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Tears of Joy, Tears of Sorrow

We are here.

Do not judge your tears. Do not deny yourself crying. If this is what you need, this is what you have. Never try to stop them or explain them or feel you must justify them. If you want to cry, or have tears of joy or tears of sorrow, they are yours. You can have them; the same with laughter. There was a girl in the memories of the channel that used to laugh in an annoying way. Her father would tell her to stop laughing and tell her that her laugh was annoying. What message do you think that girl got? You cannot have your joy, your joy is annoying to us, stop having it.

Think of the damage this does to people. Sit there and let little children cry. Sit there and listen to the most annoying laugh. These are the emotional outbursts that are settling the internal emotional thermometer. If tears are needed, have your tears. If laughter is needed, have your laughter. If dancing is needed, have your dance. Inner child workshops came along a ways back to help people get in touch with this. Many people were shut down at that time, so many of you knew this is what you wanted, but many of you kept it hidden.

Now you have come to a place to say, “Screw all of you, I am no longer holding anything back”. Ideally as long as it doesn’t cause harm to others; you cannot allow your emotions to let you go and get a baseball bat and kill someone. There are limitations to letting them run free. But, if you are angry, have your anger. Understand? Let others have it as well. Allow it to be okay for others as well.

That is where you are moving for yourself: to allow yourself to have whatever it is that you are going to have. People may come at you to test you. They may want to stop you, tell you not to speak, not to be angry, not to laugh. You must learn the difference between disapproval and allowing. If you need to defend yourself when challenged, then defend. If you are not willing to defend, well, this is not the time to fall over, in the mildest of winds.

Many who are out there will look at you and want to know what it is you are doing, and if you feel self conscious about it, then you will not be able to express it well.  Be an empty cup, not a full cup. Learn to modulate, do not take too much. For example imagine you are in a talking circle and also imagine that you have an egg timer. Take your three minutes and pass the stick, however if you find that someone else is taking too much, get the stick back. That is the challenge. This is a metaphor, of course, not absolute timing. Understand?Be sensitive to when someone needs to complete something. To the extent that you can work with people at odds with you is an indication of how far you have come. Those you do not resonate with, those you see as pushy, as screwy: many are attempting to get their act together at this time. So to the extent that you can help them, be a mirror to them, help them, is to the extent that you will show yourself that you have a right to do the same, and you will assist them in what they have come here to do as well.  Everyone has their own versions of this that they will be working with.

It is quite interesting to us to see you moving into this time, because you have always wondered what it would be like to move into this time. You have been wondering from a standpoint of how things were in the past. Now you are here and the past really doesn’t matter all that much. Although the remnants of those days still linger, the actual point in time is not where you are. And so a lot of the old limitations really make no sense anymore. Whatever they were, they may have made sense in the past. Now you are in a place where they make no sense at all, and you understand that. So it is not only that you are in a time where you will be moving forward; you are in a time where you allow yourself to move forward.

You are like the elephant that grew up with the chain, and then got a rope. Now you realize the rope really doesn’t hold you, so you are not going back to that place, and this time the circus tent is on fire. It is time to get the #$%& out of here, so you are going to get the #$%& out of here. Understand? That is important, it is like you cut the bonds that were holding you in place, but now you are also seeing a stimulus to get moving. The reason you are doing this is you are streamlining to really put some distance in where you are going.

You are like someone who is making aerodynamic adjustments to the vehicle whether they are aerodynamic adjustments in the way of diet, exercise, understanding, ergonomic; all of these things adjust because if you try to move forward without the adjustment, they will become point of fatigue, of pressure on the vehicle. That is ideally what you are starting to do; you are retooling your vehicle for the next phase of your journey. It is like you have hit land now and you have got to convert the boat into a land sailor. Understand? All of you are doing this. Many are revisiting, rethinking previous goals.

Good afternoon.

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