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Pleiadian Channeling on the Summer Solstice, 2010


Listen to the channeling below.

  • The Gulf Oil Spill, what is actually going on?
  • Don’t be so sure that anyone knows what is going on.
  • Many theories, each has merit, scientific theories, theological theories, the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmother’s, prophesies and predictions.
  • Earth as a sentient being, the Living Earth.
  • What does a sentient being do to allow it to heal itself?
  • See the earth shifting and changing to naturally seal off the wound.
  • Those who exploit the resources of the earth.
  • Awakening of consciousness.
  • You are in a consensus reality.
  • See many in other realms rushing to the earth’s aid, the extraterrestrial realms and the nonphysical realms, many showing up to get involved.

Originally Recorded on June 21 2010.

Click the “play” button below to listen to the channeling:

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