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Things are Changing: Darkness is Giving Way to Light


Good afternoon, we are here. It is December 21, 2013, we are on the East coast, it’s around 12 o’clock, the time of the Winter Solstice, where darkness begins to give way to light.

And that is the theme that we want to bring to the end of this cycle, “Darkness is giving way to light.”

And we want you to see that in every aspect. We want you to begin to notice where darkness is giving way to light, whether it is the law will you will you revelations coming out of your NSA, or whether it is stories you will hear about groupings and people that will begin to show you some of their darker sides – giving way to light. The Light will come in and begin to expose the Dark and push it back. And that is important to keep in mind, “That Light is here to push back the darkness.”

And so we want that to be the theme for 2014, “Pulling back the curtain, pushing back the darkness.”

And we believe that as the year unfolds, particularly after the Chinese New Year changes, that you will begin to see that things are changing. Things are beginning to manifest, break your way, move in the direction that anchors more Light, anchors more abundance, anchors more knowing into the existence that is earth.

And so we thank you for being part of that, for doing your part in that and for being excited about that because really it is your passion and your excitement that is the lightning rod of this energy.

And so it is very important going forward that you feel it in your bones that things are beginning to break your way, things are beginning to break in the direction of abundant significant living for everyone.

With that we will depart, it has been our pleasure, good day to all of you.


Jupiter Trine Saturn :: Widening Frontiers


Good morning, we are here. It is December 17, 2013 – Full Moon in Gemini, Sun in Sagittarius under the auspices of a Jupiter- Saturn trine. Let us begin.

We would say a theme at this time is the idea of widening frontiers – widening frontiers, opening up new lands, opening up new horizons, for your experience. And that opening up of new has this idea also that there’s a limit to the new, when the West was opened to the Americas, to the Europeans who came here, and they knew they could just go out into that big land and move into it, there was an ocean on the other end that would stop their expansion.
And so we want you to see this big opening as the Jupiter in the trine and the limitation of the continent as Saturn bringing in that idea of a limit to your expansion. Now, to many that might be troublesome, the idea that there’s limit, but when you can see a new horizon and understand that it has a boundary that can give you a sense of stability. And that’s what the push and pull of infinite horizon and boundary can do.

So we want you to see it like a balloon, like a rubber balloon that is going to have a lot more air put into it. The air is going to push the balloon out and then stop. Now the balloon is bigger, but it has a boundary. And so we want you to see that because that is what is going on with all of this energy that is coming in – It is coming in and it is pushing – pushing – pushing the limitations out further. And so many of you are going to feel that as a kind of freedom, and yet a little bit scary because of the amount of freedom, because of the idea that maybe it’s too big.

And we want you to think in terms of, “It is just big enough for the expansion in you to move into, the universe does not waste, and so if it creates this huge bubble of experience, it’s because you are big enough to move into it.”

And so, we want each and every one of you to think of yourselves as going from a very constricted room into, moving into another house. How many of you have had the experience of, maybe being in a small apartment, and then finding your first home. And all of a sudden everything you own goes into that home and it looks sparse. When you were in your apartment, you had no room for anything, now you’re in this new building, and things stretched out, and now your possessions and your belongings make it looks sparse.

So you will have that room now to let your talents, your interests, your passions move into, and so that is what is going on here, there’s this big expansion happening, and it is creating an environment for the energies to bring you into so that you can go into this, this place with more energy and be able to expand into it.

And this will all make more sense in the coming Moons as you discover more and more and more of the interests that others have been having. You see there are many on the planet who have interests that they don’t realize, or some do – the implications of these interests when they become, when they move into this expanded reality. It’s like Alexander Graham Bell when he was building the telephone. He was in an attic experimenting with his friend and they got this telephone thing to work, and then they moved into the bigger world and next thing you know they were too small to make this big leap, and so many got into the business and began the expansion of telephones into the larger world.

So you have all been working on something, whether it is, whatever your passions are, and they seem small, but then you will bring them into this place where it is much bigger and you will discover that your small piece has to really expand into this new area. Very much like gas, you ever heard that gas expands into the area it is in? It is very true, this gas is energy that has been pepped up, is now going to move and go, “Ahhhhh,” into this much larger expanse.

And as you begin to realize what people are bringing in, see, when you’re in this tight little room, everybody kept bringing things in and you were like, “There’s no room! There’s no room! We’ve got no wall to hang that picture on. We’ve got no place to put that chair!”

But now you are going to find yourself in this place where, “Put the chair anywhere you want! Plenty of wall space, put up a few pictures, paint bigger one so they’ll be able to see them!”

That kind of allowing is what’s coming, because people will have the resources, people will have the energy to feed those passions, and expand them. And you will discover many of you, that there are others who have been waiting for what you have. They didn’t know it, or maybe they did, but they’re going to discover you, whoever you are, and they’re going to say, “Wow, you’ve been busy! Look at what you’ve been doing! This is very interesting. Let’s help you expand it.” And so be aware, be aware of that – be aware of that probability.

Of course there’s an opposite to that which is, “You can expand so far that you fall off a cliff.” And that is where Saturn comes in. Saturn is the rigid authoritarian. And so there will be some pushback that will keep you within certain boundaries, but keep in mind, the large area inside is so large that if you are like a – it’s like gas hitting the side of a boundary. It just bounces off and back into that big expanse.

Don’t see your job as pushing beyond Saturn’s enclosure. Saturn is trying to keep you in a place where you can become more disciplined and professional, might be a good term for it, or accomplished, whatever. You are going to learn to be accomplished, professional in the expansion of what you’re doing. So it won’t be just willy-nilly running until you fall off a cliff. You’ll run, you’ll run and you’ll run and then you’ll turn back and you’ll run again in the other direction, and you will build your muscles and you’ll build your abilities in that new expanse and freedom.

So, we believe this is our last Moon channeling of the year, but we will do another one on the Solstice, which is not far away, and we will have a message for you at that time. So we would like to say at this time, “Happy New Year, happy holidays to those who are preparing for the festivities of this time of year.” And we will say, “See you next year.” Of course we will have a message in a few more days, but it will not be a very long message, and we thank you, we thank each and every one of you who take the time to listen to us because we are here to be of service to you. And to the extent that we have accomplished that, we are grateful.

Good day to all of you.


Good morning, we are here, give us a moment. It is December 2, 2013 – New Moon in Sagittarius. Let us begin.

There has been a lot of change coming about within the last twelve moons, and here you are at the last moon now of 2013, you’re in Sag, which is very close to the Galactic Center, and you are lining up with the Galactic Center in such a way that the amount of energies that can reach the earth through the spiral arms, through the ethers is vast. And we know we say this often and many people are like, “Oh, vast energy, vast energy, vast energy!”

But what you have not really grasped is that this energy isn’t electrical, you’re not going to light light bulbs with it, and it isn’t heat related or it’s not going to melt the Polar ice caps. It is energy of the life force. Life force energy is on the rise on this planet, and so that is going to bring a lot of unfolding energy into the individuals.

Individuals are really beginning to feel – those who have been working with this energy and those who have not – you will all begin to feel more of an expansion within yourselves, a growth spurt, if you will. And for many that growth spurt finds its way into activities, things that they do. They find themselves working harder on the things that they love. They find themselves learning new things and really focusing into those new things, completing things – things that have been on the back burner for a long time.

And so that’s the kind of energy that’s really coming in, and we want you to imagine – we’re not sure how many of you are aware of this, but there’s a thing called Jenny patterns. And these are, they are called Cymatic Jenny Patterns, and they are made on plates or other things that vibrate, and you make sand and you make other materials vibrate and they creates patterns. And if you have ever watched any of these Jenny videos and they are on YouTube now and the Internet, you will see that there’s a point in time where you move from one pattern to another – where there appears to be chaos on the plates.

The sand just seems to blur into this big blurriness of chaotic activity and then as the frequency improves and moves back into a resonant pattern making frequency, the new pattern comes into place. And it is usually different, it is usually – if the frequency is being upgraded or moved forward or at a higher pitch or whatever, it becomes a higher order of order, a higher degree of order.

And that is where you are moving, you are moving from a place where (cough) the energies have kept you at a certain pattern, and that pattern has been in your thinking, that pattern has been in your finances, that pattern has been in the way that you all live on the planet, and individual countries and individual human beings, you all have these patterns, that you have been quite okay with. Some have been given to you from your parents and your cultures, some you have gotten on your own, but all of them have been patterns that have been within the frequency range of what was hitting the earth at that time, and now it is moving to a higher frequency.

And so many of those old patterns do not hold any longer, they really just don’t hold any longer. And so, as you find yourself in this last moon of the year, moving now into 2014, and later in the year moving out of the Chinese Year of the Snake – which is also connected to all of this – you will find yourself like the snake, shedding its skin, moving out of that previous existence into a new – into a new and expanded reality.

And so we know we bring this up often and we know we have said this on many times, but there comes a point in time where it becomes visceral. You begin to know it because you feel it, because you see it, because you live it, and that is the time you are in now. You are really moving out of the patterns of the last cycle and moving into the patterns of this new, this new cycle of energies. And this is the way of evolution, this is the way of Prime Creator’s plans – how you move through these places, and as you shed the previous, that which would cling to that previous can still be there.

If you cling to the previous, if you want to hang on to the dead skin of the snake, fine. You will be left in that attic place where the snake moved through and left it, and that is where you will be. But those who will follow – move forward – you will find yourselves now in a new place with new flexibility, new energy, new resources to build the next layer of existence. And this is a pattern, it has happened many times before – it is not the first time.

And so those of the higher realms, those who have been watching your planet, have been waiting for this particular time. It is like, it is like they’ve been watching the Earth Sphere Terra, the solar system, move through this darker period and were not interested in that darker period.

How many of you know people who go south for the winter? They see the winter coming and they board up their home and they put the little things over it so the dust doesn’t get on stuff and they leave and they go south. They go to Florida or someplace like that. There are many who do this or used to do this. And that is what some of the higher energies have done, they retreated from – from the rigid-ie, cold, dogmatic existence that was moving in and waiting for things to warm-up. And now they are.

So you are seeing these energies move back here like the geese coming back in the summer time, like the ducks and whatever, that fly back – the migrations. So there’s a great migration now of higher energies returning to the earth, returning to this solar system, and with that will come a re-connection with these family members – and they are family members. They are not someone separate from you or different from you. They are simply family members who went south for the winter and have now returned.

And why is this important? It’s important to keep in mind that you are connected to them, that they are not something different from you, that these energies bring information that has been lost in the cold, if you will. As the glacier ices go back and, and now you can repopulate these places.

This will all make more sense to you as you begin to discover more of the artifacts on other planets, on your Moon and on Mars and on Venus and on Earth. As you begin to unfold some of the, some of the ancient temples, like this one in Turkey – Gobekli Tepe. Those who have been uncovering it are discovering that it was not washed over – it was covered over on purpose as we said, by those who would come back at a later date.

When you leave your home to go south for the winter you board up the windows and you put the sheets over the furniture so the, so that the furniture is not damaged while you’re away, it is what these individuals did. And so they will be returning, a return of the Masters who worked with the stone and Masters who knew the energies of the solar system and the galaxy and could ride them, like surf boarders. And you will begin to look at some of these ancient cultures that were the inheritors, if you will, of this information.

So, as you find yourself moving into this place, and the pattern moves out of the chaos back into a new and higher vibrational pattern, we want you to think about the fact that this is not new – it’s new to you – but it’s not new. You’ve been here before, and it was considered at that time and the many times that there have been in that cycle – you’ve been through this cycle – it is considered a Golden Age – a Golden Age.

So you are moving into that Golden Age, and it will not be an age of what you have had in the past. So those who want to cling to the past, are really wanting to hang on to the dead skin of that snake we are talking about.
And it is interesting that the symbol of the Tea Party is the snake, all cut up, “Don’t tread on me” snake – interesting to us, these motifs that find their way into your, into your culture because you have a memory of these times. You have a memory – you think your memory is part of you? It is not. Your memory is a connection you have to the Akashic, which is the memory of existence.

And so you can tap into that memory and know things that are beyond your years, beyond your knowledge. There have been children born on your planet who have had vast knowledge, long before they could possibly know things. Who are they? What are they doing? They are tapping into this Akashic, they are tapping into past lives, to the memories, the tapestry of memory that is existence.

And so that would be the theme, tapping into the matrix of memory which you are all doing, you are all beginning to do. And you will all find out just how much every individual is like a star, drawing in this energy and radiating it out around you.

So as you see things seeming to fall into chaos, know that on the other side of all of that chaotic activity is a higher level of structure.

And with that we will depart. It has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.


Eclipse of the Sun :: Solutions are in the Pipeline


[transcript forthcoming]


Imagine Being Who You Came Here to Be…


[Transcript forthcoming]


Good morning, we are here, give us a moment. It’s October 4, 2013, New Moon in Libra. Let us begin.

As we speak today, the United States government is in a partial shutdown, meaning that many of the services and functions have been halted, and this has been brought about by the diametrically opposed viewpoints of the Left and the Right. The Right is polarized, and the Left has polarized in such a way that the gap, the void between the two seems so large – so large. And anyone who knows about polarization understands the nature of electricity, as our vehicle does, would know that you can build up a charge to a certain point. You can build and build – there’s a machine called the Van der Graft generator, and the Van de Graaff generator has the ability to produce a very strong polarization of positive and negative electricities. And when that potential rises to a certain level, then the ambient in-between environment can no longer hold the potential, and what occurs is a bolt of lightning, a spark that discharges, that moves some of the energies.

And so here you have this polarization being brought about by the Tea Partiers, and of course the Tea Partiers say it is brought about by the Obamacare providers, but really the drivers are now the Tea Partiers. And they are pushing the potential over; they are dragging along the moderates of their party through fear, through intimidation, through methods that would be more akin to the mob than to politics. And they are succeeding in polarizing, creating such a polarization. At first they were a small faction but since they have upped the level of purity, the polarization has been increasing with those who are really less polarized in their own politics, their own ideology, but they are being drawn in by fear. And so this is building and building and building great potential.

And just as in electricity, we see the discharging coming, the massive discharge that would occur from the breakdown of the area between the polarizations. And so how long will it take? We see this as potentially lasting at least a few more days if not a week or so, it won’t go much further than the next crisis period because that crisis period will multiply the pressure so much more that the breakdown will occur very quickly after that, very quickly after that. And what will that sort of look like? Well it will look like – Right Wing people jumping ship, saying, “The potential is too strong, we cannot maintain this.”

Now, some would say, “Well, wait a minute, maybe the Left will give”. But as we see it the Left is more like the earth, more like the grounding potential of the planet. And so it takes a lot of energy to move that. Where the Tea Partiers are more like in this globe of their own making, and if you are into electronics you will understand what we’re talking about. So the discharge will occur from the globe to the ground not from the ground to the globe. Of course both can occur.

Now, one of the reasons that this particular period is building so much pressure is because the President has decided to stand his ground – to stand his ground – and not be so willing to negotiate away ideological and actual benefits. So as you are in this time period, It would be a good idea to sort of brace a little bit, and what we mean by that is don’t get too caught up in what’s going on, step away from it as much as you can because it will, it will be a little bit hot, if we can use that term – what is occurring.

Now, some of you may have noticed we did not speak in the last two channelings, and the reason that we did not speak was because of concerns that our channel had with what was going on in the world, with the escalations with Syria and the chemical weapons, and how America was being isolated by the rest of the world saying no to war, and it appeared that America was being the only advocate of a military conflict. But in reality, nothing of the kind was really going on it all. In reality all of what you saw happen later, with the negotiations with the Russians and the Chinese, the bringing together, all of that was really the original plan.

If you think it was spontaneous that the Secretary of State just blurted out such a possibility, then you are really in for a surprise. No such thing, the negotiations had been going on for a long time, was waiting for the opportunity to give cover to those who would assist, meaning Russia and China. Because how could they go to their ally and say, “Hey give up your chemical weapons”, when the ally did not even admit to having chemical weapons? So it was, it was high-stakes poker, high-stakes poker.

And so now you might ask yourself what kind of poker player is Obama? What kind of poker player is he?

And now you are seeing more of that with this government shutdown. Does he have a strong hand or is he bluffing? Good questions poker players ask all the time.

Now, all of this gets back to the idea that you are in balancing mode. This is Libra, Libra is the scales, Libra is justice. And is it justified to take hostages? Is it justified to act in the fashion that this extreme Right is doing right now? Is that really justified? Is that what the game is? Is that the way the game was put together? No, no. And so it’s pretty clear who’s bluffing, you understand? You will see it more and more. They don’t even know what they want. Some Congressman the other day just said, “We just want something, we don’t even know what it is”.

You ask Obama what he wants he’ll be pretty clear that he wants his healthcare system to kick in and help people. He wants to negotiate ways of bringing the government spending into some balance. He wants to negotiate a way of bringing the tax programs, the tax footprint more in line with the populace. Seems pretty clear what he’s after. He’s working it through the system.

So some will say, “Well wait a minute why so much politics? Why are you so concerned about American politics?” Because American politics are, at this time, a metaphor for what is going on everywhere, whether it is in Europe or whether it is in Africa, whether it is in Asia. There is this pull between taking care of your neighbors and taking care of the people in your world, and exploiting everything – exploiting the land, exploiting the people, exploiting the resources.

Why are they so keen on getting their Keystone pipeline? They have no concern at all for the potential damage that a ruptured pipeline would cause anywhere across the entire country that it could happen. And they would say, “Oh, it will never happen.” Maybe, what if it happened through terrorist activities or if someone decided to damage the pipeline? Are you prepared for that? Are you prepared for the potential? Go ask the people at Fukushima if they were prepared for the potential damage that a natural catastrophe brought upon them. They are struggling.

And so as a steward of the planet, your motives must be scrutinized. Are you a steward of the planet? Are you watching to make sure that the next generations have a planet? Or are you so busy making monies you don’t care, you don’t care? Turn the planet into a cinder.

Is it really that long ago that the pipeline in the Gulf was center stage? And yet, you’ll see them, they want to do this fracking thing, “Oh more energy for America.” They don’t tell you in their commercials that they want to sell it to everyone else. Americans won’t even be able to afford, because others will buy it much cheaper, because they will buy it in bigger bulk.

“Oh, but that’s okay.” Is it? You all should watch Gasland 2. Our vehicle has not even seen it in its completion yet, it’s an eye-opener. Find out what these politicians are doing, how they are selling you down the river for big business.

And so the question is what do you do? Well, we would tell you this – the astrologyies, the energies, the timeframe that you are in is assisting you. It’s bringing all these things out so you can see them. It’s making them front-page, front and center. You have all of these new technologies, twitter and Facebooks, and the Internet in general, where people can now learn what the heck is going on. Because when people know what the heck is going on, then they will be able to make changes, to influence outcomes, but if you are not even aware of these pressures, they are being done in a way that you don’t even know about, great damage can be done before you are ever even alerted.

Our vehicle is very interested in this Washington State GMO Law on the ballot because he knows that if this thing can crack somewhere in the country through the Internet it will crack everywhere, and he is very concerned, as you all should be, with the level of manipulation of the food supply and the damage being done to your farmlands through these processes. And so these are the kinds of things you are all being made aware of and not just in America, but in Europe and in Asia. And so as you all become aware, informed, you can all make decisions that don’t just benefit some small faction.

So that’s what’s going on in this country right now with the shutdown. There’s a small faction that wants to protect the profits of the pharmaceutical and medical and medical insurance people. And so they are fighting, fighting, fighting and trying to turn into some kind of ideological war, but the people are not willing to fight this battle for them, not the rank and file. Oh they’ll always get their small percentage of ideologically pure whatever they Are’s. But the average person is seeing what they are really about and is being repulsed by them, and there are many that have been taken captive by that grouping that will jump ship. They will turn around and say, “You know, you guys are nuts.”

Many years ago our vehicle was driving with his friends, two cars. And one car, there was a friend who was quite drunk, and in the car behind there were friends following. And at every stop light someone would jump out of the drunk’s car and make his way into the car that was following. And there would be another stop sign and two people would get out and another stop sign. Finally there was just the drunk in the car, and so at the next stop sign our vehicle got out and jumped into the passenger seat of the drunk’s car.

The drunk was like, “Yessss!, You are my friend. Wonderful!”

And that the next stoplight, what did our vehicle do? Took the keys out of the car and ran away. And where was he? He was near a dump, and he jumped into the dump and hid himself from his drunk friend, did not let him drive the car anymore, till he sobered up.

It’s a metaphor. Our vehicle is a Libra. That kind of thing is coming for these Tea Partiers.

And with that we will depart. It has been our pleasure.


Good afternoon, we are here, give us a moment. It is August 21, 2013, Full Moon in Aquarius. Let us begin.

The summer moons are a time of great agitation. What we mean by that is the heat and the intensities that build up during this time period, part of the cycle of the earth going around the sun, heats things up and causes a lot of agitation just as if you were to heat up a pot of water, it would start to agitate. And it also softens things up, it also allows for movement, and so it is a good time for things to be cleared away. It’s a good clearing time. And so you are seeing that on the planet, you are seeing certain movement and certain clearings and such, and some of it seems very, very dark in the sense of what is going on in Egypt or what is going on Syria and in some other places where there seems to be all of this agitation that is leading to a lot of conflict. And that is one way that agitation brings about certain outcomes.

But ideally it is a time when things are getting done that will have value moving into the rest of the year and into the rest of your lives, so it is a good time to get things done, whatever they are. And we know that many of you feel isolated, many who might be listening to us, feel isolated and wondering if others of your interests are out there and what they are doing. And what we would suggest at this time is, all of the things that we have said up until now, prioritize and let go, make sure the things that you are working on have value, all of those sorts of things, but also now, see if you can pop your head up a little bit and look around you and see if you can find others of like mind. Now it’s not critical that you really jump into a grouping or something that is not what we’re saying, but see who else around you has similar interests, similar experiences and similar ideas about what is going on. Because ideally you will begin to start to collect as groupings among like-minded people so that you can add your weight to theirs as well.

And the reason that that is important is because in groupings you magnify your capabilities and so it is a good time to start thinking in terms of, “Who am I associating with? Am I associating with anyone? And if I’m not, is there anyone I would like to associate with?” And see if, just send it out, we don’t want everyone to just all of a suddenly go “lonely hearts club” or something or join groupings or become, whatever. We are more interested in having you create that magnetic pull that says, “I’m available to work with those who are of similar interests and similar energies. And just put it out there because what you will discover is that you begin to synchronistically discover these people, discover these groupings, discover these, whatever. And so put it out there that you are available for like-minded people who have similar interests and can help you and you can help them, put that out there, and then just leave it as a broadcast, leave it as a calling card and see what happens.

Because you are moving into a time when groupings will attempt, small groupings will attempt to move the masses, and it will be important for the masses to counter that by coming together. And the reason these small groupings believe they can push the masses around is because they don’t see the masses as being in a grouping, they see them as just individuals all looking out for themselves. And so they think they can hoodwink you, they think they can bamboozle you, but they will discover as more and more and more like-minded people come together that they are, the like-minded people, the ones who are being bamboozled, will discover their great power and those small groupings will discover their lack of power or they will have to admit to their lack of power.

You see when someone can do something in secret, then no one else can challenge that secret, but when you come out, when you stand in front of a grouping of people and you are no longer able to hide behind whatever it is you are hiding behind then, it will be helpful to have a grouping that can now hold that individual, hold that small grouping to account for itself, whether it is governments or whether it is regulatory groupings or small companies or people in the small companies, the power structures within the companies. Sometimes the companies are not really behind the work of the few that are doing something, that are collected at the top.

And that is a theme we would like to see you contemplate, that you are part of a larger grouping that has been disbursed and purposefully dispersed, purposefully knocked around and knocked into and cast here and there, but just as magnetic particles – you might throw a bunch of tacks on the ground and it looks like there’s not a problem there, well if you and grab a magnet you can collect up those tacks very easily. And so there are ideas, there are causes, there are things like this that will be the magnetic pull, that will pull these individuals in and create a lot of weight – a lot of weight. And so it will be interesting to see how that counterbalances the small groupings that are doing things behind the scenes in an attempt to not be seen.

First they will be discovered and then they will discover just how much the masses don’t like what they are doing. And that kind of a judo flip is what is in store over the next coming moons. There will be this flip of certain small structures as the mass peoples, the mass groupings discover what is being done and then show their displeasure, show their concern, whether it is something like fracking, or what is going on with the voting, or dumping toxins on the side of the Detroit Rivers, whatever. These kinds of acts will not go unnoticed and the power of those who notice will be found and utilized.

So hearten yourself with the idea that there are people of like mind, like you out there, and there are people who are finding the interests that you find interesting, also interesting, and they are looking for a way to collect – well not necessarily all, everyone just coming up into, like they’re doing in some of these countries with the grouping getting to gather in squares and such. That is one way you can collect but there are other ways, the internet, the computers, they allow for these other ways as well. It is not coincidence that these technologies are available at this time to bring together large groupings very quickly. That is why many governments want to control it so much because they think – they know how quickly something like the Internet can pull together mass weight.

With that we will depart, it has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.


New Moon in Leo: Lighten Up and Move with the Flow


Good morning we are here, give us a moment. It is August 6, 2013, New Moon in Leo. Let us begin.

You are moving through the summer moons and you are now finding yourself getting closer to certain astrological and yearly cycles that have to do with, we will say violence, there is a history of violence in this period that you are moving into, and some might think that it has to do with the heat, sometimes there are problems in cities and such where there is intense heat, sometimes it has to do with other aspects of feelings, things that are affecting feelings. And of course religions, religions have some of their periods now where they demand certain things and it brings up certain feelings. We mentioned all of this because these are – the next three moons – two or three moons are going to have some heavy aspects to them.

What we mean by that is they are going to feel like they have a lot of weight, really weight to them, and if you are in a place where you feel that weight, in other words you can identify with what we are talking about because you feel this weight, we would suggest doing what our vehicle did just yesterday, identifying the weight and seeing if you cannot off load some of it. Change certain plans or scuttle even certain plans that seem to be adding a lot of weight to the environment, to the emotional environment, we are talking about, but also to the physical environment. Sometimes you have things that are just around you that are weighting you down. It is a good time to sort of start cutting, we have been saying that, “Prioritize and let go.”

Well this is more of the same. Prioritize and let go of the things that are grabbing you emotionally and weighing you down because it is a time of attempting to create more buoyancy, more lightness in your world, all of you whoever are listening to us you each have point of view that you are in some kind of environment and it is either pulling you down or you are lightening up and you are bobbing to the surface. Ideally we would like to see those who are of the mind to lightening up and bobbing to the surface and you can do it, you can do it with simple things, simple, simply removing things just like a balloon or like someone who has been weighed down in the water. You have to get rid of some things to create lightness, to create buoyancy, cut sand bags off of the balloon and these sorts of things.

See yourself doing some of that, some of it is getting rid of things that have been prolonged and you have not accomplished, that’s one thing, another is not even bothering to accomplish it just letting it go, is another. As you find yourself looking for new things to do or are looking for the things that you are wanting to focus on or that you would be beneficial to focus on, seek out those things that lighten you and you will find yourself moving into this time with much more ease. Because it is a time that can really weigh you down and actually crush you if you are not aware that you have some ability to maneuver and control in this environment.

Now, this may sound very simplistic and it is for some, it will not be so simplistic for all, some have got such strong weights on them that they cannot even imagine how to cut them free, and so we would suggest if you have that kind of thing, work on the periphery of it, work on the little parts around it if you can and you will find that like an iceberg you will crack enough around it that this big chunk of something will fall off, will just fall off like ice falling off a roof-top or something.

The world is going through a phase of a change and that changing is happening not just in your neighborhood but is happening globally in many places. And what we mean by that is, no matter where you are you will feel it, you will know it and the change is different for some, but overall it is this idea of lightening up to create buoyancy to be able to bob above the surface and move with the flow. These sound like metaphors and they are also very real.

You are energetic beings and you have been piled on with crap, technology, toxins, pollutions, all kinds of crap have been piled on you and you really need to start shaking this stuff off, really need to start shaking it off. If you find yourself really caught up in technology question that, technology to a certain degree is a trap meant to get you to miss what’s going on here.

So see how much that you can remove from your world without becoming non-functional.

Lighten up. Lighten up.

With that we will depart. It has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.


Full Moon in Aquarius: Common Goals


Good morning, we are here. Give us a moment. It is July the 22, 2013, Full Moon in Aquarius. Let us begin.

You are moving now into a place where Mercury has gone station, which means it is no longer in retrograde motion, and it will begin to go forward again soon. And what this means is that communication which has been hobbled will now be able to go forward with more certainty, clarity and this sort of thing. Now, we are not going to discuss the trial in Florida or these kinds of things because they are, in many ways a distraction against what is really going on. And what is really going on is a movement towards wholeness, a movement towards bringing together different groupings, groupings that have been separate for a time, some on purpose, some by just happenstance, but these groupings that have been working in their own areas for a time are now going to start moving in the same direction and finding each other.

It is a coming together kind of like rain drops, when raindrops come together to create a pool and then from a pool to a bigger pool and then rivers and things of sort. You are going to start to see how those who have been working on their own thing will now be able to turn towards a center and bring that thing to the center. And it is very important that you realize that all of you are pointing towards the center, even those you do not know or do not think are. They are. Even those who seem to be opposed to you are really now turning towards a common goal, a common place and they too would like to bring unity into and collaboration and cooperation back into the experience of everyone.

And so you will begin to see this, you will see this with disparaging groups seeming to come together, but also individuals. All of you are individuals and you will see your opportunities now to turn and come towards a common goal, and you won’t have to do much but just be in the flow of what is going on. Be aware and add your voice when you feel it coming up inside of you because many of you have this voice that comes up inside of you and then you stifle it, and that is partly because of your training, because of your experiences, and now you will begin to see that your voice has something to say. And it will be very important for all of you to, when you feel that voice rising to let it come forward. Let it come forward, and not in a confrontational way. That is what we are trying to get across to you. You will not be confronting people as much as you will be collaborating, you will be coming together, you will be adding your voice to something.

So it won’t be conflicts, it will be a common moving in the same direction. And many of the things that seems to have been conflicting will all of a sudden, all of a sudden mind you, begin to appear and not only appear but actually be forming in the same direction. Because many of you are now ready to speak up and speak your mind. Now there will be things that you might also need to discard because a lot of what has kept you separate has been this idea that certain groupings aren’t worthy of cooperation, certain groupings don’t have what it takes to cooperate, and that has been in itself a very conflicting way of looking at things.

You must begin to see what you have in common as a species, as a planet, as individuals, as men, as women, as countries all trying to live in this world, species trying to live in this world, whether it is you and the animal kingdoms. All of this, you will all need to start to see what you have in common and stop all of this idea that there is so much separation. The amount of things that separate you is so small compared to the things that unite you that it is silliness, it is silliness to see the fighting that goes on. From a perspective beyond earth this is silliness. You all share the same globe, you all share the same cycles, you all share the same things. You have more in common than you can ever imagine and yet you seek out the things you have that are not in common.

And so that is what Mercury being stationary now is telling you, “Stop, and let’s all go forward together.”

And so, we know that we missed our last channeling for the new moon and it was because so much was going on with our vehicle at the time. He was in the middle of doing some work that had been a long time for him brewing and he was finally getting it done. And many of you will look back on this period and say, “You got something done during that time. You accomplished, you met certain goals during that time.” And if you are not sure what we are talking about look over the last three weeks – three and a half weeks. Go back and see what you have been doing, every one of you will discover something that you have done that you have been putting off for a long time that you have been brewing and stewing and percolating with for a long time got done, got finished, got moved forward, so that now you can bring that thing and move with the rest of the planet forward towards the common goals.

And so there was a lot of that going on, so we are here to say now, be aware of the things that you know that others do not know and think about how you are going to let them in on it, whether it is friends whether it is the whole world, whether it is small groupings, one or two people, maybe just telling your parents or whether it is shouting it on a roof top to everyone.

It is important, you are in that time now, and you will all discover what you have in common, what it is that you are all trying to bring together over the next few moons, and whether it is economical, whether it is interpersonal, whether it is health wise, whether it has to do with energies, whatever, look to see how many groupings come together and start to show a common goal towards something of value.

And see yourself as part of that, not separate watching it, but in the midst of it, moving with the crowd for a change in a common direction that makes everyone in that grouping feel like they are contributing in a positive manner. See that. See the most negative people you can think of turning and becoming the most positive people you can think of, the most beneficial to the planet.
Common goals.

It has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.


Summer Solstice 2013: What is Your Passion?


Good afternoon. We are here give us a moment. It is Friday the 21st, the Summer Solstice, in the Northern Hemisphere, 2013. Let us begin.

There continues to be this energy hitting the earth, coming to the earth through the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, through the sun to the planet and at this particular place where you are at one of the node points, it is a time when you can really feel that energy more than at other times during the year. And as we have been saying for the last few talks that we have had you are in a time where you must really be prioritizing what it is that’s important, what it is that deserves your energy.

You as humans, you have this great ability to focus your attention like lasers. You can focus your attention on things, and when you focus your attention on something and when you focus your purpose on something, you can move mountains, quite literally. You can send people to the moon, you can dive to the deepest places in the ocean, you can create new things that have never been seen, you can really focus, but when you are not focusing, when you are dissipating your energies in many different directions, then you stall, you do not get things done, you do not move forward.

And many of you can probably find these kinds of things in your life where you started to do something and then you could not stay focused with it for whatever reason, and so it’s some talent you didn’t build on, it’s some construct you did not complete, it’s some relationship that you didn’t nurture or didn’t work with, whatever, and so that thing sort of like… sort of like a flower dying on the vine without ever flowering. And so we want you to imagine that each of you are like one of those flowers, waiting for a decision, “Are you going to go forward or are you going to remove the energy, take back and not go any further?” Because each of you are like a flower ready to open, ready to move forward into this time and this space and bring your special attributes out into the open.

And that can only occur if you stay focused on where your energy is going, what you are doing with it and how you are marshaling it for what it is your purpose is. Now some of you might be saying, “I don’t know my purposes,” and we would give you a clue, it is what brings passion into your existence. It is what really gets you giddy inside to be working with or doing with or thinking about, or whatever. And so we want you all to take a moment to do a little bit of thinking on this subject. What is it that has this, this feeling inside of you with passion? What fills you with passion? And then see that as having importance because your passions are important. They are not to be squelched, they are not to be put down, they are not to be denied.

And some of you have a passion for things that you might think don’t need to have passion. Well look at that because sometimes there are passions people have that are not really theirs or ones that other people have given them. So look for the true passion and see if you can identify the false passions, the ones others have given you, and those are the things we’re talking about that need to be discarded.

So see yourself picking up on this energy and focusing it into that thing, that experience or that talent or that desire that really, really, really seems to be your life purpose and focus some of the energy there. Don’t let other people’s focuses, other people’s distractions dissipate your energies because they are really hitting you with it. They are hitting you with it with the NSA stuff, they are really hitting you with some of what’s going on with the economy, they are hitting you with it with all of these things and many others trying to get you not to do what it is that this passion of your existence is about. They want you to take that energy and put it to their – we say they – there is a “they” out there that wants this energy – don’t let them have it.

Don’t watch TV, don’t get yourself sucked into the channel or whatever is going on in the area, with jumping up and down about something. Is it really going to be important or is it just going to take your energy?

And some of you will see yourselves coming together and bringing your energies together for that purpose, and that is fine if it is your passion, if it is the thing that you feel that you know, that you have some inkling is your reason for existence. Because you all came with purpose, great purpose, but there is a grouping that wishes to usurp that purpose, and this is the time when you must not let them.

So see that. Send your energy to your passions.

And with that we will depart. It has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.