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Too Big to Fail: The Death Throes of the Dark

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You are really beginning to see the death throes of the dark and they really are in a scorch and burn mode. Think about that kind of a mentality in control of economies, in control of big corporations, and such. The idea of ‘too big to fail’ is going to be a mantra coming up, as to say to things: “Who are you, what do you do? Are you too big to fail? Because if you are then you have too much power in the economy.” That kind of concentration is going to be seen as almost like cancer on how people live and this is part of what significant living is all about: a return to local economies because what is occurring is an understanding that an economy isn’t just to get the most from the least.

Be the most efficient. An economy is part of a way of life. An economy is a part of a flow of existence and so it must match a living flow, it must match the energies of a healthy person. A healthy person doesn’t want a tumor growing huge in their body and so you will start to see, the world will start to see these big companies, these big corporations, as tumors on significant living. That is what Obama understands that to the extent that these large entities have been allowed to grow to the size that they threaten the life. You have heard of tumors that you cannot remove because they have connected themselves to vital parts? That is what these things have done, they have gotten into your economies, they have gotten into your energy production, they have gotten into your food productions and they have gotten into other livelihoods and they have gotten so into it so deep that you cannot figure out how to remove them without killing what they have connected themselves to. Understand?

That is why you are seeing this done very very surgically, very methodically because this is not just where someone opens up your head and rips the tumor out of your brain. That is not how you do it. You feed nutrients to the body, you get the body healthier, you send energies into the tumor that says please shrink, show us where the boundaries are and then you judiciously go in these and you remove it. Understand?

And that is what is occurring so those who have gotten their livelihoods from this darkness, they are just seeing problems, they are just seeing, “Oh, the Obama administration just doesn’t understand because…” They are too connected, they are too close to the surgeon who is trying to remove the darkness. Those who are all the way out away from it are just wondering why it hasn’t been done sooner. Well, they are not really close to it so you cannot judge how it is removed. If you are the foot and the tumor is in the brain, you cannot say, “Well, hurry up, hurry up!” Tell that to the brain cells that are being separated from the dark. They do not see your timetable as being valid to them and so there are a lot of people on this planet who are very close to the dark, not that they are dark; they got too close to the dark. They buddied up with it, they had to because it was a part of the economy whether they are miners in the mines, you have heard a lot about mines collapsing lately, whether they are oil rig people out on the oil rigs, or whether they are whatever.

So this kind of a process, it is like someone is running around injecting the tumor with a shrinking agent or a dye that allows the color changes so you can see. You go into an organization and you sort of sprinkle a little bit of this dye and you see who is the dark and who is the light, understand? It is easy to separate that is what is going on here and as people begin to realize that these big corporations don’t give a f#ck about them and don’t put their needs high up and will short them like what has happened with this oil rig. Halliburton: what a metaphor for what we are describing, a dark, evil group that creates misery then makes money on it.

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  • Jerry December 5, 2012, 3:31 PM

    In my opinion the “too big to fail” corporations and banks have already failed.

    The last shall be first and the first shall be last. Jerry

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