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Single Use Plastics

We are here.

So, we understand that you have misplaced the channeling from the other morning. Well, we will chat a little bit about what we brought up. How much of it can we get back? It is very similar to what can happen to you when you hear a song, you remember the words. We were close to the music at that time. Now we are further away in time.

You are beginning to notice things that have been around you for so long, and you have paid no attention to. You are in a time now, actually you have now moved well into this time that we have been speaking of now for many years.

This weekend was a very pivotal weekend, and what does it mean to be pivotal? It is a fulcrum of energies that allow you now to push off of that place you have been like a swimmer who has been swimming too long in one direction and then spins and pushes off in another direction.

This past weekend was the push off time. You now feel lighter, energized; you feel the forward motion of your life where before it felt a little like things were coming to a grinding halt. Now you are seeing that you have these returned energies and a new focus, you are honing your focus. You are finding things, fine tuning, clearing, and finding the places where you are not conscious.  All of these things are coming in for a landing.

You are like the person at the end of the runway saying, “Come here!”  The weekend was an opportunity to bring these things to completion so you cannot have these emotional things holding you back going forward that you have been long time effected by.You were afraid to be yourself, because you didn’t want to lose something or ruffle feathers. Now you are in a place that says you are only going to lose something that you want to lose. And if you lose it, screw it. It is a different way of thinking that says what I want is important, what I do has value, and what is important to me is important to me, and so it is important. You are not doing this in a selfish way. You are saying there is a reason that I am here, I am not just window dressing. So to each of you out there who may hear these words and wonder about them: we are telling you that what is important to you is important. You don’t have to learn about what is important, just know that what finds you, and you feel is important, is important.

You learned about plastics this weekend, single use plastics. You had not heard the term single use plastics, but you know about it. You wanted plastics to incorporate the idea that you must have longevity in your use of it, but now you are saying, “You know there is a huge throw away plastic industry whether it is the needles you are using and the bags that hold the fluids that you give to your aged cat – all the medical things, bags that hold purchases, little cups, straws, lids, stirrers, and such, as well as baby diapers. Ideally these things are the little things that the culture is moving into, more awareness. You will revisit these things, and that is something of a theme here: revisit old ideas.

You are revisiting old ideas, reevaluating previous conclusions, bringing back old things that were shelved, and dealing with the things that you shelved for too long. Either get them off the shelves and discard them once and for all, or incorporate them. This is what the new puppy is showing you as he moves through the house with his nose to the floor finding everything and anything to put in his mouth, or eat, whether it is a chord or whatever. You cannot just say, “I’m going to leave it there.” You have to decide now what to do with it. Of course we are speaking to you about your individual life; however it is metaphor for all who are looking to make a quantum leap at this pivotal time of great openings of energy. You must discard what is no longer needed to go forward, and focus your energies to move forward into your next step with more conscious awareness.

So now you are coming again full circle, you are on the other side, you have rebounded and now you are moving with a little more force and clarity and you are moving into this place where you are now going to be able to focus and discard. You will take what is valuable take what is necessary and needed and you will focus it and you will start to really see like your little dog as he sniffs around every nook and cranny of your home.
This is what the tapping that you are doing is all about. (Ed. Note: EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique).  It is to allow you to find these blockages and clear them up, in your psyche, little patches of land that you have allowed to become toxic waste dumps, and if you are going to enjoy the land, and let the land grow you have to remove these toxins, these waste dumps, and figure out how to discard them in a safe and more permanent way. You are going to find the toxic waste dumps of yourself. All of you on this journey will be seeking out the toxic waste dumps of your psyche, and you will get in there with the suits and you are going to do some real toxic removal and there will be many more tears before it concludes.

Good Evening.

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