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Inception: A Pleiadian Interpretation

We are here.

First we will discuss the apparent synchronicities of the Tom Kenyon reading you received today with the things that we have been telling you, the Hathors chiming in on time lines and such. We would concur with much of what they said. We have told you many times how you are adjusting and you are moving your reference in the plethora of time opportunities. They speak about how there are chaotic periods where many time lines converge and that is very similar to the nexus point that our channel was told about in the channeling that he did at Luxor Temple in Egypt which described how the original designers of reality created junction points where you could make changes and return back to center, return back to a familiar place, a place of comfort.

So now we will talk about the movie that you saw last evening, Inception, this movie which has some very interesting story lines. Of course many of these stories need to use means that are familiar to you to tell you about things that are unfamiliar to you. So if there is going to be this belief that your brain can go deeper and deeper and deeper, then there must be a reason you don’t go there already. So they say, “Well you don’t sleep that deeply or something.” Understand? We would agree with that, some of you don’t sleep deeply enough to really reach certain plateau levels of dreaming and such.

We have told you many times how helpful it would be if you became aware in your dreams and what were they doing in these dreams but attempting to keep certain awareness’s out of people’s consciousness, don’t let them know this, don’t let them know that, because that is how they controlled them. Understand? So the idea that ignorance can be a tool of control was very clear in the movie, even to the point of the whole theme of the movie which was to put an idea in someone’s head that they think is theirs, not yours, because you will fight something that is outside of you, but you will not fight something that you think is inside of you as much.

So there were many seeds of information germinated or seeded in that movie. Yes, it had its typical shoot it up, its typical bad guys, lots of soldiers and such, people getting shot. That is the play that current modern artists must use to entice the audience to even sit in the chair. That is fine when it is used well, not fine or it is detrimental when it is used poorly. There have been many movies in which it has been used poorly. This movie, we would say that it’s use is borderline, a little bit over the top in some places not so bad in others. But the story came through. You could see it in the ending.

We are bringing you to the ending when it was unclear to everyone in the audience what had really occurred. People had watched it, thought they had been very, very good at following the bread crumbs into that depth that the movie seemed to have went to, and then at the end there was this period of, “Wait a minute, have I been watching the movie backwards? Did I get the wrong message? Is the woman who jumped off the ledge correct?” Even you wonder about that because from our perspective we tell you that these other places are quite real. In the astral, as portrayed in the “What Dreams May Come” movie, it is obvious that you can create very, very easily in that place. Was that not what they were describing in the dream state in Inception, how that can really be real. Was it not real that he spent sixty years with his wife to grow old with her in that place? And then he returned back to being young again with young children.

Reality is like that in many ways. How many times have we talked about the dream that you go to where you are quite familiar with everyone, that you feel you have been away for a long time and you are reconnecting with old friends? Then, when the dream begins to unravel and you have to leave you feel saddened because you must depart again.

There was a lot of that in the movie about how sad this man was that he could not be with his children for a while. It was contrived, but still his grip on reality kept him somewhat aloof from his children. So there is this kind of revelation coming that where you have focused all your intent is really a small part of what really is. As you begin to see that your consciousness is your time machine so to speak, that your emotions and your inner states of being guide you into places that are conducive, that have a similar vibration. As that becomes more and more obvious to you it will become more and more obvious to those around you, because the place you are going isn’t a place where only you know and no one else does. Understand? You are not going to a timeline where you will be the only smug person knowing you steered to that timeline, you are going to a timeline where a lot of people who are there are going to all know that they steered to that time line in some fashion. They will all know, all have their own story of the revelations they had that caused them to change their consciousness to focus on a timeline of sustainable living, intentional and significant living. Understand? So, that kind of level of consciousness will be there when you get there.

That is something that you did not see in the movie. People went to places where others weren’t that knowledgeable. Understand? Although in some respects they were. Like the young man who was the son of the energy magnet. He knew about invasions into your dream state. He knew about conscious invasions. He had been trained. So these kinds of things are occurring, these kinds of movies are coming out, these kinds of concepts in books and such. at a time that it is needed for the people on this world to understand this stuff. It has always been there but it hasn’t been so critical that everyone know. Yes it is helpful, but now it is critical. Why because you are approaching that junction point.

You watched a very silly reality television show a few nights ago with the couples who were battling their way through mazes in the water, but there was something very interesting about this in how much timing was related to success. Understand? Every part of the obstacle course had something built that had some form of timing that allowed you to be successful, either getting through it in a certain amount of time, or judging the movement of the objects so that you would not get knocked off or you would find yourself stepping off of something at the right moment. Everything in that program was timing related, showing how important your timing must be to be in the right place at the right time to jump off, leap from place to place. Those who had poor sense of timing could not do the mazes at all, but those who had very good senses of timing were able to. Then there were those tried to force their way through with shear force and many of those were knocked off. Many of those who tried their hardest to run faster or push harder found that the machines pushed them off or still found a way of knocking them off. That again is a message here, it is not brute force but your finesse, your sense of timing, your sense of focus, your keeping your wits about you and becoming conscious.

So that is the time period you are in. When the Hathors talk about taking action in that time line that you want to find yourself in that is very much like you not going to NY, and instead of going to NY, making sure that certain people left the Gulf that you are concerned about. Understand? Putting yourself out for what it is that you want in the time line you want. Understand? That helped to steer it, absolutely. So when you found yourself confronted with the decision to be quiet or speak up, which one was the better solution? SPEAK UP!! Understand? If people are backing into something and you see it, shout at them to stop because you are waking up and you are helping others to wake up.

That is what you are doing. You are all on this boat sleeping as the Hathors say. A few of you have woken up and you’ve noticed that the boat is off course and someone is steering the boat without good intention. Yes by all means become aware of it, so wake up everyone else on the boat if you can because don’t you have a better chance of storming the boat house if you have larger numbers? Think about it, enough people could stop the motor, or go down below and physically move the rudder and disconnect the communication with the wheel house. Understand?

It is that kind of force that comes from larger and larger numbers waking up. The same thing is true in consciousness. You have seen it before in groups of people coming together in certain political or social movements. You don’t get one person to cross over the Selma Bridge, you get thousands to cross the bridge. No one is there because they just happened to be there and they were walking along the bridge. They know why they are there, they have their consciousness raised and they loaned their energies to the cause. So as you see more and more and more of these attempts to choose, also see more people around you becoming more and more aware and making the choice that is right for them.

Now this is where free will comes into play because what you will discover is that most people that are in agreement with you will make that choice. Those people that are not in agreement with you, are not a part of that timeline. Understand? You can let them go and be quite OK with it. Know that they will end up in a world that is comfortable to them, or at least to their liking, not sure we would say it is comfortable.

So see yourself more and more and more building that world that you wish to inhabit energetically and physically and then watch how the movement of the structure of time follows it. See the programs that start to show up on your television, see the articles that begin to appear in the newspapers and magazines. See the people who cross your paths so to speak and you will begin to really see that it is more and more and more of the kinds of people that you would expect to find in that timeline. Understand? More and more of the people that you think don’t have a place in that timeline for their own thinking, don’t see themselves in that time line, will begin to exit stage left. Maybe they will vanish, completely vanish or maybe they will pass over. Understand? You will begin to see it you are already beginning to see it, but it is so subtle and it is so easy to minimize it that many are doing that, but more and more are not. More and more people are beginning to say, “I was just thinking about doing that and now they are doing that. I was thinking that was a good thing and now it is getting done.”

Good afternoon.

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