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Guest Source: Falco on the Gulf Oil Spill


Time is simultaneous. As you learn and as you recognize the synchronicities that come to you from all directions there is a link in time. It is like you are a beacon and that the beacon draws these synchronicities to you.  Things are drawn to you across time like clues allowing you to piece together information like a map in time.

So much of what this country is in need of is a cleanse, a release of past things, so that the past can reform, reform into strength not weakness. Because the past of this country, it makes a weak place now. Think about this now, all of these things in the past, they lead and they make a very small, a very thin, a very weak strength in this time; and this is what caused the end that you learned about in Damanhur. It was the end of this world because these choices, these decisions of the past they did not make strength, they make weakness. So now here you are in this place and you say, “Wow, this is weak, what must be done to strengthen this place and create a reconsideration of the past, a rethinking of the past that brings the proper message to the future”? Not the stupid one, not the full of sh*t one which you get now, but the one that says the truth.

The Native Americans of this country they were robbed, the Native Americans of this country they were killed, they were raped. The white man came and brought his disease, he brought his inability to live with the land, even though you think that he brought a way to live with the land, he did not. He chopped down trees, he dig from the land. Look at this spill that you have now. What is that? That is you! Everyone of you who drive your car, you cause this spill with your insatiable desire for this power that you do not need. The other day the channel was listening to someone on the radio saying that you can’t just tell someone they can’t drive their car. Why not? If driving your car causes this problem in the water. What do you mean that you cannot tell someone they cannot drive their car, there was no car 200 years ago, you didn’t have to tell him then to not drive a car.

There is this belief that what you have must maintain. No, some of what you have must go. Some of the things you think you must do, you must reconsider whether that is a good need, or whether it is a waste. It is the idea that everyone can waste, waste time, waste energy, waste food, waste health, waste the sun. That is this weakness that we speak of. People think these little toys that they play, that they carry, give them power. They give them nothing. True power comes from someone who can stand on earth and live without these things. That is power. Where would these people be if the shelves had no food? Where would they be if their gas tanks were not filled with gasoline, where would they be if the electric company did not bring electricity to them?

You think that they would be lost? They would be dead. They would be like what you see in Greece now. There would be fear, there would be concern, there would be, “How are we going to live?” You did not build a place to live, understand? You built a place to die. So to the extent that you can see this kind of thing, this weakness, and you stop and you change and you connect back through time, decisions can be made in time that come back and reform and strengthen this thread this time.

Much in this country in this continent that is broken has to do with the loss of the native culture, much. Because the native culture, they build strength in their culture. There was much strength in the Native American culture. There was much strength in the Meso-American culture, and that strength was lost because of those who come with their little guns and their desire for gold. Small things, small brains. They come and they destroy what was a great strength and then they say, “Oh, but we bring something to you!” They brought nothing but death, and pestilence, and crap. There are old pictures of men who cut the trees, big beautiful trees lying on the ground dead. Thousand year old trees, dead. Where did all of this start?

Atlantis, still Atlantis, all roads lead to Atlantis. So when you see the land the way it was before white man came in mass, what you see are those who came from Atlantis, and wish to live with the land, understand the energy of the land, and wish to seed the time lines with strength. For many many years afterwards this land was full of strength, this land was strong. This land lived with a great strength. But the Europeans they came with their little minds and they not see the strength, they just saw the trees, they just saw the rock, they just saw the gold, and this mindset created the world you have today. This mindset, it started there.

There was a time when man came here that they could have really learned, and left the crap behind. They came to leave the crap behind, they think they came to leave the crap behind, and to have a place to live, but they bring something with them, an idea, a little idea.

What is that little idea?

To not poke a stick into a den of snakes, I will let you contemplate what that idea was, who seeded that idea, and what it has created on this land. Contemplate what other ideas also have to change to bring strength back to this land.

Good day.

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