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Jupiter Uranus Conjunction: the Little Voices will be Heard

We are here.

There are many who would like to go forward yet there are those who would drag you back into the seventies with all of these toxins.

This oil spill needs to be stopped, all energies on this planet should be intending for it to stop. Do not see it as and opportunity to bring in something good. It does have that potential but when you can allow that in your mind, you, in a way, you become like a Cheney, and what we mean by that is some bad comes before something good. So yes, it can have affects that help, but your intentions ideally should be that it is stopped. It is like seeing a car pileup at a deadly curve in a road. How many deaths are needed before you decide you should do something about the road? You do not want thousands you want one, maybe even someone who just skids off the road, understand?

So a better intention is to see the awakening of people happen quickly because it is true that to the extent that they awaken the oil spill will stop. They have to realize their part in it, but that can happen quickly. It doesn’t have to happen after the entire Gulf is turned into a big oil slick. Understand?  You have now moved into this connection of Uranus and Jupiter.

Your perceptions of what is going on around you need to be sharpened, as do everyone’s, to the extent that you are picking up on everything that is going on around you. It is like you are tuning your sensory perceptions because if you cannot tune them better, then all the energy that is coming is really going to wreak havoc on you, on all of you. You cannot let what is going on out there filter through and become how you perceive it. You must feel it and move it outwards. In other words, if something is going on around you that is not in harmony, figure it out and set it right, understand? But don’t join it, don’t decide to entrain to it. The oil spill is a terrible thing. It may have good consequences, but it is a terrible thing. See it stopping. See the oil sucking back into the earth. Understand?  See new technologies that can find the oil at the depths they are now discovering it at. See people really starting to get it that they caused this, not them, that is what people don’t really understand. They are so quick to want to blame Haliburtons, and Cheneys, and darkness, and yet they take no responsibility for their part in it at all.

It is time to be responsible and to own what is going on out there as an outward manifestation of some of your intentions. Understand? Intentions, like karma, have repercussions that are outside of your knowledge base, outside of what you know. Understand? It is time to start thinking about that, to really start to push your sphere of thinking beyond “us and them”. If you really want to start thinking about the idea that you are “all one”, all one involves Cheney too, all one involves BP too. Understand? How are these people playing out their parts in the roles that have been given to them? You could not have a more evil person than Cheney. What sort of director cast him for it, the evil of BP, the evil of Haliburton? All of these others and the idea that these people can work in secret. What is the one thing that we said is going to occur, that is occurring? All of the secrets are being known, all of them. Look at all of them, the judges that are in the pocket of the oil men. The reformers that are guilty of what they are trying to reform. Where is all of this going to be turned around and be pointed back at the individual?

We talk about this at this time because you are really in the thick of it. What we mean by that is, what is that term, “Welcome to your world there is no turning back.” You really, really pushed the boat into the middle of the stream and now the water has picked up. Have you ever done this, ever gone into the river in a boat? You can imagine it, imagine that you are white water rafting and you pushed your boat out into the middle and got into the current. Understand? You are in it now and you must really learn to guide your way through it.

Let us now discuss the astrologies of today. Uranus is conjunct Jupiter on the Aries point. It is where the zodiac has gone completely in a circle and come to the beginning. What we see coming from this particular point is the quiet voices are going to be heard. Up until this point only the loud mouths have been heard, only the Rush Limbaughs, and the Glen Becks, and even the Keith Obermans, and the Rachel Maddows. We would say these are the loud mouths. These are the very voluminous people. You know those that you consider a loud mouth, great volume, great opinions that can really hammer at you, many of you have allowed this, we will also add another, Cheney’s daughter. That grouping has been the base beating of the reality, the ones giving you the base strong vibration. Now you have turned on that, you are moving into a time that the little voices will be magnified.

You talked earlier about magnification. Well why do you magnify, why do you amplify anything?  So it can be heard, or seen, or detected. If you don’t turn up the volume you won’t hear the subtle voices and they have a lot to say, and a lot of opinion that has not been taken into account. Now why is that important? How many times have those quiet voices turned out to know more, have the answers, but they are too late because they were not heard in time, understand? How many times?

Amplification is how to be heard, but amplification doesn’t have to have a harmful intent, but intent of being heard, and that is important because there are those who will shout out of anger, not out of wanting to be heard, and those groupings will be heard and discarded, because people will hear them in anger and discard them. The ears will not listen, understand? The Glen Becks, and the Rush Limbaughs, and these kinds of people who are spouting loud anger at people. They are starting not to be heard, but it is important to know when that is occurring, and when it is not occurring. Because if you were to speak up loud enough to be heard it would sound like you were shouting. Understand?

So to the extent that the volume can be raised without false emotions being tied to it, your voice will be heard without distortion. That is important because what is that describing but a distortion. What occurs when you turn up the volume of something so much that it gets distorted? You’ve heard of distortion with guitars and things of this sort. The whole idea of raising the volume to reach that distortion level because that was where they wanted the guitar to play but now it is not the pure sound of the guitar it is something else. Understand?

So you have to learn, not just you, all small voices have to learn how to up your volume without distortion. When the volume is distorted you hear the crackle of the speakers not the information, the information that is now starting to be amplified up. You are moving into a period where the seeds that were planted are now beginning to bear fruit, and things can happen very quickly and bring a steering, a movement, a change that makes hopefully for a better world, for you, and for those around you, as your version of the earth shifts away from a toxic, messy, dishonored world. You are seeing more, and more, and more. Think about the Star Trek movie about the whales and the importance of the whales. How  important it was to go get them and bring them back into the future. What about the time-line where Kirk was killed, where Spock was killed? You are in the world where these things didn’t happen and other things did. The oil spill is a great motivator, but if it doesn’t motivate people to look at themselves, then it missed its mark because it doesn’t t give you the OK to go after oil people. It is here to have you go after yourself. Understand? It is like a chafing that you get when you ride a horse the wrong way, the horse doesn’t care about the chafing, it’s your butt that hurts. Do you think that Cheney cares, do you think any of these people really care? No, to them it just brings Jesus closer, or something. Understand?

You have to care, all of you, and not just in the sense that you have to stop it. You have to stop what brings it to you, whether it is minimizing your energy consumptions, or coming up with new energy sources, and really looking at your world in the sense to say, “How much am I expecting from these unsustainable technologies?”  The answer is there, it is in a future time-line, so take a moment to imagine that time-line finding you like someone on a long journey through woods with a rope. Imagine you have sent out scouts and they have sent out scouts. Understand? You were dropped in the middle of a forest, like some place on the Avatar world Pandora, and now you have been working yourself out of that place and someone else is coming to find you, like when the boy fell, was lost and was discovered by the woman, the young girl. She led him back and he learned about their world to the point that he wanted to be a part of their world. See that kind of thing occurring, where these time lines are seeking you out and will be very happy to find you, and then help lead you out of here. Understand? And that path has things that just fall in your way.

When you find yourself on a path somewhere, are there not places that were manufactured to make the path easier, whether they are bridges, or walkways, or stones laid on the ground, or something? See that on the path, not just that you have been found. Not just that you have been found but as you are being led out, you are being led to some very well built paths like the Yellow Brick Road for Dorothy, or something. Understand? All of a sudden you come popping out of the woods and say, “Where did this come from? Oh, this is the path that leads to significant living.” It has been here all along and now you have found it, so stay on it. Follow the Yellow Brick Road. We are being funny.

That is what people are learning, that there is a path and they are going to learn more about it. The non-physicals and the extra-terrestrials are on that path. Understand? Just as the people Dorothy met on her trip were on her path to be helpful. It is a wonderful metaphor, no matter who would ‘have a cow’ hearing us use the Wizard of Oz as a metaphor. It is a wonderful metaphor. That is what it was designed to do. And so as this day progresses, and this time that you are in, this conjunction progresses, look around to see about the little voices that are going to start amp’ing up. The little voices that will amp up around you because some of them are not even of this realm, some of them are of another realm like the fairy realm, like the elven realm, like all of these other realms that have been sort of waiting in the wings. These worlds exist, it’s not just this place, there are other realms, other dimensions, other overlapping versions of reality with their own vibration and they wish to be a part of earth’s ascension as well, earth’s shifting. They don’t see it just as your shifting, they are all going for the ride to the extent that they feel comfortable, that they feel heard, not in the sense that you hear them, but in the sense that you honor them, then they will be part of that world with you. Understand? That is what Damanhur understood, that is what Falco at Damanhur understood.

These realms have something to bring, some history, some knowledge, whether they are the giant race, or the little people races, or the extra-terrestrial races. Crop Circles, who are the crop circle builders? Where are they? When are they going to come along? What sort of things can they tell us? Maybe it is time to imagine a crop circle with some information about the oil spill. Wouldn’t that just shock them? A crop circle that maybe shows how to stop the spill.

No one is talking about just stopping the spill, everyone is talking about getting control of it again. There is a difference. Bill Mar brought it up last night. Where is the person that says, “Just stop it! Just shut it off?” Where is the bomb that blows up, collapses the mountain, and shuts it down? Why is no one thinking in those terms? You might be surprised where some of these ideas go in the near future. You may very well find with an inventory of the oil rigs all around your country that your waterfronts are disasters waiting to happen. This one could easily be the crack that was discovered before all of the other cracks happened, and yet other things are going on in the world.

The Israelis are really putting the squeeze on the Palestinians in Gaza and the world is really not going to take it. Why? The little voices are being heard, the little voices are being amplified, understand?  Gemini has a lot of influence and significance at this time. We see a lot of communication explosion of a proportion that will allow these quiet voices to finally be heard, if we could put a nail on it. That is what is going on because these little voices have been there all along below the surface, they have not been heard and so now you are going to start hearing about it. Particularly with what is going to occur in the southern states, in all of the Gulf States. Is this not one of these places where the ‘low information’ crowd really grows big and thick? These are the Armageddon people, well, aren’t they getting their Armageddon?

Send your thoughts there for recovery, but understand that some of this is being brought about by intention, if that makes any sense. Understand? Some people want the oil information to come out; they want people to know where the money goes, what it does, and what it cares about. That grouping is now being heard. Understand? There is another group that wants to talk about destruction of the oceans and how they are being killed. That grouping is being heard. It is like this is causing an upwelling of the volume of those who have information about it, or information to help prevent it. It is really a wonderful time and a scary time. It is scary because at what point do you do so much damage you cannot recover from it? There is a potential that that the toxin can kill the earth, kill you all. There are enough toxins in the ground to kill all of you humans on the surface for sure. It is why the earth mourns when you go digging around in her innards, because these things are where they belong.

Clean water is going to be so critical. That is, what is being learned right now in the Gulf is the value of clean water because the water is not going to be clean for a while, until someone can go out there and start to pick up this crap. We will tell you the BP people did very much disservice when they used all of the chemicals to disperse the oil. There is going to be some really bad news that is going to come out of that, but it will also wake people up. It is like Cousteau’s grandson was saying they put the dispersant on, not to fix, but to hide it, so it would go under the water and not be seen. They know quite well what they were doing, at that level. The government told them it was toxic, the EPA said no to it, and they did it anyway.

How much of that is going to be seen as criminal? Absolutely, there will be some criminal repercussions from that, but the real repercussions need to go deeper, people need to look in the mirror and change their behaviors. This is really going in the face of the Tea Partiers the Right Wingers, that crowd. They are the ones who really have to face what it is their ideology delivers to their door, because if corporations cannot be liable, if actions can be done without responsibility, all in the name of the almighty dollar, then this is what you get. You get people who spend billions to make sure you still like them as a company even thought they won’t spend any thing to clean up the mess. Understand?

They are being found out because people know things, the little voices who know things are going to be heard. The little voices ARE going to be heard. Yes, they spent monies to commandeer the internet searches and if you are a low information person this will work for you. Understand? You will go to the first place that comes up. You will read from BP that everything is wonderful and you will go back to driving your car and doing whatever it is you do… waiting for Jesus. Others will say what does the second page have, the Cousteau’s group, look at this pictures from the oil gushing out, dead birds, they cannot stop that stuff from coming into the internet. What they can prevent is it being at the top of the Google and Yahoo searches. They spent a lot of monies and they are being found for it. These kinds of things are not done in secret anymore. Do you think they wanted everyone to know? It was like it blew their cover.

Good Evening.

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