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Nothing is Broken

We are here.

What we are seeing that might be of interest is the idea that nothing is broken. We bring it up often, but at this particular time we would say, “Nothing is broken”. What you are discovering is how much is really occurring outside of your senses, beyond your 3D senses. You learn about things later, you do not know about them in the moment and things are going on. We have told you and others that Mr. Obama has been very busy in the background, and now you are seeing these things being brought out very quickly whether it is the health care bill or the reform on the Wall Street people or whatever, and it is occurring in a very pragmatic way. In other words, a war that says, “We are tired of the bullshit, lets move on. We’re tired of dancing around the issues, let’s call a spade a spade and let’s move on.”

Mr. Obama said something very wonderful when he said, “If your business model is not bilking people out of their life savings then you have nothing to fear out of this legislation.” He’s calling them right to their faces, but if you are bilkers, we are going to stop you, if you are dishonest in your business practices, we are going to find you and we are going to stop you because the idea that the buyer must be all knowledgeable and that anything that goes on that he does not understand or does not respond to fast enough is his own problem, really gives a carte blanche to those who would do dishonesties, those who would not be above board and honest, and there is a lot of lack of above board and honesty with many in politics and many in governments and many in business. Understand?

So you will begin to see how much of that transparency is going to start to come forward in a lot of areas whether it is the space program, or whether it is in the governments business, or health care. There are going to be more and more revelations about just what the f#ck has been going on. It’s going to get to the point where so much information starts to come out that you feel very overwhelmed by it and we would suggest like being in a flood, or under a waterfall, don’t try to catch it all. Let some of it just roll past you because it is like sunlight when you are out in a field and the sun comes out, you don’t want to run everywhere on the field to get all of the sunlight. It is enough to just sit in the one spot you are at, and just bask. True?

Well bask in the idea that transparency and truthfulness is starting to come out everywhere you look. It is like flowers blooming. Some of it isn’t very good information. Whether it is the terrible things that have been done in the name of America by your warriors, or the things that have been done in the banking, or financial industries, you cannot worry or concern yourself with every little thing. But if you go into it by saying, “It is a way of thinking about it, information is coming out”, and just think about it like that, “Information IS coming out!” It doesn’t matter what piece of information you are the most tied to in the moment, whether it is 9/11, or the aliens, or the secret bases under the ocean, under the Antarctic, what a politician is doing , or the Pope, all of these things are coming out.

So it is really time to consider why this is occurring and how that can benefit you. It is like being in a place with a lucky streak, someone has handed you a lucky dice. Do you care whether it has won for other people in the past or will win for others in the future? Use it now because what you are going to see is that people are going to start finding what they are looking for. You are in the time where you are going to begin to find what you are looking for, so start looking for things that have value. Start looking for things that you really want because you are going to find them whether it is free energy, or Spirit communication, or a resurgence of significant living on the planet, or concern for the environment.

See it more as this is what I am searching for and then watch it unfold. It is sort of a version of “You create your own reality”. It is, but it is also saying, “I am merging my desires in with the rest of the world, so that what I want is in unison with what everyone else is in wanting of, or in need of, and you will see where this becomes a problem to someone who wants something, that takes from someone else – innocent others or what appears to be innocent other. If someone is taking something from someone that is what they want they want to take. A classic example is what is going on in Arizona, they want to take the rights of people to just walk, and not be concerned that they will be harassed by police officers. They want to take away from a certain group of people.

See how the sunlight is really beginning to shine in all these areas? You would have to be living in a cave not to see it. But we would suggest that anyone of you who would listen to us really begin to see it as natural occurrence, that is not your excuse to go on witch hunts, if that makes any sense. Yes you are going to find a lot of bad eggs and bad things have occurred, but here is so much going forward that to really turn around and waste too much of your energies on these things would almost be like getting hooked. These are like little hooks that are trying to hook you and you would do well to see yourself like Teflon man, don’t let any of these hooks in, only the ones you want because if you are being hooked, think about it like being a fish, you are being hooked.

So you want to be hooked by the person who is going to fry you or do you want to be hooked by a person who is going to bring you to a cleaner, better environment. You don’t have to be hooked, you can just grab on the hook. Understand? You don’t have to bite on it and let it pull you. You get a sense of what we are talking about. There are a lot of hooks now that are being dropped into the water and some are meant to tie you down and some are meant to pull you out, and if you can identify the ones that are tying you down, we would suggest they make you feel really, really, really bad or really, really, really mad or really something. If it brings joy to you or a WOW affect to you, then you are finding the ones that are trying to pull you out of the water and into a better place.

Good Evening.

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  • Paul Carr October 28, 2011, 7:29 AM

    Nice information but channelled or otherwise we can do without the course language, please and thank you!


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