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The Gods Were Bored

We are here.

You were made to feel insignificant like the children in the wonderful movie, Monster Inc., where they scream the energies out of the children.  A very telling movie of how the non-physicals, who are still somewhat in control of your world, feed off of lower vibration energies. The Matrix, another wonderful movie, showed you that you are being used, lulled to sleep, so that you will produce the energies that these beings want, or think they need.

You are in a culture that uses gasoline and coal to make energies. You really think that this is what you have to do to have your shiny, stainless steel and concrete world. You think that you must burn dirty things to have the energies and nature shows you that that is not true. Nature shows you that the energies are all around you. All you must really learn how to do is tap into it.

You are in a time where you are very capable of breaking the chains that bind you, more so than you have been in a long time. There is information in 3D, not the nonphysical realms, that has been kept from you that would really start to help you move out of this bondage with great strength and vigor.

When you understand the laws of nature and the laws of the universe, not the physical laws of gravity and such; the bigger laws, like the laws of manifestation, of attraction. When you understand them, then you begin to see how you are really the ones that have been creating all of this crap. Now you have had help, It all followed in a path that was put in place with an early desire on the part of great beings to learn cause and effect at a much deeper level, and to a certain degree this version of the past was never broken. When you can instantly manifest then you never really get a good handle on cause and effect. It is too quick, but when you can stretch it out, in the molasses that is 3D, when you can have an effect that seems to take much longer from the cause, then you can see what you are doing with more clarity.

It is like magnifying  something.  When you are intending to thread a needle and you cannot, you put on glasses. The glasses focus and now you can see the edges of the hole in the needle, you can see little threads coming off of the thread, tiny threads that are preventing you from pushing it through.

Have you ever tried to do that? You keep trying to put the thread through the needle. It keeps flaring out and fuzzing up. Why is this?  If you could see with more clarity, more focus, if you could magnify it,  then you would see, “Oh look,  this little hair here, the little fuzzy thing keeps grabbing the corner and bending out in that direction”, understand?

That is what 3D reality is, a chance to really get up close to cause and effect, and that seemed at the time to be a very good thing, something that wanted to be understood at a deeper level, and so how do you do that? You go into the thing, you move into that place and really live it. Let us use an analogy, if you wanted to learn about the rural country side of America do you get your Cadillac or Rolls Royce with your driver, your five hundred dollar suit, your entourage of police officers, and drive into rural America and really get a handle on it? Or do you tie yourself a bag on a string and catch the first hobo train? Understand? That is what you did in a way. You said, “Yes, Yes, I know that I can go in there with all of the power and the strength and things that are possible. I will not become one with it. Give me a beat up coat and some holey shoes, a stick and a bag, a handkerchief to carry it all in.” And you went in.

Now you went in and got lost. You went in and got forgetful. You did not realize it would be so challenging. You thought, I will go do this and come back for dinner, but you are like someone that got off the boat in Europe and didn’t call home for fifteen years.

Where have you been?

“Oh, this place is really hopping, let me tell you. I’ve been to England, I’ve been to Scotland, to Russia, France and Lithuania.” All of these things looked like something that you could put your finger on at one time. Europe, America, Earth, a little Earth behind a finger. Now all of a sudden it exploded into a cornucopia of experience and to the gods who were bored, this was big time excitement. The big discovery, but it has come at a cost, and all time being simultaneous, you are now attempting to build another course, another version, another parallel reality that takes a little bit from this one and a little bit from the other one and comes up with a more sustainable middle.

Now these are very tough concepts to grasp from the 3D reality world you are in. They are very difficult, and so there isn’t just one group, one person that was going to come along and show it all to you. You have the myths of Jesus and there are truths to the Jesus story, and that was one possibility. But look at the story, it is telling you: people won’t listen to just one man, understand, in his own time.

Good Evening.

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  • Ronald Bailey May 9, 2010, 6:02 PM

    You talked about how energy is all around us it’s been known for some time like Tesla and other great Scientist who on this Planet have been taken out of history books after deaths. Some are killed or threatened because they make a free energy device and the reason you can’t make a profit with something free. There is a website with over 10,000 free energy devices but the general public do not know of this. Our problem on Earth is the thing called distraction: TV, Video Games, just to name a few.


  • Kim Stacy March 31, 2012, 4:01 PM

    I was diagnosed with Essential Tremors, i feel my body vibrating at night when i lie down to sleep…..it keeps me awake. And ideas?

  • Byon April 4, 2012, 4:17 PM

    How about this out of left field!! Try a magnesium supplement. I found that using a “cramp-buster” smoothed out the rythm in my heart. My daughter has reduced the occurrence of migraine, my son his headaches and my wife her muscle spasms. Can also use Epsom salts { magnesium} for a relaxing hot bath.
    All the Best

  • Trigger April 8, 2012, 3:53 PM

    Hello Kim

    There are so many wonderful and effective ways to heal, naturally. And thank you to Byon for your recommendation.
    Health and Happiness are our birthright, so there is always a way to heal, to make balance, and there is always a solution to every challenge before us. One of my great teachers used to say that if a problem/challenge seems difficult, then we should try to have the mind of Sherlock Holmes and never stop searching for the answer to our mystery. The answers are always there, and they may come in ways we hadn’t yet imagined or understood, and they may even be much simpler than we had thought.
    I had been told many times by doctors that there was nothing that could be done to help me, as my condition was not easily categorized or understood. I refused to live a life of struggle and decline, and with great commitment and intent, I created a new state of being, a new life with great health.
    Have you tried to “meditate” or journal or just relax your mind and see what pops into your thoughts. Also, ask your Guides or Spiritual Counsel or The Universe for assistance. There is always help for all of us.

    Sending you Highest of Blessings

  • Dgodrummer June 3, 2012, 8:51 AM

    I love the last paragraph especially. I’ve never felt “human”, both my wife and I have discussed this feeling that we’ve had for the last 15 years, though more intense in the last 8years; felt a sense of difference in some unexplainable way. For the last ten years, intense anger has challenged and blinded me from my purpose; “how can humans be this way? How can people not see what’s going on? Are we not, as a species, insane? Do you all really believe what’s being told, taught, reported?”
    It’s been utterly infuriating… until gradually I began to remember. Remember who I am, why I’m here, what this time is all about. Through my discoveries; first of lyricus.com, then wingmakers.com, then a chance discovery of Bringers of the Dawn; all a random discovery (so my mind says – though my Sovereign Integral simply laughs!) ; found in a conversation, a mistyped google search, a new acquaintance; all random to my conscious mind.
    Things are so different now. The searching out of material both INSIDE and outside are conscious, as the higher self continues to guide. The anger replaced by reassurance of self, by self. The title “Systems Buster” never had so much meaning prior. Not that the daily challenges are vacated, they exist, though with a new found purpose of attention; I find my issues to be welcome in some way. Like crossing off items on a “to do” list.
    To Kim – I would have said sorry for what you’re going through, but that would have been old school thought. Embrace your challenges, as you have called them into your life for a reason. Like Rumi says (he still does say it you know); go inside the uncertainty and burn like a moth to the flame. In there will be your answers. I have my own, physical/mental issues as well. We all do, and we all have called them in. Kim, you must KNOW you have the answers to deal with your issues, then you can deal with them. The journey may be long and painful, though I do wish for you that is has it’s moments of beauty and blissfulness as well. Breath is the most useful tool we have in our medicine cabinet, one cannot O.D. on breath, so use it often and apply willful purpose to the quiet moments… breathe in and out; go inside your breath when you have an “episode”. I wish you clarity and send you my love in dealing with your tremors. Don’t forget to laugh as well. Watch the movie Tremors – make light of your issue – know it is not you. Find your answers in the most unlikely places.
    We are here, we are on purpose, we are all connected. We have patience, we will endure, we will be the change we want to see outside of ourselves.

  • Kim Stacy June 3, 2012, 12:49 PM

    Thanks to the replies and suggestions to my post. I kept it short and sweet without elaborating on my tremors. I will never forget the day when I noticed my hands started shaking. I was a teenager and driving throught Arizona with my family. We had just stopped at one of those side souvineer shops that they have along the side of the road. When we got back in the car to continue our trip, I noticed that my hands were shaking. Crazy huh? I have learned to live with it and accept it figuring it was just a neurological condition. I have always been very spiritual and seeking God and the truth. I went from being a Christian to a Catholic to NO specific religion. I experienced joys and dissapointments in both religions. After many years of seeking, searching countless resources via the internet

  • Kim Stacy June 3, 2012, 1:05 PM

    I discoverd “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne which led me to search in other areas and then eventually to the Pliedians. I started meditating and practicing Christine Days Frequencies of Brilliance which is a healing technique. Throughout my life occasionally my body would vibrate with a high energy while trying to sleep and/or while meditating. Recently, I have been having a lot of headaches and even though I eat very light and exercise, I gained 10 lbs. I am a graphic designer and right now…I am seeking out a way to create digitally what my soul is seeking.

  • Davidbri September 27, 2012, 11:50 AM


    As I surf past Pleiadian Channels, the common wave we are riding is made apparent. As I trace past channels and comments, the experiences/being of my life become more and more in focus, like the “needle” I have been trying to thread.

    In my adult life TAO philosophy took hold, making so much sense to me. But I never read anything, cover to cover, and very moderate otherwise, just practiced using the I Ching for myself and then of coarse for others benefit. A reference reader, if you will. Most that I know has been given through quieting and openning my mind and being one, as best as I can, with nature. Awareness grows. Awareness of the connection. Awareness of the empathic and psychic abilities we all have.

    Important recurring symbols and themes suddenly take on meaning. Sure, we all have been on the fringe and wondering. Listen to the tense of your thought/verbatim and “be your own authority” about where it’s origin is, you or incoming. If incoming then who? We are simply waking up to the already fording interconnection we have with the whole, that we’ve simply been unaware of?

    As you begin to train, learn to distinquish between counsel from good vs. bad sources. As you begin to converse with your thoughts, the bad will try to fool your mind in the guise of good, but will never fool your heart. Just as it has always been in the 3D world as our thought/intent/actions play out, but “NOW”, we have acsended to a new level, and the conversation takes a new and forgotten form, the signal is stronger then it’s been for a seemingly very long time, and only because we are wired for it.

    Listen to the tone of the incoming. If it’s self serving in any way, quick or extreme be weary. Is it maculine or feminine? Servants of misguided forces know we are waking up and will test you. If your closed to evil spirits, they’ll have very limited access. If you open just a little, like out of curiousity, they grab on to you tight and wont let go, very scary, but powerless in the light, so don’t be afraid, just thoughful, or mindful of your thoughts. (Think love, they hate that.) All of these experiences we have in the drama of our lives are now beginning to play out in the multidimensions, meaning we’re becoming aware of our active participation at a cosmic level,…as we speak/think/feel.

    Until now, practices to maintain a healthy chakara system was essential to nurturing our inner ability to connect with the whole, because even in the galactic darkness, we are very powerful beings and have been able to practice on a smaller scale. Some more aware/able then others, at varying degrees. Now, anyone who works light at any level and those that just attempt or intend to be spitiually healthy through practice, can’t help but be activated/reconnected to a certain degree. Your thoughts and feelings will guide you. The information is flowing simultaniously from without and from within, meaning it is already within us/our code/DNA, and this awakening is being shared by the source.

    We would advise everyone to stop talking or talk alot less, and start using your minds again, we are all out of practice.

    Finally, if you have trouble giving love unconditionally. Find someone who does and listen/follow with your heart/mind/actions/intent until you can stand/function on your own, as we are meant to.

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