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What is the Little Voice Inside Your Head?

Good morning, we are here.

You must value the “little voice” inside your head. It is your ability to pull information from the now, which is where your answers lie. Let us explain…

The channel was recently rereading a book about a person who was taking a trip to visit the masters of the Himalayas and everywhere the person needed assistance, a person came out and physically assisted him. That kind of thing is going on, someone or something physically coming out and assisting.  That is why we say no one is going to miss what is going on because as you get closer to 2012 more of that kind of thing will occur. For example, you have this need to get the oil monkey off your back, you have been told for a long time, “Oil monkey off your back”… you have been told. Well now there are physical things coming up saying to stop or you will pollute the world so badly that you will not be able to breathe or drink water, two very important things that you have to be able to do. The only other one more important is to grow food which is also threatened.

So the world has pushed itself to that kind of communication. In a way it is a gift to get it, to get that kind of a push, to be able to have an event that can come along and maybe shift the entire world’s consciousness, shift the direction you are going on. Comets have done this in the past. It is interesting that you have a comet coming that no one has ever seen, a brand new comet. It will be here, it is already here, it will be seen from here very soon. And so see if you can begin to listen to that inner voice, that little voice inside of you that is giving you suggestions, warnings, and give it as much credibility as you would give the road signs when you are driving a car. You would not question a road sign that said, “Bridge is Out”. Why would you question a voice that says be prepared for something, because, it is easy to do. You don’t want to listen but you are saying I want that kind of information.

You have been trying to nurture it, bring it to the forefront, bring it out into the physical and see it as having weight and pressure and substance as much as the things around you have weight and pressure and substance because to the extent that you can do that you will open up that channel wider. It is like you are turning the volume up. You are letting that little voice be heard. So yes, your little voice is talking to you and yes that big voice is talking too.  Ideally you are getting it. Get ready for things. Things that could go really, really bad before they get any better and see it as potentials to jump time lines. See it as taking forks in the road; this is a fork in the road.

Now these predictions of 12 days of darkness, pole shifts, massive explosions in the Gulf and these sorts of things, we are not going to speak to those. It could be just as simple to be here for a breakdown of physical things on your planet not these big cataclysmic events that others are predicting. We are not here to tell you that these prophesies are going to come to pass, they are probabilities. They are strong probabilities for many but your world can split, your world can change. You can simply step over one or two steps and be in a whole different time line. You are taking that dial of that radio and you are moving it. And if there is a station that has music playing very loud and chaotic and you want to move to a station with softer music and more melodic music, you can do that.  It will happen, will it happen for all? No. If you were living in the gulf right now you have already stepped into a certain time line, understand?

The world is not a solid place. That place is seeing something that you are not seeing here. It is still happening there. It can affect here and that is why we tell you to not watch so much TV. It is good to know things but not so much to feel them and so don’t do things so much out of fear as out of intuitive knowing, understand?  We are not saying, “Don’t go down that alley because you are afraid of being injured”, don’t go down that alley if your intuition says, “This is a bad time to walk down the alley”. You can walk down that alley at another time and be in total safety. It is like that tree that fell in the road. You can walk down that road and be hit by that tree or you can just miss it.

Yes the future probability that you have been steering towards, you are moving in that direction and the more you do the things that you are guided to do, that steer this ship to that destination the closer you get. As you get closer what do you do, you see things clearer, first it is just a glimmer on the horizon then it becomes more and more and more a shoreline on the horizon. It is what many others are doing not knowing why they are doing it, they find themselves following their impulses and proceed to find that what they were impulse to do is actually needed to bring balance to the places that they find themselves because that time line is attempting to match your vibration, it is if you are tuning to that vibration, that is what it is. So to the extent that you can tune your world, your own psyche and your own internal focus to that is to the extent that you will catch that frequency and begin to entrain with it. When you find yourself not doing something don’t get upset that you didn’t do it, it is because that thing isn’t in the future where you are headed.

You are white water rafting; it is a messy thing to do. It is dangerous but as long as you keep your attention, your focus and you don’t lose sight of where you are going or what you are doing and keep flexible, it is a most important thing. Every one of you needs to do that because your guidance is getting an upgrade in its communication abilities, but you have to be listening and you have to change how you listen. It is like not answering the telephone. It doesn’t matter if you have a phone and it rings and you do not answer. Why? You say, “I don’t recognize the number”, instead of answering it and dealing in the moment. You don’t know what the communication is; you ignore it.  It is like the old “two boats and a helicopter” joke.

You don’t know who is on the phone but the phone is ringing, so pick it up. If it turns out to be a phone solicitor, hang up. But you might just hear, “I want to let you know that a flood is coming down your road right now and you might want to get into your car and drive away”. Understand? You don’t know unless you pick up the receiver, but if you are in fear of picking up the receiver because you don’t want to be bothered then you are not listening. The real flexibility here is being able to see clearly and respond in the moment. You can ask yourself, “is this communication something that I need”?  If your intuition says don’t bother that is different. Use your intuitive nature properly, but if you just say, “I don’t recognize the number and I am too busy”, it could be a very important communication.

There are a lot of metaphors, a lot of versions of the skills that you need around you and to the extent that you don’t do things as you did in the past but respond in the now with the knowledge that you have now that is to the extent that you will be able to respond. Look again at that movie, “A River Runs Through It,” you had the father teaching the children how to fish but one of the children didn’t think that was the best way to do it. He discovered his own method flying the line across for a while before plopping it into a place and what did he do, caught the biggest fish of anyone. True? Because he broke from the tradition, followed his intuition and was led to a place that was in harmony with his knowing.

So to the extent that you keep going backwards saying, “What did my mother leave me with? What did my family leave me with? Oh how have I done this in the past?”,  without saying, “I have new knowledge. I have new understanding. I have my own intuition.”  Without giving that value, what are you doing? It does not mean you cannot look at the past for guidance or help, but that is not where your answers are. Your answers are in the now. Your answers are in your ability to pull information from the now, whatever it is.

Good afternoon.

Date of channeling: 06/19/2010

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  • Brenton brown March 8, 2011, 1:43 PM

    I need help

  • Pleiadian_Knight December 25, 2011, 4:04 AM

    This makes perfect sence because, I follow my insticts with out question… most of the time, but the problem with following it is that sometimes I’ll stop and think before I act and I’ll ask myself, “why should I act upon this right now? What is the going to happen?” Well I never know untill I actually see the event occure right in front of me. But it has reached the point that I’ll act anyways with out question. I’ve seen too many close calls because I listened to my instincts. .. This instinct has saved my life and others, many times. I know that this voice can be polished and upgraded, but at the level I’m at right now, I still cant access the “forecast” info thats causing me to react. I guess it just takes time and “polishing.”

    Thank you for this information

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