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2012 Pleiadian Channelings

Below are the 2012 channelings of the Pleiadian Network, in descending chronological order.

2012: the Ride of a Lifetime

Stop Being Unconscious!

Friday the 13th: New Beginnings

Year of the Dragon: Looking for Peace, Prosperity, and Abundance

Ground Hog’s Day Channeling

The Tides of Change

New Moon in Pisces: the Whole World is Watching

Go Forward or Stagnate: It’s Your Choice

Pleiadian Network Vernal Equinox Channeling

Battle Lines Being Drawn: the Struggle Since Atlantean Times

Paradigm Shift in an Electric Universe

2012: A New Star to Connect You to the Universe

The Golden Age: Feminine Energy is Returning

The Law of One: You Are All Connected

You Are Your Brother’s Keepers

The Deciding Vote: Not a Time to go Unconscious

Energy from the Galactic Center: No One is Going Back to Sleep

Riding the Energies: Outside of Duality Closer to Source

Historic Time of Change: Coming Together for a Larger Outcome

Before Moving into the Stars: Imagine the World You Would Really Like to See…

Information is Not Knowledge: Become Your Own Authority

A Quickening Going On: Get On the Train that is Coming

Dismantling the Machine

Wake Up and Listen to Nature: Imagine a Place of Sustainable Living

You Are All on the Same Planet: Bring Your Gifts and Talents to the Table

Breaking Out Into a New Timeline: Communication Rising to a New Level

It is Time to Become Fearless — Hang On and Get Ready for the Ride!

Start Wanting: Focus on What You Are Interested in Having Happen!

December 12, 2012: A Very Important Milestone in the Shift of the Ages

This Side of the Nanosecond: Now You Are Plugged In…

Post-Mayan Calendar: Into the Light Again

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