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America’s Catastrophe in the Gulf

We are here.

Why is America being hit by so many catastrophes and who is perpetrating these catastrophes and for what purpose? Of course they are designed they are perpetrated. It is not a natural disaster to have an oil well blow up. It is not a natural disaster for some of these things; some of the things that look natural are not natural whether they are earthquakes or other things of this sort. Of course there are things going on on the planet. The energies that are causing certain things to adjust are very much like the clearing away of the things that are hidden. Understand?

When you start to look at things that have been hidden, you lift up a rock and find something underneath that has been ‘decaying, you start to find out what has been going on under the façade of ‘nothing going on’. That is what is occurring. People are being tuned; they are being adjusted by the energies from the Galactic Center. These energies are coming in and they are like frequencies in a climatic patterning: the frequencies are coming in and the patterning is occurring. So many of the shiftings have to do with a change of the pattern and many of the breaks. These things that are going on are due to people that don’t want the old pattern to break. They don’t want to see the old pattern removed and so they think that if they can do something to sort of offset the changes that they can in some ways perpetuate the status quo.

This is occurring with the controlling forces on the planet whether it is the Halliburton kind of people or certain families, certain groupings that feel that they are in control that they are the controllers. And so it is very much like someone who is discovering that people are jumping off the boat so they are running the boat into an iceberg. Understand? They are not going to give the people the chance to jump off the boat, they are going to sink the boat and in that way prevent them from jumping off at their own period, making it so that they have to jump off at a time that they are not prepared. That kind of thing is really what is going on out there. You are going to have to get out there and help those who are falling and have another arm to really strike a blow against some of these controllers and in a way that is exactly what Obama has been doing. Obama has been really out to secure those who are the weaker of society, those who have been falling through the cracks. He is trying to help the illegals and in the meantime he is exposing the controllers.

The controllers in their attempts to cover up are really starting to do some nasty sh*t and they will do even nastier sh*t going forward. They are the type of people that would blow up a plane to keep one person from reaching their destination, understand? They would kill everyone on the plane for that one person that they don’t want to get where ever that person is going. So here they are, they have no problem devastating the economies of the Gulf, no problems at all, and now they will try to make monies from it. They will create the devastation then they will say, “Oh we can come in with Halliburton and we will do the clean up.”

Watch to see how some of these big corporations that are connected with the controllers begin to get investigated. Watch how they begin to get dismantled because they have structures, they have capabilities to be of help, but they have upper management that needs to be eliminated or removed from power. Watch for things like some of these corporations being nationalized or deputized. You can come in and say, “Look GM, we are going to take over. You are going to build tanks”, like they did in WWII. Watch for some of these disasters to cause the Obama administration and those in the government who are not a part of the perpetration of it to say, “Okay, we need what you have but we are not giving you monies for it, we are just taking it. You have the equipment that can clean oil, fine. These men from the army core of engineers are going to use your equipment and go clean up. You are not going to be hired to do it or if you are hired to do it there will be a structure put in place that has you accountable to someone on the light side.” You will see light workers being put in places of authority, that is really what Obama is attempting to do and many in the same grouping are trying to do.

They see a functioning thing that at the ground level things are fine; all at the worker level are fine. These are not dark people but they are manipulated by darkness, and so how hard would it be? It’s like having a puppet and all of a sudden you kick the puppet master aside. You get someone to manipulate the puppet who is of the light and either you will see some of these darks flip like coins as they begin to realize that they need to be a part of the light team, or you will see them being removed. You will see them either removing themselves through death or something of this sort, or you will see them actually physically picked up and taken out, removed. Understand? You are no longer the head of Sachs; you are no longer the head of whatever…

That kind of pushing out of the dark is where you are moving now. Where they would want you to say, “Oh, I guess we are just stuck with these people.” No, the light forces are going to come in and say, “You, you are dark, you are no longer welcome here. Don’t bother coming to work tomorrow. You do not have employment here anymore.” So as people begin to feel more and more and more of the pressure of the dark, the light will build within them to the point of thermonuclear reaction. The dark can only push so much to where it is counterproductive. Understand? It is like someone who is trying to hold back pressure in a balloon, it takes one little pin to blow that balloon up, one little point of contact where the pressure inside rips that balloon apart.

Good Evening.

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