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Time Line Therapy with the Pleiadians

We are here.

The whole world is learning lessons at this time, understand? No one is going to be exempt in some way from what is occurring in the Gulf. In proximity to this event in the deep south is the Bible crowd, who have the same prophesies, so they have this churning desire to see their scriptures come forward. There are other groupings that have other scriptures, understand?  Their scriptures or prophesies show an escape, a fifth earth that spouts and allows them to come through its navel into existence there. We would say they are the Hopi and other native cultures that see this as an opportunity to move into a cleaner, fresher, newer earth; a different reality. So here you have this dead end road that is apparently moving forward for those who expect dead end roads and a then you will see others that will start to create positive changes for their realities and you will discover that there seems to be two different worlds that start to form.

It is occurring. Ideally it will be helpful to you to know that what is going on in 3D is very similar to what goes on in a dream, understand? It just appears a little more solid, but it is just as flexible. There are many options that have yet to be played out, the extraterrestrial options, the super technologies from the government options, the super technologies from the spiritual groupings, whether they are shamans, or Tibetan Monks, or the Thirteen Grandmothers – all of these and many more have their own pressure, their own magnetic pull on the time lines. So which ones do you resonate with, you will find yourself working more and more together on that time line, understand? It can be that simple, as simply as heading the inner voices that say turn left, right, whatever or maybe the inner voices say it is a good time to get up and walk out of the theatre or walk out of the fireworks show if it is not to your liking.

Now we want you to imagine that the area around you is a nexus of time lines. We want you to see all of the time lines that go out from this nexus point. Remember what Nassim said about how earth is “cork screwing” through space and that you are not just going around the sun but you are moving through, weaving through time, space time, understand? Do you remember the first superman movie whether Lois Lane is dead, superman does not like this and he turns the earth, spins it backwards? Imagine that you can do that. Remember when superman went in a circle he created a little line and at first there was one line, then two, then lots of lines, and eventually there were enough lines to make the earth spin the other way.

Imagine you can do that and work the earth back through the cork screw to other places and then let it go forward with a little bit of a change where, for instance, Kennedy doesn’t get assassinated. Think back through time. What events are you finding that you would like to change? Even further back, go back to Lincoln, understand, or even Akhenaton in Egypt. See all of these places where diversions off of a different time line might occur and wind it back through with a different outcome. Now see the winding of that line and see the line as if it was the tendril of a vine, your favorite vine. Maybe you like grape vines, honey suckle vines or trumpet vines. Chose one, change the line into a vine and see it actually following the path along the cork screw, not going off into some mystical place and disappearing but following the path along the cork screw. It is the kind of path that a vine makes is it not? So see it going back through the lines of time.

Now what we want you to discover is that as you go back you find threads of other vines, you know how sometimes the vines in the yard find other vines and they wrap around and follow those vines. See that. See yourself going back and seeing, “Oh look at this nice healthy vine, where did it come from, what does it lead to?” Understand? So see yourself moving through all of these vines, touching them as if you are a dog sniffing along the ground and following a scent, “Oh not that one. Oh yes, that one. What is that? That is a wonderful vine, the flower on that vine has a wonderful scent.”

Follow the vines with the most pleasant scent because they are the ones trying to weave their way back to you, understand? Time lines, time travel, will have a vibration to it. You are really going back and seeking out vibrations and what we mean by that is very similar to what you do when you tune a radio. You are seeking a vibration and when you have that vibration then your radio tunes in and locks in on the station, understand? It is not just some airy fairy thing; it is a vibration and that has a lot of characteristics to it.

Imagine that right now you are in a very pleasant setting in the woods by a stream, you are in a vibration. What does this vibration have, how would you describe your surroundings? Maybe it has cool breezes and the sounds of a lively forest with diminishing sounds of vehicles in the distance. Maybe as you listen more intently you can hear increasing sounds of the woods and the wildlife, little things that are being amped up whether it is water traveling in a brook or the wind blowing through the leaves. It all makes for a vibration. Imagine that you can open doors into reality and you open a door to this one, stepped out into it and look around, you might say, “Not bad”.

What if you open another door that shows this same place being muggy, hot,  strewn with garbage, high grass, no easy way to walk around without going through swampy places with bugs jumping on you and such? Imagine that you step out into that one and say, “Oh no, not really to my liking” and close the door.  See yourself finding the first doorway to the pleasant place because all of you are doing this, all of you are steering the time lines towards the place you will find yourself in. There are many who are seeking to find this place of significant living.

See this time frame as the heavy growth spurt of the vine, really going through its Jack and the Beanstalk phase, when in an evening, a very strong energetic vine grew in one day (yesterday) because it did. If you are anywhere near sensitive you picked up on this. It is as if all of a sudden something got a lot more solid in the sense of change. Understand? And the work that each of you are doing is a part of that. The message of this energy is saying that things have to change, however you are not just going to be left in disarray. Imagine that there are better uses for things around you, that bring people purpose. Now you are seeing things with more significance in that they are becoming the focal points for people understand?

We have said that the little voices will be heard. The little voices are calling for this change and this change will mean doing more with less. The best way to say it, you are all going to do more with less. You are going to sit here, not spend a dime and have significance come to your life, energies come to your life, because you intend it, you desire it. You are going to see the value of the little things and begin to bring the big things together. That’s the best way that we can say it. Whether it is a little thing like you learning to do something with your hands, learning how to do whatever brings significance into your world, your home, your land or your surroundings.

All of these things will start to cause a rising of the vibration of the world around you, understand, because others are picking up on it, entraining to it, because they are so disenchanted with the echo of that other place. It is like they have opened the door to your world. One is a sh*t world and the other is a nice world and they are being asked to make a jump. You will be surprised who will jump, who will go from one world to the other, and you could be very surprised. Maybe the only way some will be able to be in your world of significance is to be in the prison of that world, understand? But they will still choose that door because that is the world they wish to be in.

Good afternoon.

Date of Channeling: 06/08/2010

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  • Davidbri April 3, 2013, 11:17 AM


    “We Could All Use A Little Therapy”

    Tending Your Garden

    The ‘Viness of Time’. Very nice analogy. The vine is nurtured or neglected, yes? It is pruned and at times destroyed senselessly, yet it survives and continues.

    How will you nurture your time?

    I’m planning new trellisis’s so mine can grow freely. Each cycle the the garden grows higher. But before each garden, there is PLANNING. Then, there is PREPERATION. The garden is born of thought.

    First thought, then intent. It’s all about the garden. It’s all about our children. It’s all about our neighbor. It’s all about our planet. And then some……

    EGO becomes a silly notion. Infintile.

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