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Bastille Day

We are here.

As people begin to really start to get it, then the dark start thinking Bastille Day. Understand? Think French Revolution, You might see the head of Halliburton running for the hills with people chasing him with pitch forks throwing rocks at his helicopter. So not only will these people not be safe in their little gated communities, they will not be safe on this planet and they know this. So they are planning an escape from the planet. They think they can escape and take the best from the planet and escape, but what will happen is they will just be allowed to escape, “Get the f#ck out of here, but no, you don’t get to take all the resources, you don’t get to take all the water, no you don’t get to take all the crops. No, you will just get on the boat with this sack over your shoulders, and get the f#ck out of here.”

Some who have been part of that grouping will chose to stay and be a part of the work that is going on here. They will look at where they are going and say, “You know, I don’t want to go there. I don’t want to live on an asteroid gutted out into a big flying lifeboat. This is the thing that I want to fix. I want to get the Titanic back on course. I want to fix the hole in the Titanic. That is a better use of my life, of my energy, that I will feel proud to be a part of.” So that kind of a switch is occurring within these organizations and that is all a part of this breaking away. You see the tumors begin to release.

Now this is a long dissertation on the same process. You are beginning to see it and that is where a lot of these crazy ‘earth change’ things are going to be found proven to be manipulated. First there are the unnatural disasters, the man-made disasters; those will be seen to be done through negligence. Why did this oil rig blow up because someone did not pour concrete properly? Why did that bridge collapse because someone did not make the steel properly? People will begin to see that the qualities that they bring to their work, the intention that they bring to their work is why some of these things are occurring. Why did the bridge collapse because people wanted to save money by using cheaper steel. Why did the economy collapse because these were people squeezing out of it every dime that they could regardless of how it affected the retired people or the home owning people, whatever.

You may say there are no laws against this: “There are no laws against this, we did not break a law!”. But you did break a law. You broke a golden law which says to “do no harm,” understand? You cannot sit idly by and allow harm to happen and profit from it. You cannot do that. That will be seen as just as bad as someone who goes out and robs you at gun point. The differentiation between what is a law broken and is not a law broken will be seen to be a man-made line, when there is actually a higher line, a higher authority: the laws of the universe, the laws that govern physics, and life force. Understand? Those laws will be seen to be broken and that will be a criterion that people will bring. In other words when people come to a Goldman Sachs and say, “You have been doing this and this and this”, and they say, “We have broke no laws”. Do you think these millions of people are without because of this action, do you think they are going to care whether you broke a law?

They are going to know you did it on purpose. That is going to be enough of what they need to know. People will say, “Yes, Halliburton broke no laws but they screwed up here, and there is an intention and a paper trail of how to save monies” and whatever natural law will take over, or the laws of Karma.

They are doing more and more above board. They are coming right out with it. They are saying look we are going to light these oil wells up. We are the ones who control the oil wells. We’ll burn a oil derrick up. Well burn a 33 million dollar derrick up and someone else will say, “You are insane.” No, they are just dark. So as people begin to realize that these dark people need to get their hands off of the levers, off the economy, off of the levers of production… you cannot have these people in charge. You need to have people in charge who have a higher perspective, who have a higher intention.

You will begin to see people moving into positions of power, of authority that have the right or the correct perspective, like Obama. Obama said, “Fine, you’ve been screaming about off shore drilling, here, off shore drill”. So what did they do? They have been fighting Obama for years about the right to off shore drill and as soon as he gives it to them, they give him the reason that  people have been saying all along why to not off shore drill. In other words they did not appreciate that Obama was willing to give them what he was willing to give them, and in a way Obama did it to show just where you people would really end up.  He knew that this could happen. Understand? Not consciously, but somewhat consciously. It is like someone saying, “I want to do this….” You know they really don’t want to do it they just want the ability to control.

It is not because they want oil out there; they want oil they can control. That is why they don’t allow free energies. Why aren’t the free energies coming out? There is plenty of information out there. Why isn’t that being pursued with vigor because once found it will become public domain and no one will control it. That is not the kind of thing they want to invest in. They want to invest in things that give them control, ultimate control.

Good Afternoon.

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