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Good morning, we are here, give us a moment. It is June 9th, new moon in Gemini. Let us begin.

In our last discourse we brought up the idea of prioritizing and letting go, and this is a theme that will be with you for some time. It’s not something that you just get to do and be done with it, it is like an onion, it has layers and there are more and more. You will prioritize and let go, and then you will re-prioritize and re-let go, and you will find yourself peeling the onion away so that you have the things that are very high priority to you, and you have let go of all the things that really are not serving you. And these things that you are looking for, these prioritizing, letting go things are on many layers, on many dimensions, some are physical, some are in your field from your past, from things that have happened to you, some are the things that you have learned, some are the concepts that you would consider core concepts of your existence.

For example you might have a record collection that you no longer listen to because the music no longer meets your vibration, and yet you have not figured out what to do with it. It is taking up space in your home. It is weighing you down in an energetic way, and there are all kinds of things like this that you will discover as you start to look around you. These things do not bring your energy vibration up; they bring your energy vibration down.

Our vehicle watched a program the other day where a man talked about how he was very, very wealthy and how he discovered after a certain level of wealth that he was not getting happier, he was getting less happy. He was getting more and more and more stressed, and so he let it all go, he gave it all away and brought himself back down to an existence that met his vibrational needs. And we see that happening on a grand scale, all over. Everyone is going to be doing that.

And then of course there is this idea of things that have happened to you, those who have had traumas, who have had events that formed their character, formed their behavior patterns. And of course, you are going to start finding some of those, we would suggest, and prioritizing those, and seeing which ones you can heal and which ones you can let go. And for some of you there are so many little ones that if you just don’t learn to let them go you’ll never heal them all. But there are the big ones and they go to the bone, as we would say, and you need to find them and heal them as well, but look at the things that you identify yourself with and see if that’s really you, if that feels like the you that wants to go forward. Because we think you will discover that there is a lot of what you have done from early, early childhood till the time you are in now that has formed and shaped you into something that you are not really pleased to be formed and shaped in.

In other words these forces worked on you like the ocean and now you are either a nice smooth beach, which would be fine, or more likely you are this craggy, rocky area that you need to find and resolve some of these things. And then of course there is the next layer which is your learned behaviors, things you have been taught or you have taught yourself that you identify with as being important to you. And it could be religion, it could be political affiliations, it could be ideological concepts, and you really will discover that some of these do not serve you either. They do not take you where you know you are going as an individual and as a planetary force. And so you will discover some of these things, these ideas that you have been clinging to that really don’t serve, they just don’t, and you will have to let them go. You will prioritize them, you will say, “Are they important?” And if not, let them go.

And so we bring this up again because as we said this theme will be with you for some time, we would say in all reality, probably two years. You will be looking at peeling the onion back, peeling the onion back, peeling the onion back, because you are trying to get all of this crude, all of this crap that has been gunking you up, off of you, as individuals, as groupings and communities, and as a planet in general. Because when you can do that then the energy flow that we have been talking about that is coming from the Milky Way Galaxy Center through your sun to your earth will not be blocked and will not cause you disruptions. What we mean by that is – this energy force that is coming has great potential to move you, but if you are stuck then it will push against you with great force. And so it will become more and more obvious what it is we are talking about as you find yourself scrambling to deal with the energies that are coming.

You will discover maybe you might need to move, you might need to find higher ground or something. You might find that it is necessary to adjust some of your expectations for what it is to live as individuals and live in groupings because a lot of these things will be seen to be blocking where you are going and you will know what we are talking about as you see them. You will. There is a lot going on, on the planet right now, a lot of movement, and there’s a lot of the political and social and food and medical and all of these things, and others that we cannot even begin to talk about. They are all being pressured to drop the crap and move on into things that have resilience and importance.

Our vehicle thinks of the movie Star Wars, how important it was for Luke to get those things in the back of the property resolved and yet two scenes later the uncle and aunt are dead and he is off planet, not even worrying at all about the farm, the moisture farm on Tatoonine. So the things that seem important to you in the moment, things that seem to grab you a few scenes from now you will be wondering why you even bothered with them.

So think about it, think about where it is you are stuck, and how you can get unstuck, whether it is where you live, what you have around you, the grouping, the people you are with, every dynamic you can come up with. Does it serve you? Is it moving you in a direction that you know you need to go, and we want you to be aware of that. You know where you are going, and if you don’t, meditate on it. You do. It is there. All of you know it. We don’t have to tell you what it is, you know it. You are moving as a planet towards it, just like water going down a drain. You know where you are going. You are going to the other side of that drain, and so prepare yourself as best you can by getting the crap out of your energy field and adding flexibility into your environment and into your energy field so that you can maneuver the rapids that are coming. And you are already in them so if you are maneuvering now you are already showing great prowess at this. For those of you who are being knocked against the rocks, think about it. What is knocking you against the rocks? What is it that you cannot let go of that is dragging you into the rocks?

Now we also would like you to understand that a lot of the things that you have been demanding are not worthy of your demands and what we mean by that is some of you have really have been looking at the universe and saying, “I want, I want, I want, I want, I want”, and yet those wants are really not deserving of where you are going, they are holding you back. So think about that. We are not going to numerate them because we don’t want to point at one person and say, “You’ve got it and you don’t”. Each of you have some of this. Each of you are projecting out a level of demands on the universe that are not to your benefit, and so find them, stop demanding them so they can be let go, and you can move forward.

And with that we will depart. It has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.


Good afternoon we are here give us a moment.

It is Friday the 24th of May 2013, Full Moon in Sagittarius with a lunar eclipse, the third triad point of the eclipses of the last few weeks. Let us begin.

First, we will start by saying it is a very, very, very intense full moon that you are under, the alignments with the proximity to the sun and the proximity of the axial alignment or equatorial alignment with the sun which causes a lunar eclipse. All of these things are really lining up the energies, and we would say they are here to do two things: one, to guide you in the proper directions that you all should be going. Now, when you are in a boat and the wind is blowing a certain way, it is easier with the wind at your back, the wind is giving you a gift of energy to move you, and you can decide to go against the wind, but you will not make the kind of headway that you would if you can put the wind at your back.

And here we are outside; you can hear the wind blowing even now. As it is – the wind at your back. Now what this can also do is, if you were going in the incorrect or against the energies direction, then you would feel the pressure to change course, to change direction. And there are many things going on in the world at this time that have to do with prioritizing and letting go, two very important things that need to happen in everyone’s lives – prioritize and let go. And the wind is here to assist you or to influence you. If you decide to spit in the wind, then the wind will alert you to that decision not being such a good one, but if you are going to open your sails and let the wind be at your back, then you will feel the energies move you with great force and with great swiftness.

And in one of the places you can see this occurring is in government, is in the American government.

You have all of these things that seem to be popping out, and all of these currents moving, but really what you are seeing is a cleaning house, an allowing of the sun and the wind to come through and clear out the crap. And let us ask you this, “If you’re looking at Obama, are things coming out about him all that terrible, other things that the administrations or the liberal power people coming out with, are they really all that terrible?” The answer is no, not when you consider the kinds of the things that have been done by other groupings, particularly the last one.

How can you equate the improprieties that have been put on these Tea Partiers with the IRS to getting into a war that you don’t even have to get into, to lying to people – boldface lying and knowing you are lying – to allow yourselves to get into a war? How can you equate the two? Here you have things coming up and you find that quickly those in charge make changes, bring the people who are responsible forward, discipline them when necessary. Was that kind of thing done in the past, not really, now when you look at Scooter Libby and things of this sort, how the last grouping wanted to give everybody immunity and pardons. Why do you pardon people? Because they had done wrongs that you don’t think are too bad, that they are things that someone traditionally would you would go to jail for.

So be alert to the weight of some of the things that are coming up, being cleaned out of the closet because you will discover that they are really rather light weight things because the really heavy lifting has already been done. The really heavy lifting has already been done. So those of you who have had to clean something really, really intense like this a basement or something that has been left for a long time, this is more like the final sweeping out after the basement has been cleared, after the mold has been found. Now you can move through this part of it very easily because the heavy lifting has been done.

So prioritize and let go. That is important, it is important for all of you from the smallest things you do to the biggest things you do. Because you are at a place where your vibration is going to be speeding up and things are going to start coming at you faster and faster, and so it is a really a good time to be ready for it. If you were a baseball player this would be the time to be swinging the bat and getting the wiggles out and stuff because you are about to get in front of the pitchers coming at you from a very, very, very fast pace. So ideally you are in a place where you are preparing for that. And that is what the energies are all about, cleaning house, discarding what is not needed, amping up for the energies that are coming fast, very fast.

And while we’re on the subject, as you find yourself learning things, really take the time to run it past your feeling centers because we know that many of you, when you take the time to listen to the news or listen to the newspapers or the stories that are popping up on the Internet, if you take the time to run them past your feeling centers you will be very, very, very capable of discarding the unimportant because it will just have nothing for you. It will not affect your world, it will not affect what is on around you. And then you will know what is important because you will feel the effects of it much stronger, and we don’t want to make light of the Oklahoma tornado but that is exactly what we are talking about, that kind of energy moving through the planet to clear things away, to set your priorities.

Ideally it doesn’t have to come in that fashion, but maybe you are so stuck that that’s what you need. Again we don’t mean to make light of this, but these kinds of things this kinds of disregard for the force of nature comes at a great peril. But if you can learn to ride the energies, if you can learn to put this wind at your back, then you will find yourselves moving forward with great speed and force.
Prioritize and let go.

With that we will depart. It has been our pleasure.


Expect Changes: That Allows Solutions to Show Up


It is really important to begin to notice how limited or weak the dark team seems to be. It is their game to be bigger than they are, like the Wizard in the “Wizard of Oz.” This solar eclipse between the two lunar eclipses brings a level of clarification about how wounded the dark really is.

The masses are seeing the solutions to problems not being military, not seeing the use of forces as the only solution. There has been an infusion of energies on the planet to wake people up and it is beginning to be obvious to the masses that a. they have great power and b. their leaders in many cases don’t have the answers. Some leaders are very divinely inspired and those leaders will find the masses agreeing with them and those that are not will find their constituents drop away because they are not being frightened into knee jerk reactions.

It is important to not look back; to look forward because what you think are concerns today will fall away. Be ready for the changes, be open to the changes, expect them. When you do that you set an intention that allows solutions to show up.


Solutions Are Beginning to Flood the Planet


Good evening, we are here, give us a moment. It is April 25, 2013, lunar eclipse in Scorpio, let us begin.

There has been a lot of activity that has been intended to bring more and more and more fear into the picture, and the reason that you are seeing a lot of this is because the dark forces, we would call them or dark entities, they know that they are really being evicted, if you will, from the earth sphere. And so they want to go out with a bang and we don’t mean that to be funny. They want to go out with a bang, and unfortunately for them there intention is not going to come to fruition, and what we mean by that is people are waking up, we have said that many times. And when the smoke clears if you will, you will find out that they are not very powerful at all, and it is a very interesting version of what happened at the Boston Marathon.

We will speak about that for a moment. Here was this excitement, this terrible incident that happened, and people injured and killed, but when smoke cleared it was just a couple of young men with distorted thinking. It did not turn out to be any larger than that. Now there are some who would think conspiracy and whatever, we will not speak on that but the idea that when you finally caught up with these people and you finally found them or the police caught up with them it was because of a lot of help from a lot of normal people who took pictures and things, and what the surveillance cameras showed and whatever. When they finally found it, it was just a young boy huddling in a boat, huddling, and hiding in a boat. It was not an army; it was not a jihad group from the mountains of Afghanistan or something, just a couple of very, very disturbed young men.

And that kind of paper lion, if you will, is what the dark has always been afraid you would discover them to be, that they are not really the ferocious, terrible undefeatable – they are really not, and bringing them out into the light and they will be seen to be what they are – stunted individuals who have not grown past prejudices and things of this sort.

Now, as you find yourself moving now through this time period, particularly because of the alignment with the sun and the moon, more and more energies keep hitting the planet and solutions to long standing problems are really now beginning to flood the planet, whether it has to do with energy, whether it has to do with medicine, whether it has to do with food production, whether it has to do with mental health, whatever they are, all of these things are starting to really find solutions. And what most individuals are going to discover is that the solutions quickly alleviate a lot of problems.

Now we also want you to remember that many of you are part of that solution, many of you are the ones who are going to come up with or discover the things that will push this planet into that place of more abundance and security and whatever. And so see that and ask yourself what’s coming to me, what sort of things is coming to me that I can then act on to solve problems and they might be little problems in your home or big problems in your neighborhood or if you are someone in authority it might be big problems with the country or the world. But you will all from the person, the young person going to school to the President of the United States, find solutions to long standing problems.

And so see this energy sort of reaching the layer of abundance, knowledge of how to bring abundance, and then see how that manifests for you but also look around and see how it is manifesting for others. Take a minute, go look and see what people are discovering, people are learning, inventing. You will be surprised how quickly many of the long standing issues can be resolved.

With that we will depart. It has been our pleasure. Until next time, thank you.


New Moon in Aries: Stop Fighting the Unimportant


Good morning, we are here. Give us a moment.

It is April the 10th, it is Wednesday, new Moon in Aries, 2013. Let us begin.

When you are children, there is this magic, magical feeling to the world. The world has this feeling of being a very magical place. You are discovering it for the first time, you are without a lot of responsibilities, and ideally if you are in family unit, you are being nurtured and loved and cared for and the world has this magical-ness to it. When our vehicle was very young, he remembers these things, and when he was very young, he remembers waking up with an air of excitement about what the day would bring, not sure not having expectations, just knowing that whatever was going to happening would d be really, really, really interesting and fun and magical .

He would run outside if it was summer or the warmer months, or he would run in the house, and there was television and brothers around, there was just a lot of things going on that added to this magical feeling. And it was a time in America where a more stable family unit was the norm. And that feeling of being okay, being cared for, being safe, that the world was out there for discovery and full of things to discover.

That feeling has faded, not just for children, but for everyone in the last we would say, 15, 17 years, as there has been sort of tidal wave of crap that has sort of hit the beaches and left the beaches full of debris. Yet this tidal wave comes in and knocks everything around and leaves the debris and just as you begin to clean up, another one came along and another one came along. The dot.com explosion, the wars, the troubles with the elections, the troubles with the economies, all of these things seem to just keep coming like waves of crap hitting the shore and taking away that magical, safe feeling that is typified by when our vehicle was young.

But there comes a point in time when those kinds of episodes again recede. And you are on the cusp of them receding more and more. Now, we speak of those who are moving forward with the plan to the next level of existence. There are some among you who are not going there. And so for them, there is going to be this perception of more and more and more. It is kind of like two people jumping off of a boat and one person gets a life vest and begins to float and the other one has sand collecting in their shoes and pants and things and pockets, and the more and more and more they begin to flounder and sink. And it is because they did not put on the life preserver, they did not take the opportunity to prepare themselves for this particular point in time, point in reality.

Now, neither one is wrong. Be careful about what you think is right and wrong because life learns from all experience. Life does not judge experience as people do. It is why certain animals seem to do things that are very altruistic because they do not consider death the end of life. They know it is a cycle, they know they are moving in a cycle. And so just as some are beginning to move forward, being propelled into the future, there are some who are being dragged down back into the past. And ideally those of you, who are listening to us, are interested in going forward, but it is okay to be interested in going backwards. Don’t judge that. Feel it. Feel what is right for every individual.

Because you will discover in the next few moons certain information that will be needed to be let go. Remember what we said about the person getting sand in their pockets and in your shoes, you don’t want that stuff to weigh you down. You must get it out or kick the shoes off and open your pockets so the sand gets out. Lighten the load and that is what you will be asked to do as more and more information that you will discover has been suppressed or out and out hidden from you or has been hidden in plain sight.

You will discover things and it will be important to see them as revelations and something that needs to be let go. It is going to be very easy to not want to let go, and that is why we bring it up, because if you do let it go, you will find yourself moving faster and faster and faster with the planet. But, if you don’t, you will find yourself being dragged deeper and deeper and deeper away from the planet, away from where the solar system is moving you.

So, it is important it is important to decide which is right for you and to keep in mind if you have made a decision about which way you wish to go in this, that it implies certain behaviors. There is a wonderful saying that was on a coffee cup our vehicle had years ago, said “God grant me patience and I want it right now”. The idea of what you want and what you are asking for are not in synchronicity, are not synchronized.

And so as you find yourself wondering about what’s going on, we want you to think about the magic that existence held for you as a child. That life whether it was watching ants build an ant hill or birds build a bird nest or the clouds moving along or the sun and the moon rising and falling or whether it was watching neighborhood people going about their business, the mailman, the, well, you don’t have milkmen any more, but all these people doing the things that they do – all of them moving in this kind of dance. See it as a magical dance of energy because that is what it is.

Each of you are bundles of energy of the cosmic force, the cosmic life force, and so start to see that, see that in each other, see that in a blade of grass, see that in the cloud because it will help you to lift yourself out of the muck. We talked about the muck last time and that is what we are suggesting. Really see yourself being lifted out of the muck by the exuberance you have for life because each of you has a gift – each of you. And that gift will become more and more obvious to you and then its value will become more obvious to those around you.

So don’t worry so much about what’s gone on in the past, who held secrets from you, what information you did not know, or what people were doing dastardly things. All of this will come out; all of this will be exposed. But all of it also must be forgiven or you will find yourselves anchored in the muck and that is what Aries, the new moon in Aries is trying to tell you. It’s time to stop fighting the unimportant.

That would be our message for today. Stop fighting the unimportant. What is that book, “Don’t Sweat the Little Things”, and then you realize everything is a little thing. Something like that is what we are getting at today. Because the bigger things will take care of themselves as long as you don’t get caught up in the little things.

And with that we will depart. It has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.


Good morning. We are here. Give us a moment. It is Wednesday, March 27,Full Moon in Libra, Sun in Aries. Let us begin.

Libra is the sign of the balancing scales, Libra is the sign of justice, Libra is the sign of equality and right now, many of the conflicting parties of the world are struggling for how to come to that Libra balance. Now, it is interesting that the opposite of Libra is Aries, where the Sun is rising now, and how Aries is the Mars warrior, conflict sign. And so there is this idea of a conflict to achieve balance, it is why you have judges, it is why you have court cases, there are little mini wars to fight for two sides of an issue, whatever it is.

And you have in front of the courts right now certain cases for equal marriage rights and such and you have cases going out and decisions being made about voting and the equality of voting. And then you have in places in other parts of the world like in Egypt the struggle for equality between the religious groupings, the Muslims and the Christians are doing some fighting again over what they perceive to be their god-given rights, god-given whatever.

Now, this particular one, 2013, is a more, is a more forceful version than you have had in a long time. Now, you might think “Well wait a minute, we have had world wars” – these were very big things. But you are having world war kinds of things happening in all these venues, whether it is political, whether it is law systems, whether it is among peoples. Is it not global? Is it not affecting many?

We would say it is like a world war in the sense that everyone is engaged in it. Now you might consider it a world conflict, not a war, although look at what’s going on in Korea. Why is Korea deciding at this particular juncture that it wants war with everyone else, even China – because they feel the imbalance. They feel that their god –given rights are not being granted so they are willing to fight for them.

So whether it is the Palestinians, or the North Koreans or the Greeks in Cyprus and whatever, everywhere you look there is this idea that things are out of balance. And one of the things that can bring balance and conflicts to an end is the idea of understanding your opponent and giving them the right to whatever it is they are asking. Now, you may not want to give them the right of a mass killer to go kill people. You may not want to give the right of a grouping that is stealing from another grouping the right to do that, and we understand that. But what you must understand is that you can not take away the right of those individuals to want those things. Because what you will discover is that as you level the playing field, as it were, on a global scale, as more and more people are brought into a balanced state of equilibrium, that the forces that create these kinds of diametrically opposed viewpoints will begin to soften.

If you could look into the historical parts of a serial killer, you might find little times all along that life where the imbalance was pushed and pushed and pushed. Now, you all know this, you all know how important it is to raise children in balanced families, you know how important it is to raise children in balanced neighborhoods, to raise them with the idea of having importance, but that everyone does. You know these things, and yet how many of the people on your planet now have had those kinds of experiences? And so there is an old saying, “Walk a mile in some man’s shoes and you will understand why he does what he does”.

Now, if you can begin to put out that idea that the other for whatever reason has a right, has a legitimate right, to whatever they are feeling and whatever they are thinking, in that moment, you can begin to relieve tensions. Look at what Obama did by walking into that college, that University in Israel and speaking to that grouping, and say, “Look at it through the eyes of the opposition”, and he got cheers, not from everyone, but he got cheers from those who were able to follow him. And say “You are right, there is a human being on the other side of that conflict who wants very much the same things you, do in greater or lesser degrees and has that legitimate need for security, for sustenance, for protection from the elements, for energy to do the things they do and for freedom”. And that is what we are driving at here, the idea that you can not limit freedom to just the people you want to have it. You cannot limit possessions to just the people you want to have it.

We have been saying for quite some time now that each and every one of you is a very powerful and a very significant being, and you are going to begin to see just how much individuals can make a difference. Just how much an individual who makes a change in his thinking, can ripple that change into the ethers and have it go out to all of you – and change you. Whether it is the young person who burned himself in Tunisia, or whether it is any one of the number of individuals who have done significant things -this man who filmed Romney and his 47% remark. Individuals will be making more and more of a splash and as they make a splash, others who have been nervously sitting around not sure what to do will have the courage to bring their gift to the table.

Now, the reason you are going to feel the heat of this season is because of how entrenched the old school has created people to be. This very, very entrenched dogmatic grouping has successfully indoctrinated masses into their thinking, but that is changing. The energies from the Galactic Center that are now fully engaged with the solar system of Sol and the Earth are rapidly eroding the rigid shell and what has been the norm for decades, if not millennia, will wash away like the snow, the snows of winter when spring comes along. It will be just like that. Have you ever seen the movie, Narnia, when the children first stepped through the closet, the wardrobe, they find Narnia frozen, frozen place. But when they come back it is rapidly changing into a warmer climate. Things are melting in real time right in front of them. It had been cold for the memory of everyone that was there All of a sudden change. Change can quickly. Change brought a defrosting of the Narnia world. That same kind of thing is metaphorically is what is going on now.

And so we tell you this because if you have bought into these dogmatic precepts, then this time of change will be very, very unnerving to you. But, if you can accept the fact that a) it is natural, b) it has been designed by beings of great intelligence, and that it is moving you to a place of more significance and more abundance, then you find it easier.

Imagine, our vehicle recently disposed of all his cassette tapes, his music tapes. They had been damaged, but they could have been repaired, but, he just said to hell with it all and dumped them. But, that music is going to come back in higher fidelity and in a more sustainable nature, through the internet, through cassette discs. And so that information isn’t lost, it is simply coming back now in a more sustainable fashion that you don‘t have to lug all that crap around with you to have it.

You don’t need boxes and boxes and boxes of tapes to have music anymore. You can buy yourself a little Sirius player and listen to music of the world at any time. The world radio with great clarity, better clarity than you would have evener gotten before. And by embracing that kind of change of letting go what you think is real important, but really isn’t, because, if it is important, it will find you on the other site. It will. But right now you need to shed these things so that you can move through this time unencumbered.

So look into your lives and see where you have been stuck. See where you have been rigid. See where you have been unmoving and ask yourself, “Is this really what I need in this time frame?” Is this really working for me whether it is things you have that you could discard, whether it is ideas you have that you could discard, whether it is whatever.

You will know what we are talking about when you think about what is keeping you from moving forward. Maybe it is your idea about what work is, maybe it is your idea what a career is, maybe you bought into one kind of career and that rigidness is keeping you from moving into the next one. Maybe you are living somewhere and it is the rigidness of getting out of that place that is keeping you from moving forward, whatever. Maybe it is an idea that something is not possible. Astrology is a wonderful example. There are many who feel that astrology just cannot be true. They don’t understand how the planets so far away and the stars so far away can affect you. And yet we are here to tell you that is the case.

So that belief system is keeping you from a knowledge that we will tell you those in charge of your planet are quite in agreement with it. They know. Look at Reagan and his astrologer. Why was it that all the astrologers of the past worked for the kings and queens and pharaohs? But there are other things like that, other rigid things that are holding you back, whether it is in physics with relativity or whether it is biology with certain ides about germs and viruses and how you combat these things or cancers. Many of your rigid thinking about all of these things need to dissolve so you that you can move through this time and get to the other side where the more balanced, real true things are.

And so we want you to imagine that you are here now in this moment but that the you we are talking about not too far in the future, maybe 5 years, 3 years, in that range, 2015, 2016, 2017. See that person who has gone through all of what you have gone through all of what you are seeing now, see him or her, living in a sustainable existence in a place of great abundance. See that person. See a thread from you to that person. See it like a cord. It could be wispy like a little line from a spider web, or could be very strong like a cable holding up a bridge. But see it. And now see yourself being pulled across to that place. You will bypass a lot of things going on, but you will be pulled along. It’s almost like having a compass guiding you. See that compass guiding you to that place we are describing. And feel it and know that that pull to that significant future we are talking about is getting stronger and stronger and stronger because it has to pull you through a very thick muck that is washing away.

Now, this is different from what we have spoken of in the past, but it is not. It is really the same thing. You are in this period of time, you are stuck in the muck but it is becoming softer every moment, but now you must make a decision. Are you going to let yourself be pulled out of the muck or are you going to turn and dive deeper into it? You have that decision to make – every one of you. Obviously if there is a you in the future, then that decision by that person has been made. Are you in agreement with it, with him, with you?

That is question you must ask. Are you going to allow this time – it’s like being a fish caught on a line. You know how sometimes the line can break and the fish returns back and does not yet allow itself to come to the ship. Now of course we don’t want you to think about being filleted when you get where you are going. It is an analogy. You must play with this catch, to pull it onto the shore. Sometimes it means having great tension on the string, on the line, and sometimes it means letting go, and you will know what we are talking about because there will be times you will have to just let go, whether it’s letting go of things, ideas, locations, something. Because it is what is sticking you, it’s what is stuck. The person pulling on the other end can’t get you off of that so you must help. You must cut the line. Cut the hook out of whatever it is stuck on.

With that we will depart. It has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.


Good evening, we are here, give us a moment. It is Wednesday, March 20, 2013. It is the Spring Equinox. Let us begin.

We start our channelings often with a nod to the astrology of the day, but today is not so much an astrological day as it is an astronomical day. And what that means is this is a day where the movement of the planets and the scientifics are in synch. The scientifics can tell you it is equinox, it is the day of equal sun and equal darkness, they can tell you it is the day when certain alignments are in synch. Then their mathematics tells them this, and their knowledge tells then this, and so they are okay to call it what it is. And then there are of course those who are into the astrology and they have a different slant on what an equinox is, or what qualities it has.

And we’re not sure if you are familiar with this but there is this idea that you can balance an egg on this day, and our vehicle has done this many times to prove it to himself, and there is no scientific rationale for that. Our vehicle once told his neighbor about the egg, and him being an engineer scoffed at it. And he said, “No, really, give it a try.” And so there is an aspect of this day that the engineers cannot account for and that is really something that is very important to understand about the signs and the times that you are in, is that the scientifics cannot give you all the answers.

Now equinox, day of balance, day when you can balance an egg on its end, what does that mean? It means it is a time when you can pick a direction that you wish to go and it is easy to change the momentum of the moment. Now have you ever seen a ball that is on a trajectory where it has gone up into the air and reaches a peak pinnacle point and then starts to drop? At that peak pinnacle point that ball is weightless – has no weight – and so if you were there at that particular moment and you could give it a small tug in any direction, that ball would change and go in that direction. Now those who play golf and things like this know of that because the winds and things like this, affect that spot.

We are here to tell you that there is an analogy in life, and that you are at that point when you can start to make a difference in the trajectory of the next few moons, and so see yourself… maybe it might not be getting to you on time for this one, we know we are doing it now, so those of you who are listening won’t get this for a day or two, so maybe the next one, which is the Fall Equinox. Keep in mind that these things can occur, that you have these momentum points that seem to null out. Now we say that because there are going to be a lot of opportunities to tip the directions of reality and there are many working with that at this time, many within the government, many within industry, many of you who are just normal people. You are all looking for that opportunity to sort of give reality a little bit of a nudge and as a planet you are doing this because you are all feeling the call to sustainable significant living. You are all feeling it whether you are someone living in India, or China or whether you are in the Americas, you are rich or poor, whatever.

You see this trajectory of the planet and you want to change it, and we are here to tell you that your thoughts and your intentions have great ability to change this. And so we want you all… we have said recently that we wanted you to wake up every day and start your day with relaxation. Continue that, continue that and for those of you who have not been doing it, start. There was a wonderful person who was quoted once as saying that he wanted to learn to play the piano and someone said to him, “Why don’t you learn the piano?”, and he said, “I’m too old.”

And he said, “Really, how old will you be in five years if you started to learn today?” In other words there is no time like the present to start something, to start something that can have a benefit to you. And so if you have been thinking about doing something with your diet, do it now. If you have been thinking about doing something with your exercise, do it now. If you have been thinking about wanting to learn something, a new skill to better your chances for employment, do it now. Finances, want to start saving maybe, do it now. What we are saying is don’t wait for perfect, start the seed now – plant the seed now – it’s that time of year to plant seeds.

We are telling you to plant intention seeds now, and go through the motion, write it down, bury it in the ground. Go out into the yard or to someplace and take your intention and write it on a piece of paper and curl it up into a little ball and shove it into the ground and water it. Now you are all laughing. We are here to tell you that kind of activity causes energies and those energies can birth reality.

Now, we have been telling you also not to look backwards, or not to focus on the past. That is important as well because it really doesn’t matter how you got where you are. What matters is what you do with the now, the point of time you are in, going forward. There will be a time in the future when you can go backwards and make changes and in a way you are sort of doing it now, but don’t focus on the past, focus on the now and what you want in your future.

And that is our message for this Equinox; use the power of your intent to tip the scale, to tip the ball in the direction that you want. You have all seen the basketball players that at the last minute with a little tip of the finger can move the ball into or out of the net, and it is very similar to where you are at right now. You can tip this place into a chaotic mess or you can tip it into solutions and significant living. It’s always been within your power to do this.

Now, many of you are thinking, “Oh, it’s just poor me, I’m one person.” Stop that thinking right now. Recently the man who filmed Romney came out from hiding and made his story known and if you are not familiar with him, go look him up. And he was a bartender who decided on that day to film what he thought was going to be a run-of-the-mill speech. He had no idea what Romney was going to do, and we will tell you that video had a significant effect on the election outcome, no doubt, and so here’s one man seizing the moment to make a difference. Each of you is no different from him. At any moment you have the ability to make a difference and reverberate that difference out into the mass consciousness. It is what a lot of the darker elements are trying to do, and they are having some success – young person goes out and shoots up a school, next thing you know all of you are talking, all of you are wanting gun controls or something. One person did that. Well then in the same way one person can change things in another direction. One person can help move the ball closer to the goal.

And so let us end with that – keep your eye on the goal and do what you can to tip that ball to the goal. It has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.


[Transcript forthcoming]

“People don’t want to let go because they don’t know what’s coming.”


You All Are Really Part of the Problem


Good morning, we are here give us a moment. It is Monday, February the 25th; it is a full moon in Virgo. Let us begin.

Well, here you are already ending the second month, it was a very quick month, but it is still… you are finding yourself moving through time very quickly. For those of you who are marking time, you will discover that there seems to be a lot getting accomplished in short order. What we mean by that is there are things that you have been putting off that seem to be either falling away or getting done. And that is the time you are in, where you will either get to something that you have been putting off or let it fall away. And so, as you dig more and more and more into your own personal lives, you will find other things that you have been putting off, things that you haven’t touched in a long time, things that you have forgotten, and you are putting your house in order. Understand?

And that is an important thing to do in the springtime as well, you are moving out of the winter moons and into the spring moons. It is important to do that in general, but this particular one has a bigger, larger sense of urgency to it, sense of accomplishment, desire for accomplishments. There is this strong desire for accomplishments at this time, and you want to be able to not just get things off your plate, you want to get them off your plate in a way that you can really say, “Feather in your cap, done, move on.”

And this kind of energies is very, very much part of the moon cycle that you are in right now, where you are knit- picking to detail – you are really getting down to the details of things. In other words, maybe you’ve got that box full of things and you just keep throwing things into it. Now you must actually open that box and begin to really go through it. Are you going to keep that old pen set, are you going to keep that stuffed animal, or are you going to discard it or give it away? Because that is really the crux of what is going on here, is that many of you have been putting off important things, and whether it is the government putting off how they are going to deal with their finances, or whether or not it is individuals putting off how they are going to pay their bills or move forward in acquiring some of the things that they need or desire, and then down to the individual – whether or not he needs to work on his diet or work on his exercise or even down to getting a haircut or things like that and how you are going to have your hair styled, and things.

Everywhere across the board from the biggest to the littlest is going through this process of getting around to things that you’ve been putting off. And so see that as an important piece of moving on in this time period because if you don’t then you will not have the house in order in order to move forward.

And we’ve said the word house twice because a lot of what’s going on is happening in your Congress, in the House of Representatives. That is really one of the places where this kind of housekeeping, clearing the deck kinds of thing needs to occur. It is where your elected officials are. Because there are elected officials who have decided not to work with their colleagues and that was never meant to be the purpose of the House, to create this place of fighting and such, where no one is cooperating. It was meant to be a place where people came together and cooperated, and saw and listened and learned from each other, and began to see that this is a big country, and you are all trying to work out how to be one people. It is not easy to be one people when you have such polar opposites. How do you come together? Well one of the biggest words out there is compromise and it seems to be a bad word to one grouping.

And you must see your neighbor’s views as having value, and we say this to the left looking at the right and the right looking at the left. If you do not see the value in your polar opposite then you are missing something really big here now, because that is where you are. You are at this place where these polar opposites have pulled you so far that you are teetering, you are teetering. And you must bring these things back into the center, whether it is male and female, whether it is right versus left, whether it is one type of economic thinking to another kind of economic thinking, whether it is how you think about monies in general, how you think about wealth in general.

If there is not this desire to balance things then those people who are not in balance will fall off. You are…it’s like being in a carnival ride where people who cannot keep their balance don’t stay on the bucking bronco. And so you are in this place, you will see opportunities to face your polar opposites, bring them together and make some lasting decisions about how you are going to bring them into balance.

And the Republican Party is really in trouble because they have let one particular faction drag their entire weight so far to the right that it seems like there is no place to go, and yet they keep finding more places to go, and they are becoming less and less and less significant and more and more and more threatening. And we use the word threatening because that is what they do, they threaten the stability of the rest of the economy and the rest of the people of the country, and then through that, the rest of the world. And so it’s real important not just in this country but in all countries that you really begin to see the need to find that balance, whether it is male-female balances, economic balances, political balances, ideological balances – whatever it is.

Now if you find yourself polarizing, it’s time to really think about what the other side has to offer. In other words, one of the things about polarizing is you really begin to think that you are the right, you are the correct and the other is incorrect. You’re the better, they’re the worst, and when you start thinking the worst about anything, your ability to compromise and move towards the center is severely, severely limited.

And so you cannot look at women and say they’re just not as valuable as men, you cannot look at Republicans and say they are not as valuable as Democrats, and you cannot look at Democrats and say they are not as valuable as Republican, you cannot look at a grouping and say you are not as valuable, you are not as important. Now, this is a theme we have brought up many times but you are right now in that place where it is going to get easier to bring balance. Why, because you are going to begin to feel the pain of imbalance. You are going to begin to really feel the tensions that come from living out of balance.

Now we told you before the end of the year that the fiscal cliff could not be avoided, and yet it seemed that it was avoided, but was it? No, it was just put off and now you are here facing this fiscal cliff again, without the taxes, but it is still the fiscal cliff for all of the economy, whether it is military, non-military, whatever. And it is going to force you to really begin to prioritize what is important to you. Is it important to you to have wars in all these places around the world, is it important to you to have roads that are collapsing, bridges that are collapsing, populations that cannot sustain themselves. What is going to be important to you?

And there is going to be a very strong pressure to find solutions that have nothing to do with money. Let’s say that again, money, the idea of cash, real money being the hindrance to things – is one of the hindrances to things. Money is a creation; money is brought in to allow you to have wealth moved around easily, well, maybe that’s a problem. Maybe wealth has moved around too easily. Maybe it is time to really know what value is, what things really have value, Because you will begin to feel it, the pressure will build, and don’t be blaming other people. Every one of you have something to do with this – everyone. And so you all are going to be part of the solution, because you all are really part of the problem.

If you can solve this one, and you can, you will be heading towards a much more balanced existence. And so we watch, we watch to see how this will unfold. We know that like all births there will be some pain, but we also know that the joy of accomplishing at this time will be much more lasting and will be the thing you remember in the future, like having children.

So, with that we will conclude. It has been our pleasure. Good day to all of you.


We will talk for a moment about what is going on with these drones, this idea that there are technologies that allow for certain abilities that were not previously available to those in power, to those in authority. And this technology isn’t just available to those in power and in authority, it has the potential to be in the hands of your neighbor, it has the potential to be in the hands of everyone. And so as you find yourself wondering about the ethics, morality of these things, don’t just assume that your governments are the ones that are going to have the only say in this.

But we will speak now about the American Government and their use of these devices. There are some who feel that if Obama is a moral leader, why is he using these devices? Why is he authorizing these things? And we would tell you that you don’t have the whole picture, really. You are left in the dark on a lot of what goes on within the military and the national security level within your country, and it is easy to be “Monday morning quarterback,” it is easy to be “backseat driver” when you are not even looking out the window, when you are not responsible for actions.

So keep that in mind as you judge your President, you do not have his grasp of the information. He does not have the grasp of the information that is available, so much information piling into these organizations. Now you are in a time when there are still many dark entities, dark forces wishing to upset the apple cart, and they have taken on certain modes of operation that are different from the past, no longer do you fight nation states, that you are so sure are being controlled by evil despots. There are no more “Iraqs” to go, although some want to turn Iran into the next one, but there are these groupings that seem to be moving around in secret or in hiding.

And so again, do yourself a favor and ask yourself the bigger picture. What is going on in a grander scale? In the past these kinds of operations would be done by people, these kinds of operations would be authorized and would be done by individuals who would put their lives on the line for you and your country.

Now, because of this technology it is important, imperative that those who have access to it are utilizing their highest moral standards, and for that we would say that that is part and parcel of what you can do as people – who you elect into these places, who are your elected officials? And of course keeping them honest, keeping them morally aware. You cannot stop someone from where there thoughts go, what they decide to do or not to do, but you can set a tone for the environment that says this is what is acceptable to us. And we want to talk about that for a moment.

So as you find yourself learning these things, learning about them, first we will tell you this, isn’t it amazing you are learning about it at all? How many things do you think happened in the past, how many operations, how many secret things that your NSA and your CIA and your whatever, FBI have been doing that you don’t know anything about? Now all of a sudden this information is becoming available to you. Why do you think that is, because that is the time you are in – no more secrets.

Now you are being let in on the secrets, you are being let in on the information. You also have to now bring yourself into a place where you can now think as if you are the president, think as if you are the head of the CIA, think as If you are the head the NSA. In other words you had this information; you have been clamoring for it, you‘ve been demanding it, you’ve been going into offices and demanding it. Now you are getting it. What are you going to do with it? What would you do with it? This is a time when the naivety of the past gives way to knowledge and adult thinking.

Now, of course it would be a wonderful thing to say that the Americas are no longer going to use these devices, we no longer want them, we no longer will use them, but what’s that going to do really but force you to go back to earlier modes of operation – more secrets, more individuals putting their lives on the line for your country, for their country and your country, while the other sides, the darker forces use these technologies against you. As we said individuals can get them now, these devices are not difficult, the technology has been worked out. Why do you think the Iranians were so happy to get your secret drone. Do you think they looked inside and were unable to reverse engineer it? They have smart people there too, you know.

We bring all of this up because you are coming out of a fog as a people and one of the things about a fog when it lifts is you begin to see very clearly the terrain around you. And we are not suggesting you go bury your head back in the sand, but we are suggesting that as you learn things you do your best to put yourself in the shoes of those who have been working with this for a long time. In other words give yourself permission to empathize because what you will discover in that empathy as you learn more and more about what they have been dealing with, the morals, the tradeoffs, you will see this is not as easy as it might have seemed from the other side.

There’s a wonderful example of this in your history books when John Kennedy was running for president the first time against General Eisenhower, and he was touting the missile gap and he was going a long saying how America was behind the Russians in missiles and we needed to close the missile gap. And then he became President and learning about things like the SR-71 and the U-2 flyovers and the information that the CIA had been giving the previous President Eisenhower. And what did Mr. Kennedy learn, there was no missile gap, the Russians had been bluffing and they really did not have what they had been blustering about. In other words the clarity of the vision showed this young President he did not have all the facts and he had been touting falsehoods. Now you are moving into a time when you are going to be the ones learning the facts, and so see how that changes your talking points.

One of the things that’s going on right now is this idea that you are in need of healing, you are need of some deep psychic healing as a nation and as a planet. And part of that is going to come about from learning what’s been going on, whether it is murders in Africa or whether it is things being done in the Mideast, or whatever, to things being discovered. You are going to learn what’s going on and you are going to learn why certain things were being done. And some of these things that have been done you are going to discover were really for the wrong reasons, and you will get angry and you will have a reason to be angry.

But other things you will learn you will begin to say, “Hey wait a minute that sort of makes some kind of sense. I kind of understand where you were coming from, boy that must have been hard for you to do that knowing what you know.” And that too will be a form of healing and some of these people who have been doing some of these things can come out into the open and when necessary apologize or at least be understood.

And we would say that all of you have something like this in your own personal lives, and so be ready for that as well, as you learn about each other, because if you walked in someone else’s shoes you would do what they do. It’s an old saying.

Now, we gave you an exercise last time. Ideally some of you have been doing it. We would say continue with that exercise where you wake up in the morning and you give yourself a few minutes of relaxation and send that relaxation out into the environment of the earth. See yourself as kind of like a neuron in the fabric of the earth’s physical body. See yourself sending out endorphins, and whatever, that calm the area around you, bring peace to it. Because that is really how some of these technologies will fall away when there is no longer a need or even an inkling of a need for them. An then you can use these technology for other things, things of more value, earth resource management or even fun creating wonderful photographs and certain looks into your societies and such.

Because there is much that can be learned that isn’t just military information. Some of it can help you learn how to manage the planet, manage the resources. Some of it can be used to create beautiful things that you could not do on your own.

So see these technologies morphing from military uses, police uses into societal and human uses because they are extensions of you. You have been doing this kind of thing for a long time, you have been sending probes out into the universe, the solar system, and they have been bringing back information that you have been able to use. Imagine the kind of information some of these devices could use close to home. You have the equivalent of the flying ones that go under the water. There’s much to learn under the water. Imagine school children having a hold of one and they can go find a place in the ocean and do some archaeological digging and such.

Imagine a time when that kind of use of these technologies – first graders seeing below the oceans, learning about the planet, about how the beautiful places they cannot visit directly, being able to go inside a volcano. How many of you want to do that, none. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could.

So these technologies are an extension of you, they have always been. That is what technology is and at first you use it as a weapon, first you use it for defensive purposes, but later it can be used for many things. The U-2 spy plane today is used as an earth reconnaissance by the NASA people. Our vehicle actually saw one land once when he lived in California.

See these technologies morphing into those kinds of uses as the need for them to be used as killing machines wanes.

And with that we will depart. It has been our pleasure, good day to all of you.