese, the Indians, all getting into the act saying, “Wait a minute, You’ve been holding out on us America. You’ve been leading us astray. You’ve been making us stay on the oil monkey longer than we needed to. Look at us now we are fighting and killing over this oil.” We have been doing it a long time, but it has gotten worse and there is no need. That needs to change. Think about how the war situation would change if oil became obsolete as an energy source. All of a sudden it would be like, “Who wants this pile of sand in the middle East? Go give it back with our blessing.”

The oil explorations that are Okayed off the coast? Don’t worry about it. Obama knows those things are going to be obsolete, so give the people that want to spend monies on. “You want to go looking for that? Go ahead! Go busy yourself with that, because by the time you come back with it, it will be so expensive and so difficult to get, that the world will say, ‘No, we don’t need it. We have other places we can get the little bit of oil that we need for our greasing this and that, and making plastics, or whatever.'” Understand?

Good Evening.

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  • Pleiadian_Knight December 26, 2011, 5:12 AM

    Obama is not about change… That was just a selling punchline to get the masses acceptance. They are all the same. The same puppet with a different face… They are like the cereal “Fruit Loops”, they have a variety of colors with a varying amount of frosting on each… but they all taste the same.
    They are still hidding EVERYTHING from us!

    Take a wild guess on why they shut down NASA… ofcourse the government didnt shut down the space program but they did shut down the space program that the public knew about… Making it easier to conceal the truth!

    Once everyone wakes up and the connection between eachother starts, everyone will join hands. Flags won’t have a meaning anymore. Borders will disappear. The government will be rendered obsolete. Money and currency will be rendered obsolete. Dept wont even matter anymore, thus the pyramid of control and conformity will fall apart. The Government, the Illuminati, the Draconis, they all know this. This is why they fear the mass awakening. Thats why they will go to unbelievable levels to hide this information from the mass and hammer down the people and especially hammer down the alliance members with-in the Net. They will do anything and everything to make The Alliance doubt themselves. This is why it is imperative that we stand with absolute vigilance.

    Once the world wakes up into the golden age and everyone starts tapping into the information, ALL of the useless tech will be disgarded and reused to make useful tech, and the further along we are in the in the golden age, the more access we will have to information that was impossible to access with the Net on-line. Which in turn, with all that info accessable, technolegy will start making impossible leaps in advancement.

  • marthie meyer-horn January 19, 2012, 3:14 AM

    Keep on spinning – the center of the Milky way is in sight….

  • DavidBry July 10, 2013, 8:47 AM

    Good morning,

    Sooo FUN taking a look back! Kind of grounding. My dear Joyce’s inquiries lead me to our planets interior, never mind the interior of Mars. It is very exciting to wake up to these realities yet some truths are not so fun….like the nature of those that have usurped the individual right to learn about our true past on this planet, having destroyed all ritualistic worship, practice, monuments etc….never mind destroying women and covering up their precious role in our growth as a planet. We are the planet in all of HER glory.


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